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Electronic discovery (eDiscovery) software enables the review of electronic documents and information for use during litigation. Law firms and corporate legal departments use eDiscovery platforms to collect all possible files and associated metadata, filter out information beyond the legal scope, and then review individual documents to determine relevance to the case. This is preceded by a subpoena for digital information sent to relevant parties, which specifies the types of files, dates considered, relevant content, and other stipulations. Many eDiscovery products integrate with database, file storage, or backup systems to streamline import and data collection processes as well as other case management tools to group this data with all other information related to specific cases.

To qualify for inclusion in the eDiscovery category, a product must:

  • Gather and compartmentalize data files from companies and individuals involved in pending court cases
  • Filter and sort documents as needed based on user settings, pulling data points relevant to the case
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    BriefCase helps reduce the amount of time lawyers need to spend managing information so that they can focus on higher value litigation strategies and decision making.

    Brightleaf is a legal document management software that includes: document assembly, document interpreter, document templates, clause libraries.

    CasePoint is uncomplicated with an intuitive design analogous to popular every day applications.

    Cavo eD includes innovations in software technology, search algorithms and Cloud architecture which come together to make possible a new vision of what eDiscovery can be.

    Clustify is text analytics software used in e-discovery and other fields. It can analyze millions of documents on a modest desktop computer. Documents can be stored in a database or as individual files on disk, allowing Clustify to work with many other platforms and tools.

    DigiScope provides simple and powerful browsing and searching capabilities for online and offline so that administrators can quickly import information that's required to complete eDiscovery and Recovery tasks.

    With Digital Reef's software, you're able to provide your clients with legally defensible, full scale, on-site collection and processing services at a fast speed.

    Digital WarRoom offers several do-it-yourself eDiscovery solutions with included training. DWR Pro Software is a desktop solution that offers all the necessary tools for an unbeatable price of $150 / month. For larger matters, we also offer hosted solutions in our secure, cloud environment for no more than $10 / GB / Month and scaling down to $1 / GB / Month.

    DiscoverPoint Viewer dramatically reduces the lost time, expense and frustration associated with current search tools.

    The Discovery App from Smarsh provides organizations with the ability to access, analyze and produce on-demand specific communications, organized by cases, across all content retained in the Connected Archive. Content can be easily filtered and exported for further review and analysis.

    Discovery Assistant is a feature-rich, robust, scalable and easy to use e-discovery processing solution.

    Search millions of lawsuits, track your cases on any device, and analyze outcomes for competitive advantage.

    E3:U truly masters the three sides of the digital triangle with file system/hard drive data, smartphone/mobile data, and the new emerging IoT data. For any lab or organization, the ability to have one unified interface and control over process is key for efficiency and consistency.

    eCapture is a fully-automated electronic evidence processing solution designed to perform electronic discovery, processing, and production tasks quickly and accurately.

    With completely integrated functionality EDT enables you to replace multiple tools with a single, easy to use solution for processing, early case assessment, analysis, review and production.

    MessageSolution Enterprise Archive Main Features: Transparent Outlook and Web Access to the Archive; High Speed Search and Retrieval; Mailbox Management Reduce Server Storage Over 90%; Exchange OWA Support; Public Folder and Offline Archiving; Single Instance Attachment Archiving; PST File Manager; In-Process Compression, Full Outlook Integration. Support All Major Email Servers; Windows and Linux Multi-Platform Compatible.

    Epiq's expert services help you reduce costs and risks, stay on schedule and streamline processes for current and future matters.

    eZProcess is a robust data processing and production module that empowers case teams both large and small to efficiently tackle huge volumes of electronically stored information (ESI). It is an extremely scalable, full-featured solution that seamlessly integrates with other modules of Knovos' eZSuiteTM while also ingesting and producing load files for any review tool on the market.

    eZReview is a time-proven and powerful document review platform delivering best-in-class performance. eZReview's scalability enables legal teams to efficiently handle even the most complex cases, while its flexible and automated features and advanced reporting capabilities enhance the administration and effectiveness of document review.

    eZSuite, Knovos' comprehensive eDiscovery product offering, is the result of years of experience, systematic development, and an innovative approach to achieving operational excellence in managing the entire eDiscovery process. Designed for use in investigations, subpoenas, and discovery requests, eZSuite provides a centrally managed environment with feature-rich, integrated modules for end-to-end eDiscovery- from processing to production.

    eZVUE enables legal teams to significantly reduce the size of huge data volumes, assess risk, formulate robust case strategy, and effectively plan the pre-stages of discovery prior to embarking on full-out document review. eZVUE ensures faster, information-driven decision making based on solid, intelligent data analysis that can save significant downstream eDiscovery review costs.

