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Best E-Signature Software

E-signature software gives users the ability to gather signatures on documents shared electronically, eliminating the need for physical documents to record signatures. E-signature software facilitates the distribution of legally sensitive documents for the collection of electronic signatures. Organizations use e-signature software to encrypt documents, such as sales contracts or employment paperwork, for which client, employee, or partner signatures are often required. E-signature software frequently integrates with third-party applications, including CRM software, ERP systems, HR management suites, and accounting, to facilitate quote, contract, and supplier management efforts. Built-in security standards that meet local and federal legal requirements further streamline the legal document exchange process and guarantee the legitimacy and legal ramifications of signatures made through e-signature software.

To qualify for inclusion in the E-Signature category, a product must:

  • Allow both sender and recipient users to sign documents on a variety of devices and operating systems
  • Encrypt and secure communications and shared documents between the users of the solution
  • Track document status and notify users when actions are required (sign, approve, etc.)
  • Enable users to define user roles and permission rights both internally as well as for external users (contractors, partners, customers, etc.)
  • Offer built-document creation and storage capabilities or integrate with third-party software solutions that provide document creation or storage features
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    More and more companies, authorities and private individuals are replacing paper documents with electronic ones.

    RNTrust (SPITrust) – Leading Global Platform for on Premises Digital Signature creation and verification.

    Orion eSigner and the eSigner family of complementary products to electronicize paper intensive applictions, save money and improve efficiency. As the only patented esignature solution in the industry, eSigner is designed for business critical transactions requiring guest/customer acknowledgment and signing

    OZ e-Form is a software solution designed to allow users to convert traditional paper forms to digital ones.

    P7S Signer will reduce costs, increase security and help organizations comply with regulations.

    Paper is an all-in-one contract software designed to help growing businesses to eSign, approve, negotiate, manage and track contracts.

    QuickSign SaaS platform is a state-of-the art application resulting from the collaboration between legal, cryptography, sales, and marketing specialists in order to both streamline the multichannel sales process and to replace the printer, the scanner, and mailing!

    REACH is an award-winning enterprise-class remote transaction platform that reinvents the digital customer experience. REACH's proprietary technology bridges the gap between businesses and their customers in the digital world. We help businesses connect with their remote customers in real-time, efficiently, conveniently and securely, without losing the human touch. Our solution enables businesses to verify their customers' identity, communicate and collaborate, simplify documentation signing and streamline sales and complex transactional procedures. A brief video of REACH in action can be seen here: REACH’s platform is being used by over 100 Enterprises and SMBs from various industries and verticals, including many Fortune 500 companies. The results are higher conversion rates, faster processes, reduced legal risk and an overall boost in user experience.

    RecordMinder is a document management software that allows users to securely centralize, organize, and track all of the documents in the cloud.

    In 2001 Recycler Guard created a revolutionary idea. The idea was simple, to provide software/hardware packages at a price well below our competition, to provide excellent service and support for our customers and above all meet and exceed the ever increasing challenges passed by our state legislators regarding the sales of scrap metal/nonferrous materials.

    RPost is one of the pioneers offering email proof, message encryption, and electronic signature services with its patented Registered Email® technology.

    RNTrust (SPITrust) enables companies to sign documents and obtain poof that business transaction is made.

    SELL&SIGN is your next generation cloud digital signature and data certification platform

    SignatureConfirm allows you to make your own custom contracts, send them by email, and get them signed faster.

    It makes it easier for your clients to sign contracts by using our electronic signature solution, optimized for mobile devices. With complete security and legal validity.

    Signder provides a mobile order taking and document creation system. Unlike standalone e-signature solutions, Signder is an easy to use tool that equips the rep with everything they need to produce timely, professional documents, make concrete progress in the sales process and close the business with electronic signature.

    Signeato is a simple PDF e-signature app designed to sign own PDF or send PDF to others and get it countersigned.

    Sign Here is an electronic signature capture software for Windows and IBM i that keep documents digital throughout business processes and speed up decision-making by automating approval processes.

    Allow clients to sign documents directly on your Web page - including video consulting on the document

    SigniFlow is a core workflow and cryptographic digital signature engine that works, either on its own, or fully integrated with existing core business systems. SigniFlow utilises the most advanced & trusted digital signature technologies known to man. SigniFlow brings powerful workflow functionality and ease of document distribution to automate any business process.

    A Datawitness electronic signature is a process which captures the intent of a recipient to accept the contents of an online message. It is legally accepted just like a handwritten signature

    SignPack is a professional electronic signature software to capture, secure and produce electronic signatures.

