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Digital Rights Management (DRM) reviews by real, verified users. Find unbiased ratings on user satisfaction, features, and price based on the most reviews available anywhere.

Best Digital Rights Management (DRM) Software

    Digital rights management (DRM) software provides users with a variety of features intended to safeguard their content and ensure it is accessed within their designated parameters. Businesses are constantly sharing files internally and externally, and many others share branded assets or host media files regularly. DRM solutions protect the content shared or hosted by businesses and ensure it’s only used in the way originally intended. DRM software can provide features like watermarking and timed expiration for shared documents, and subscription and license management for media files. DRM solutions often leverage built-in encryption software to facilitate secure file transfers.

    Many digital asset management software include full-fledged DRM within their offering to ensure branded assets are distributed safely. Some virtual data room software vendors also offer DRM software for secure file sharing outside of a virtual data room.

    To qualify for inclusion in the Digital Rights Management (DRM) category, a product must:

    Allow users to create advanced permissions surrounding content usage (license management, access revocation, password protection, etc.)
    Track content usage and analytics
    Provide watermarking for shared documentation

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    (164)4.5 out of 5
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    Bynder helps over a million creative, branding, and marketing professionals accelerate the creation of video and other content, get the right assets to the people and systems that need them, and ensure brand compliance. A G2 Leader in Digital Asset Management for 2020, Bynder is used by brands like Puma, Spotify, TED, and Five Guys to get content and campaigns to market faster and accelerate the end-to-end creative content lifecycle. === Bynder Digital Asset Management modules and functionalit

    (11)4.7 out of 5

    Copyscape is a duplicate content detection software.

    (5)4.1 out of 5

    Digify is an award-winning cloud-based document security and data room software that gives you full control, protection and tracking over your documents. It is an all-in-one integrated solution combining document access control, advanced encryption, file tracking, print and download permissions and customizable watermarks. Companies use Digify to protect confidential information for fundraising and due diligence, protecting intellectual property, and safeguarding sensitive communications. Dig

    (37)4.4 out of 5
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    MerlinOne, is the leading provider of AI-centric Digital Asset Management (DAM) software, empowering marketers, creative teams, archivists and more to effectively organize and manage their digital and creative content. Aimed to make visual storytelling development easier, MerlinOne allows express access to digital assets from virtually anywhere. MerlinOne is the trusted AI-centric DAM vendor for hundreds of businesses thanks to its reliability, flexibility, scalability, optimal performance, auto

    (3)4.5 out of 5

    Primetime DRM can protect content and enable flexible business models such as anonymous, subscription, rental, and download-to-own content for desktop (Windows, Mac), iOS, Android, Roku, Xbox and embedded device platforms.

    (2)4.8 out of 5

    Vitrium allows you to protect, control and securely distribute your revenue-generating content or sensitive and confidential files. With over 20 DRM controls, decide who, when, where, for how long, from what country or IP address can access your documents, video, audio and image. Leverage tracking and analytical reports to figure out how your audience is engaging with your content. No apps or plugin is required for end-users to access files online or offline.

    (10)3.9 out of 5

    CapLinked makes it faster, safer, and easier to manage business transactions in the cloud. CapLinked’s secure virtual data room platform provides companies with easy-to-use tools for capital raises, asset sales, mergers & acquisitions, real estate deals, investor & board reporting, business development negotiations, and other types of complex business transactions. The Wall Street Journal called CapLinked “the go-to place for setting up and closing deals,” and Inc. Magazine named CapLink

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    EZDRM offers a wide range of options in DRMaaS, including a multi-DRM solution called Universal DRM.

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    DRMtoday is an independently audited secure multi-DRM solution enables rapid adoption of all major digital rights management (DRM) systems at a low cost, reducing time to market. DRMtoday allows ease-of-scaling for operational growth, and distributed data center operations worldwide ensuring excellent redundancy and low latency for license key delivery.

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    EditionGuard is a web based service designed to provide a secure way to sell eBooks online.

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    The Intertrust ExpressPlay cloud DRM system provides complete, end-to-end content protection that meets even the toughest Hollywood standards. ExpressPlay is the only multi-DRM technology available across all popular platforms and formats. Our service is cost-effective and easy to integrate, and our platform is very scalable both in terms of use of elastic cloud and of geographical coverage.

    Fasoo Enterprise DRM (Digital Rights Management) is the most advanced and robust file-based security solution, that allows organizations to protect, control and trace sensitive documents which contain intellectual property, trade secrets and personally identifiable information. With the solution, organizations can safely share confidential documents internally and externally, providing their business with a secure environment without concern about unintended information loss.

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    RightsManager is a solution for document security practices by allowing to encrypt documents locally, so there is no need to upload unencrypted documents to an unknown server or file sharing site. It helps to maintain complete control of the source files at all times.

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    Entry Level Price:$900 3 USER LICENSE MONTH

    Licensing relationship management has never been so easy! Flowhaven enables licensing professionals to manage the wide range of activities required to operate and scale their businesses including managing contract data, automated asset management, seamless design collaboration, the collection and analysis of sales and royalty reports, and more. Flowhaven’s goal is to revolutionize the licensing industry by inspiring the community to leverage real-time data analytics to strengthen business and

    0 ratings

    The solution: ● Automates accurate and timely royalty payment calculations, to authors and from sub-rights licensees ● Enables the packaging of new micro-content offerings aligned with digital distribution and consumption models ● Accelerates time-to-market for new content offerings in a scalable and compliant fashion ● Supports multi-currency, multi-language and multi-organization deployment capabilities ● Seamlessly integrates with enterprise systems for financials, order management and contr

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    Built on a multi-region based global service architecture, PallyCon provides high performance and reliability for global content services.

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    SealPath is an enterprise digital rights management solution, The most user-friendly and flexible DRM leader. SealPath helps organizations to protect sensitive documents both on the network and on customers’ or partners’ networks, in the cloud or on a mobile device. It´s a persistent encryption that accompanies the files and emails wherever they travel. It controls who accesses the data, when and with what permission.

    0 ratings

    Seclore’s automated Enterprise Digital Rights Management solution enables organizations to persistently control usage of information. The ability to enforce and audit who can do what with documents, from where and for how long, empowers organizations to engage in secure external collaboration. See why over 8,000 companies use Seclore at

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    Protection of documents and video files

    0 ratings

    Vaultize DRM is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) / Information Rights Management (IRM) software

    0 ratings

    Verimatrix Multi-DRM solution is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which not only helps operators reduce NOC-related expenditures; it also addresses issues of complexity, analytics and security, while allowing operators to retain full control of their service offer and subscriber relationships.