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Best Digital Analytics Software

Digital analytics software tracks website visitors and measures web traffic. Marketers, web developers, and analysts use digital analytics suites to report on the effectiveness and popularity of web experiences and to determine how visitors are finding and interacting with their sites. This analysis provides businesses insights into customer behavior when encountering their brands online and allows reporting on online conversion, demographic, and content-interaction metrics. Digital analytics products are deployed on top of web development and web content management platforms, integrate with conversion rate optimization and A/B testing software to optimize customer experiences, and exchange data with digital advertising and other marketing systems to provide a view of customer journeys across advertising, search engines, and social media channels.

To qualify for inclusion in the Digital Analytics category, a product must:

  • Measure web traffic including visits, sessions, unique visitors, user entry and exit pages, and behavioral funnels
  • Track any tagged digital event or conversion
  • Report on traffic over time and in real time
  • Segment traffic based on demographics, device, acquisition medium, geography, and cohort
  • Be WCM and development platform agnostic
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    LatentView is a predictive analytics and enterprise decision management services pro.vider

    Every professional who wants her website to grow rapidly, needs to track the visitors activities, trends and other indicators on her site. Log2Stats provides you with all required tools for these tasks including detailed visitors report breakdowns, accurate graphs, advanced filters, interactive navigation and much more.

    FastStats is a web analytics solution. FastStats is optimized to deal with the massive log files generated by busy modern web sites. The FastStats analysis module contains only optimized C code and hooks directly into low-level Windows APIs.

    Preview, Correct, And Optimize How Your Website Is Shared Across The Internet.

    Nabler is The Digital Analytics Company focused on driving quality traffic to your website leading to conversions using result-oriented Web Analytics.

    Netmind is a digital analytics solution, customizable for any type of company.

    NextSTAT is a web analytics application designed to improve your website and business.

    Onestat's market leadership has been demonstrated over the past 6 years as we have helped today's largest online businesses and websites like HP, FuijFilm, Thomas Cook, Cornell University, MIT, Dunlop, TUI, CBS,, Trump, and the Emmy Awards. OneStat has more than 75,000 customers across 100 countries.

    Oribi provides simple, easy-to-use dashboards with website statistics. Users can track goals and know site activity. Oribi boasts simplicity for users.

    Outlier monitors your business data and notifies you when unexpected changes occur.

    Panamplify offers solutions to automate report building for ad/marketing agencies.

    pMetrics is a web statistics package that gives bloggers and web site owners a look at traffic and visitor activity.

    Premonix is easy to integrate into any database or template-driven web concept. This involves a one-time implementationand from then on all your customers can automatically be provided with their own Web Analytics tool.

    Quill Engage analyzes your Google Analytics data and delivers the most important and interesting insights on your site's KPIs, including sessions, pageviews and bounce rate.

    Resultrak is an online web traffic tracking tool that allows marketing professionals and business executives to track the results of marketing programs based on website activity.

    Roialty audience analysis and clustering solutions help brands know their target audience, build marketing strategies and optimize their social advertising.

    Sigview is a real-time data visualisation and analysis tool for high velocity and high volume of data. It builds on top of the philosophy of reactive manifesto, to accomplish robust, resilient and responsive system. Keeping in mind to fit with Big data, it supports 100’s of million data points in variety of charts and tables in a reactive manner without giving any burden on the processing system.

    Simple Analytics is a simple, clean, and privacy-friendly analytics.

    SIP3.IO TAPIR is a complete, end-to-end solution capable of analysing customer experience and network performance by application in real-time for the huge volumes of traffic.

    SiteProfiler is a website analysis tool that gives you insights on website SEO, backlinks, competitors and much more.

