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Best Digital Analytics Software

Digital analytics software tracks website visitors and measures web traffic. Marketers, web developers, and analysts use digital analytics suites to report on the effectiveness and popularity of web experiences and to determine how visitors are finding and interacting with their sites. This analysis provides businesses insights into customer behavior when encountering their brands online and allows reporting on online conversion, demographic, and content-interaction metrics. Digital analytics products are deployed on top of web development and web content management platforms, integrate with conversion rate optimization and A/B testing software to optimize customer experiences, and exchange data with digital advertising and other marketing systems to provide a view of customer journeys across advertising, search engines, and social media channels.

To qualify for inclusion in the Digital Analytics category, a product must:

  • Measure web traffic including visits, sessions, unique visitors, user entry and exit pages, and behavioral funnels
  • Track any tagged digital event or conversion
  • Report on traffic over time and in real time
  • Segment traffic based on demographics, device, acquisition medium, geography, and cohort
  • Be WCM and development platform agnostic
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Results: 140
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    Angelfish Software is secure, on-premises web analytics software that provides detailed usage reports for anything that runs on a web server: Intranets, public websites, web-based applications..etc .

    Blue Triangle provides digital teams with a connected view of their marketing, web performance, and third-party tag analytics while constantly monitoring website code for security vulnerabilities. With Blue Triangle, teams can track the experience of every website and mobile app visitor in real time and identify specific web performance, third-party tag, and purchase path issues measurably impacting revenue. This data empowers teams to improve and secure their digital experiences along the most critical areas of the customer journey. Blue Triangle is trusted by Fortune 500 companies including The Home Depot, Marriott, and Carnival Cruise Line, and was named a Gartner "Cool Vendor" in 2017. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Richmond, VA.

    CEP Analytics provides an On-Premise Web Analytics that help you to track multiple websites at a go!

    Real-time location intelligence and engagement platform. The web-based platform turns movement and location data from connected devices (smartphones, wearables, wifi) into actionable insights and analytics.

    Gauges is a minimalist website analytics tool. It provides the important website metrics without the complexity of other analytics platforms.

    Hupso is a free website analyzer. It provides free reports for thousands of websites. For every website in our extensive database you can see detailed analysis, including traffic statistics, monthly earnings, facebook sharing information, web server location and website value estimates.

    Logaholic PHP based Web Analytics Software. Easy-to-use, powerful, performance driven Website Statistics.

    Mighty Networks enables entrepreneurs, organizations, and companies to create and grow a community-powered brand.

    MonsterInsights is a Wordpress plugin for Google Analytics.

    Motigo is a tool to analyse your website data quickly.

    The Ptengine app helps marketers and webmasters turn more visits into conversions. By "conversions" we mean sales, leads, email subscribers, social shares--whatever goals people have for a website. It's part of a growing movement for websites. Since getting traffic is harder and more expensive than ever, our users are focusing on getting more out of the traffic they already have.

    Quantum Metric is the Digital Experience Intelligence platform, driving unparalleled visibility into every customer interaction across all devices and delivering faster data-driven decisions. Built to automatically prioritize both technical and behavioral insights, the platform promotes enterprise digital transformation by empowering organizational CX alignment. Performance and security are the foundation of Quantum Metric, enabling customers to gain real-time user insights securely and at scale.

    Spinnakr is a new kind of analytics that does all the hard work for you, tripling your signups and sales.

    Customer Acquisition Analytics for SaaS. Tractionboard calculates your CAC, and other acquisition metrics, for all your campaigns/sources. We get your spend, revenue and campaign data automatically by using integrations with the major providers.

    Yieldbot is a digital media technology designed to connect brands to the real-time intent of consumers.

    YoGrow is a growth accelerator for e-commerce sites. They help store owners understand their data, set targets and find experts that can grow their revenue. Forget the data overload of other analytics packages and clumsy spreadsheets. Their monthly service makes it simple and effective to grow your business. offers advanced technology for real-time measurement and analysis of their web site traffic.

    Absolute Log Analyzer is a client-based log processing solution designed for web traffic analysis.

    Advanced Log Analyzer is an analytics software that generates a large number of traditional reports like most common pages and referrers.

    Air360 is a web analytics software help to make all aspects of analytics simple.

    Actionable Insights Drive Better Results. Measure effectiveness for continuous optimization.

    ByteGain uses AI to predict what each user needs in real-time to help you serve them in the best possible way.

    Automate your Web Analytics. Canecto is the smart alternative to hiring a digital agency or doing analytics yourself. Understand how your site generates business to you, and what your best improvement options are: - Advice on your best site improvement options - Suggestions on how to increase conversions - Basis statistic on your site's performance You do not need to spend time on web analytics or need to learn complicated tools. Advice, recommendations, insights and data You will get a web consultancy report that tells you what options you have to get more conversions. The report gives you specific advice on how to improve your site, backed with data. In this way, you do not need to have an analytics skillset or outsource core elements of your company. Canecto makes you drive your business in a true data-driven manner.

    Capturly is a full-scale online analytics for online businesses. Capturly is focusing on the main driving forces: conversion and retention.

    A platform for data driven customer relationship management, able to provide engaging, publishing, analytics and managing customer data in a single tool. Chorally enables brands to explore the full potential of digital customer management integrating multiple touchpoints in a single platform. It allows customers team to deliver more personalized brand experiences based on enriched customer profiles. The platform features a highly intuitive UI and is complemented by top class support and consultancy services.

    CoMagic is a static and dynamic call tracking platform that provides analytics.

    Converly helps performance marketers to track, get insights and optimize their campaigns.

    Deskmetrics is end-to-end installation and application management software that transforms advanced analytics into better decisions.

    DigitalMaas is a marketing platform that enables business owners to market themselves online. is an online visitors hits counter with statistics for blogs, websites and pages.

    eAnalytics is an integrated open source solution for web analytics.

    Data acquisition, calculation, analyses, data mining, recommendation, personalization

    Non-public statistics and multiple page tracking.

    Fathom Analytics provides simple, useful websites stats without tracking or storing personal data of your users.

    Provide clients visually appealing analytics about their Folio Institutional* accounts.

    In-depth website and mobile app traffic analytics, user behavior and quality analysis, bot detection and creation of conversion funnels. Finteza delivers in-depth user statistics captured and analyzed in real time. With the user-friendly interactive interface, you have the most realistic and reliable information at your fingertips.

    FireStats is a web analytics solution

    Flipdesk site visitors automatically gets web visitor information to deliver better customer experiences.

    Funnl is an intelligent analytics for websites that lets user ask questions in plain language and instantly get answers that anywhere.

    Find out how much time take to load your site from multiple location across devices.

    Gemius Prism offers flexible analytics, monitoring, and reporting on user interaction with digital products.

    Perception monitoring is a Social media Business Intelligence platform delivered by Geomeme.

    Head Bidder is software that builds header bidding wrappers and provides analytic reports at a single console.

    Hit-Counts offers website and statistics counters for websites.

    Hundreds of traffic statistics. Extremely detailed search engine marketing information. E-mail alerts upon user-definable traffic levels

    Hoverowl is a visual analytics tool that drives sales.

    Data analytics platform and marketplace for independent content creators and media companies.

    Intempt is a visitor journeys/predictive notifications platform, designed to help generate engagement and revenue for sites and apps.

    Measure campaign performance based on actual behaviors across the web