    FileQuest is an advanced Web-based data discovery solution that empowers law firms, corporations and government organizations to seamlessly perform their own data extraction, filtering, processing, review and production of documents.

    Forensic Email Collector is a powerful and intuitive tool to preserve email evidence from mailboxes. Connect to Gmail via Gmail API, Exchange servers and Office 365 via Exchange Web Services (EWS), and to virtually any other IMAP-compatible server such as Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud and Zoho. Acquire data from even the toughest servers with ease thanks to automatic retries and the ability to resume acquisition sessions. Get a head start on your documentation with comprehensive logs and hashed output.

    FRONTEO Lit i View is an eDiscovery platform to collect, process and manage reviews of documents.

    Globanet Merge1 eDiscovery Software captures a wide variety of content sources, including Bloomberg, Symphony, FactSet, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft Skype and Yammer, BlackBerry SMS/Pin-to-Pin, Salesforce Chatter, Cisco Jabber, Social Media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and many more. An API-based product, Globanet Merge1 is an affordable, user friendly way to merge all of your company's data streams into a single database of text-based records.

    iCONECT-nXT is a workflow component in the document management and litigation support strategy for law firms.

    iControl ESI offers end-to-end eDiscovery services.

    With Indexed I/O, obtaining a scalable, cost effective eDiscovery solution has never been easier. We offer a ‘pay for what you need’ pricing model with no long-term restrictive contracts, and there’s no software or hardware to purchase. Indexed I/O is a pioneer in on-demand Electronic Discovery. The company is singularly focused on bringing users advanced technologies to improve the way eDiscovery is managed. Indexed I/O covers the full eDiscovery waterfront, all while delivering way more in va

    Index Engines platform can manage data from all sources including online networks, hard drives, email servers, forensic images and even backup tapes with a single cost-effective platform.

    INNOVATIVE is a trusted eDiscovery partner and dedicated extension of legal teams for over 10 years.

    Integreon Simplicity offers a full suite of integrated solutions with onshore, offshore and on-site services.

    Automated Digital Discovery (ADD) is the most streamlined workflow in eDiscovery. Avoid the time delays, errors and budget overruns. With ADD, data is automatically copied, processed, filtered and loaded into review systems with limited human interaction.

    The Ipro Enterprise platform can help firms and organizations streamline their litigation process, reduce their cost, and mitigate their risk by offering a fully integrated solution for early case assessment, analytical review, and powerful processing and production.

    Using iSeekDiscovery, your legal and IT departments can run fully-processed worldwide client searches without human involvement whatsoever.

    ISYS products are designed to provide fast search engine functionality in a range of different environments.

    EDR integrates the eDiscovery process into one robust tool. Analytics and matter management features that take extra time or create manual work in other applications are built into EDR, including our award-winning Predictive Coding and Workflow technology.

    Your one stop shop for all your online litigation support solutions.

    This is a free service to redact small to medium size PDF's. The process is fast secure and accurate. No data is stored ever and no signup required. Just clean secure document redaction.

    UBIC accurately translates the unique character encodings found in CJK languages while other e-discovery platforms are unable to do so.

    Micro Focus eDiscovery is designed to perform key aspects of electronic discovery across the entire Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) framework.

    The Mindseye Discovery Manager enables you to easily access, organize, track, and move data to review.

    eDiscovery solution that simplifies the processes of document selection and review using email threading, OCR, advanced filtering, and more.

    High speed sorting data and file processing for fast access to important information and reports

    PAYMETRIX AI gives you the power to identify previously undiscovered consumer assets.

    Proofpoints e-discovery and Analytics capabilities provide greater insight for your litigation readiness strategy. That means more control with less cost and risk.

    ReadySuite is software to view, validate, and perform quality control for document volume and production sets. Law firms, service providers, consultants and corporations all use ReadySuite to assist their e-discovery work flow when handling discovery documents.

    Rocket Cloud is an cloud-based software cloud technology that is that’s designed for e-discovery service providers and integrates case management, data collections, case management, and revenue tracking and client billing. Unlike other software solutions, Rocket Cloud is a multi-user cloud platform that provides a streamlined and automated workflow to the whole agency.

    Search, review and tag documents, share them with your team, and build court.

    Sightline is an end to end e-discovery software platform that drastically reduces costs with its powerful functionality and intuitive interface.

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