    Slim Stat Analytics is an web analytics plugin for WordPress that tracks registered users, monitor Javascript events, analyze email campaign

    Smartlook is a qualitative analytics solution for websites and mobile apps helping over 200,000 businesses of all sizes and industries answer the "whys" behind their users' actions. Eliminate the guesswork and discover real, actionable reasons. With a unique feature set, Smartlook finally gives you a way to understand user behavior at the micro level. Always-on visitor recordings show you what every last visitor does on your website or app, while automatic event tracking lets you know how (and how often) your visitors do specific things. You can then build conversion funnels to see your conversion rates as well as uncover why people are churning. Heatmaps for websites give you mass data about where most people click, scroll, hover, and otherwise interact with your pages. Smartlook started in 2016 with web analytics and branched into mobile app analytics in 2018. Ranked within the Top 100 Software Products in the 2019 G2 Crowd Awards, Smartlook services customers like O2, Miele, Hyundai, and It can also record games developed in the Unity engine.

    Snoobi analytics is a professional web analytics tool.

    Customer experience analytics company focusing on in-page web analytics and conversion rate optimization.

    SpotIQ is a relational search engine designed for numbers. For every question, it calculates one answer across all of the data.

    Tamboo helps take the guesswork out of running an online business by showing you everything your website visitors do! Tamboo comes with all the tools you need to better understand how people are really using your website, including Visitor Recordings, Heatmaps, Engagement Scores, and Analytics. With Tamboo's Visitor Recordings, you'll be able to literally watch what people do on your website. See every click, scroll, mouse move, and keystroke your visitors make in a YouTube-like video player - exactly as it happened. Tamboo makes it easy to find and watch recordings of individual pages or of entire visitor sessions. If you've ever wondered how people use or navigate your website, look no further! With Tamboo, you'll be able to see what every one of your visitors does from the second they come to your site to the instant they leave. If you've been scratching your head trying to figure out why people start to take an action (such as signing up or placing an order) but then back out at the last minute, Tamboo can show you that, too! Tamboo also makes it easy to see the "big picture" of how your site performs across visits. Tamboo's Heatmaps show you every click people make on your website, as well as where they drop off - all in one glorious picture. Unlike other heatmap software, Tamboo's Heatmaps allow you to choose what information you want to see. You can easily customize any heatmap you're viewing, so you can do things like view heatmaps for visits coming from certain traffic sources. If you've ever wanted to compare CTR (Click-Through Rates) between different links or buttons on your pages, you'll love Tamboo's ability to automatically detect and summarize clicks on page elements. Tamboo's Heatmaps also include scrollmaps - so you can see where people "drop off" or stop reading - which helps you see which of your pages are the most (or least) interesting to your visitors. Tamboo is super easy to install and configure, even if you're not an IT expert. We even have plugins for popular platforms like WordPress that make getting Tamboo up and running on your website a snap. If you've been looking to better understand your visitors' behavior, make improvements to your user experience, or find ways to optimize conversions on your website, you should come see what Tamboo can do for you.

    Uprank is a site optimization and digital marketing tool.

    Built on a powerful analytics engine, our real-time tracking and reporting will connect you to your website performance, visitor engagement and customer behavior.

    Install an analytics tool that you’ll actually use! Visitor Analytics is a software that enables users who lack technical background to track, graph and map site visitors in real time. The software is GDPR-compliant and offers a straightforward user experience through statistical dashboards, simple visuals and performance-based comparisons. Visitor Analytics keeps records of website visitors path & history, bounce rate, pages performance, conversion rates, URL campaigns, referrers and other valuable data, depending on the type of account the user chooses to use. The app can be easily integrated as a native solution for multiple platforms and services.

    VisitorView is a web analytics software that matches the IP addresses of companies that visit your website against our database in order to tell you the names of those businesses and more.

    now your differences in conversion for each browser and OS, and get alerts whenever your website drops in sales. offers web analytics and optimization solutions.

    Websays is a software services company focused on web search, natural language processing and machine learning. With a mixed team of developers and data analysts, we meet our clients’ needs for data intelligence to handle large volumes of unstructured data. We categorize this data by topics, analyze indicators such as sentiment and generate summaries and reports, all in real time using our control panel, the Websays Dashboard. We provide: - Reputation reports - Digital clipping - Opinion, market and competition reports - Identification of influencers - Election prediction Moreover, with our connectors Zendesk or WordPress we can manage the relationship with the customer and the publication of reports and contents.

    Customer experience analytics company focusing on in-page web analytics and conversion rate optimization.

    ZeroPark is a Ad exchange delivering traffic.