    SignServer Enterprise is a server-side digital signature software used to sign any digital document, and more.

    Secure and legal electronic signature solution.

    Paperless Form with ability to sign on mobile and tablet

    Eliminate the cost and hassle of paper-based tasks and drive up document productivity while gaining more control over the signing process.

    SigPlus to improve the workflow within the small to medium-sized organization.

    Can automating critical document-intensive processes help your company produce results faster? Yes it can. We understand how to create ideal workflows for even the most complex industries, saving you both time and money.

    Affordable, secure, and compliant online eSignature software that meets the needs of businesses of all types and sizes. SutiSign is an online electronic signature software solution that enables you to create, send, approve, track, manage, and file documents. • Create, manage, send, and sign documents from your mobile device • Send documents using a serial, parallel or combination method to one or multiple signers • Integrated access to apps including Google, Salesforce, Dropbox, ShareFile and more Authentication Options • Fingerprint authentication • Image-based (Static), Real-time (Dynamic) handwritten signature verification • Fingerprint authentication • Image-based (Static), Real-time (Dynamic) handwritten signature verification • Create, manage, send, and sign documents from your mobile device • Send documents using a serial, parallel or combination method to one or multiple signers • Integrated access to apps including Google, Salesforce, Dropbox, ShareFile and more

    Digital signatures provide verification of the authenticity and integrity of proprietary application code, legal documents, financial records, and more.

    Trappco Mobile App Solutions is a on-site paperwork with various layouts and texts. It allows users to add signatures, images and time-stamps to create a solid audit trail.

    Truecopy API can be leveraged within minutes, to incorporate Digital Signing / DSC / Aadhaar eSign into your workflows.

    Ultra Documents is a complete solution to automate the process of preparing, publishing, and electronically signing business documents such as Leases, Loan Agreements, Contracts, Proposals, Business Plans from start to end. With Ultra Documents you will be able to upload documents, capture consistent, error free data using custom forms, create templates from anyone, anywhere. You also can enhance existing documents, not start over, to capture electronic signatures. Ultra Documents' integrated workflow feature lets you to create a simple or a complex workflow to distribute the finalized documents among your internal teams or even external audiences such as vendors, customers. You will also be able to request approval, electronic signatures, and set deadlines, reminders and trigger automatic alerts and escalations. Ultra Documents with its document automation, workflow automation and electronic signatures cuts down the time in more than half that is needed to create, distribute, review, approve and finalize documents; templates and forms provides you the ability to capture and create consistent business documents across your various business units.e stop solution to create, share, request approval, and distribute documents. Ultra Documents platform can help you add electronic signatures to your documents in a matter of days and help you to improve your bottomline.

    U-Sign-It is an online Electronic Approval System designed to make approving documents easy and accessible from anywhere in the world!

    ValidSign offers a solution for the valid and digital signing of all your documents. Easy to use and easy to implement within your processes. For example, ValidSign offers integrations with Sharepoint, Office 365, Alfresco, OpenText, K2, Nintex Workflows, BCT, iBabs & Centric.

    ViDSigner is a multichannel electronic signature platform (SaaS) that combines the security of cryptographic technology, biometrics and easy use from email certification to website and mobile integrations, smartcard and handwritten in-person signing.

    WaiverElectronic helps manage online liability waivers powering your business by making the waiver sign up process quick, paperless, and secure.

    WaiverFile lets your customers sign their release waivers from a computer, tablet or mobile device. From your website or at a kiosk, completing the forms is quick and easy.

    Customize documents tailored to your business's needs, including agreements, waivers and indemnity forms. Turn your smartphones and tablets into waiver signing stations. Automatically saves the signed documents in your online account, forever. Easily find any signed waivers by searching for customer's name, phone number or email. De-clutter your business and end the tiresome digging through piles of documents!

    Yousign is the best way to sign documents. French software publisher, Yousign offers secure and legal electronic signature solutions. Yousign is a trusted third party and Certification Authority recognised at French and European level, helping companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity to digitise their contractualisation processes. Yousign offers simpler solutions for use and integration, legal and certified signatures, supported by a 100% European cloud infrastructure. The company incorporated in 2013 has more than 1500 customers, representing millions of signatories worldwide.

    ZorroSign's electronic signature is an integral part of the ZorroSign DTM platform. It is highly secure, encrypted, and robust eSignature solution with flexibility around its usage, security, and application.

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