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A digital adoption platform (DAP) is a software layer integrated on top of another software application or website to guide users through tasks and functions. Digital adoption platforms aim to help new users quickly learn how to interact with a website or application or assist returning users in learning newly added functionality. This improves onboarding for new users and drives the adoption of new features that may otherwise go ignored.

These tools are also commonly used to train new employees on software used in-house. Some DAP offerings are made specifically for other popular software applications, with companies making multiple DAPs tailored for certain products. However, many digital adoption platforms are customizable and can integrate over any application necessary. Because of this, digital adoption platforms are also a popular customer self-service software option.

To qualify for inclusion in the Digital Adoption Platform category, a product must:

  • Integrate on top of a web-based software, website, or software application
  • Provide cued prompts or comments
  • Collect and analyze data on user behavior
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    (15)4.6 out of 5
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    Optimized for quick response

    Pendo is a product experience platform that helps software product teams deliver products users love. With Pendo, product teams can answer questions like which features are customers using? Which features are they ignoring? Which ones are driving delight and which are causing pain and confusion? From these same insights, you can easily set up in-app messages, guides and walkthroughs without any coding to help users get the most value from your products. By quickly identifying the specific featur

    Whatfix is a leading Digital Adoption Platform that helps companies deliver modern and easy onboarding, effective training and better support to users through contextual content displayed at the time of need. Whatfix powers-up software solutions by lending incredible simplicity, intuitiveness and personalization. Several Fortune 500 enterprises worldwide trust Whatfix to ensure quick ROI on their technology investments and improve end-user productivity and performance.

    WalkMe™ is the pioneer of the Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) — an enterprise-class guidance, engagement, insights, and automation platform. As the digital revolution transforms the workplace and customer preferences, WalkMe’s holistic approach simplifies enterprise systems, customer-facing sites and mobile apps for the overwhelmed user. WalkMe’s DAP enables the creation of interactive on-screen sequences that guide and engage users throughout any digital experience. Powered by AI and machine l

    (7)4.4 out of 5
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    Optimized for quick response

    UserIQ helps businesses realize the full value of customer success by equipping CS teams with the product analytics, customer insights, and user engagement tools needed to fight churn, grow their accounts, and align the entire business around their users’ needs.

    Appcues makes it easy to deliver exceptional user experiences at scale, leading to happier customers and accelerated business growth. Using our Product-Led Growth Platform, anybody can publish beautiful and personalized in-product experiences in minutes, measure the impact on key business results, and know when and how to intervene with a human touchpoint. From IBM to OpenTable, thousands of businesses trust Appcues to onboard and engage users, provide scalable self-service support, announce ne

    (4)4.5 out of 5
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    Intercom is a customer platform with a suite of products for live chat, marketing and support. Our products work together seamlessly. Start with one or more.

    Gainsight PX
    (3)3.8 out of 5
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    Optimized for quick response

    The easy, powerful, and complete Product Experience Platform. Gainsight PX is a Product Experience Platform that helps companies build products their customers love. It lets product teams make data-driven decisions, accelerate onboarding and adoption, and gather insights from users on their wants and needs...all in a single platform.

    Engage and support customers through in-app tutorials Inline Manual provides a service to guide, support and engage prospects and customers right within an application. Easily create product walkthroughs, on-boarding guides, new features announcements, tooltips and manageable product documentation. Used and loved by small and big companies to get customers up to speed in no time, available for any web based product. All this without any coding.

    Provides in-app interactive training to accelerate onboarding, increase training effectiveness, and add self-service support for any web-based application.

    Digital adoption is in our DNA, we have been pioneering the digital adoption space for the last decade. Using our years of experience, we created ADOPT an AppLearn product. ADOPT is the leading Digital Adoption Platform (DAP), designed to make enterprise-wide change easy by providing employees with next-generation training and support directly at the point of need. For more information visit us at

    Accelerate selling, support, and training with Apty's Workflows real-time step-by-step guidance for your prospects, customers, employees or partners in their precise moment of need. Apty also ensures data accuracy, automates documentation, and streamlines cross-application processes. All with zero integration or changes to your underlying website or application required.

    The Dokit SaaS platform enables you to create, share and improve step-by-step instructions, user guides and product manuals that fit any screen and device. It only takes a few clicks to create your guides and instructions with our intuitive editing features and predefined templates. Dokit makes it easy to organise and control content: categorisation, tagging, metadata, and workflow validation. Once your guide is complete, it's available on all devices: PCs, smartphones, tablet, and any device t

    Driveback provides personalization solution based on user behavior on-site and adapts in real-time to increase conversion rates.

    GuideMe provides one platform to easily automate mobile business processes and employee training with instructional and real-time guides. It's like having a virtual coach for your enterprise apps.

    HelpHero enables businesses to create interactive in-app tours to guide users and maximize user experience.

    The solution is simple: if online users (customer or employees) are lost on a website, platform or web app, with Helppier, they can access the information they need right when need it, before contacting support. Helppier is a UX tool that allows creating interactive user guides for web platforms, without any coding. It allows creating product tours and contextual tooltips, integrating Knowledge Bases, and even tracking performance. Build a help center without leaving your website.

    InsideBoard is the first AI platform for change management dedicated to encouraging user adoption, ongoing team performance and transformation success. Based on Big Data technology with integrated and unique artificial intelligence algorithms, InsideBoard revolutionizes organizational change management through the use of digital technology. Thanks to its pull approach focused on employee engagement and community building, InsideBoard makes the transformation appealing, sustainable and meaningful

    Iridize is a powerful Enterprise grade platform for flexible employee training and onboarding web users.

    Joyride is an easy to configure jQuery site tour wizard.

    Add value when workers actually use them. Foster understanding. Drive knowledge. Deliver success. All easier than ever before.

    Speed up the adoption of your software. Lemon Learning has created an interactive guide solution offering an on-board training in IT tools, and allowing quick ownership, and better support.

    MyGuide by EdCast is an in-app guidance and training platform, which helps your customers and employees complete any web or mobile task. MyGuide offers Machine Driven mode which allows Machine to auto-create tours (in more than 10 languages) and AI-assisted mode which can auto-suggest tours based on customer workflow. MyGuide even offers self-driving software mode to enterprise customers. Whether you are a training manager, marketer, product manager, customer care representative or change manage

    Pointzi is a mobile user onboarding platform.

    WalkHub makes it easy to record and share Walkthrough tutorials that play on top of websites

    Toonimo simplifies the web user experience with customized graphical annotations and a real human voice. We enable organizations to add an interactive overlay that guides users with step-by-step walkthroughs. Driven by an intelligent decision engine, Toonimo delivers real-time, personalized guidance and support for both customers and users. Use Cases : - Employee training - Onboard new customers - Reduce customer support - Improve website conversion - Change management Main Features: - Re

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