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Data visualization software translates data and metrics into charts and graphs to help companies track business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time so they can better understand performance and goals.

Data visualization software allows users to create dashboards with scorecards and easy-to-interpret visualizations of company data to follow the trends and KPIs. Many data visualization tools provide drag-and-drop functionality and other non-technical capabilities, so the average business user can build necessary dashboards. However, some do offer the ability to create dashboards using code. Data visualization solutions can consume data from many sources, including file uploads, databases, and business applications. Connecting certain applications or databases may require some IT involvement or coding knowledge.

These tools are specifically designed to benchmark and visualize important metrics and are not intended to be used for data analysis. While some data visualization products may offer drill-down or data joining functionality, their primary purpose is to provide dashboards and visualizations to monitor business-critical data. Users looking for analysis specific tools should look to business intelligence platforms and self-service business intelligence software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Data Visualization category, a product must:

  • Consume data from any source through file uploads, database querying, and application connectors
  • Provide visual representation of key performance indicators in real time
  • Offer dashboards containing multiple visualizations of metrics for high-level overviews of company goals
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    StatPlanet is an out-of-the box solution to rapidly transform a spreadsheet or database into an interactive dashboard. With its intuitive interface, even new users can instantly explore the interactive graphs and maps, and filter down to indicators and areas of interest.

    Statwing is a statistical analysis software.

    StatX is a mobile app that brings visual metrics and change notifications from data in connected apps like Salesforce, MailChimp, QuickBooks and more to your fingertips on your mobile phone. StatX enables critical business change to be shared immediately and teams to collaborate on mobile easily and efficiently.

    Stimulsoft BI is a complete Business Intelligence, client-server solution that provides reporting and analytics. The front end provides facility to visualize data. The back end provides data processing and storing.

    Structr is the world's most advanced graph application platform.

    Style Scope offers a server-based mechanism for creating dashboards and visual presentations of data drawn from multiple data sources. Users can annotate, share, and manipulate the data "mashups" to help make sense of a large amount of business intelligence, and you can create them with an easy drag-and-drop interface.

    SutiDAnalytics helps to get a web-based business reporting and analytics solution for generating real-time reports and intuitive dashboards from a centralized location.

    Syncrofy allows users to gain greater visibility into their files and data. Its web-based solution provides data-driven business insights to key team members without requiring any advanced technical knowledge, enabling customers to analyze, interpret and act on information faster and more effectively.

    SystemLink Cloud enables you to deploy custom web applications to the cloud so you can share measurement data with stakeholders in a mobile-friendly, secure browser. You can also create drag-and-drop, web-based dashboards with bidirectional communication between the cloud and existing applications to provide instantaneous access to live systems and tests. SystemLink Cloud is an NI-hosted service in a secure environment, which eliminates the need for your team to manage web server configuration and security.

    The TARGIT Decision Suite is the only business intelligence platform that offers visual data discovery tools, self-service business analytics , reports and dashboards in a single integrated solution.

    Thinkmap is a dynamic, data-driven visualization software.

    Easy-to-make, beautiful timelines.

    UPM·X is the EAM solution on ServiceNow, natively unifying all key enterprise disciplines like PPM, APM, ITSM, CMDB and EAM on a single platform without any integration needs. So you get comprehensive, centralized control over the sprawling undertaking of enterprise transformation, with the ability to accelerate your decision-making based on real-time data. With UPM·X you have pre-configured dashboards with dynamic filters, machine learning, and real-time data quality measurement to support your use cases. Ultimately, it makes decision-making of enterprise planning easier and quicker.

    Vida is an open source Data Visualization tool.

    Vismatica is a dashboard software with a pointandclick interface, that empowers both endusers and I.T. professionals with the ability to easily create client/customer eportals, analytical dashboards, company intranets and extranets, knowledgebases and more.

    Visualr is a data visualization tool that provides the enterprises with an extensively flexible connectivity in terms of multiple database types.

    Viur offers an easy and quick way to connect to databases, services and files, explore data, create metrics and KPIs and share them with the team. All this in a SaaS cloud solution that can access data even behind a company firewall. It doesn't require advanced technical expertise, or knowledge in programming languages, to connect to the data sources and create insights.

    Vizalytics creates location-specific business intelligence from open and private data for enterprise, government and institutional clients.

    Vizdum is a SaaS cloud based business dashboard platform that allows businesses to monitor their key business metrics in real time in one place using Desktops, Tablets and Phones. With its pre-built integrations Vizdum helps in fetching business data from anywhere such as Salesforce, MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics and many more.

    Vize is a data experimentation platform designed to help prepare, discover, and analyze data on-the-fly without coding, and gives real-time visual feedback on every action.

    Vizydrop is a data visualization software that simplify visual data discovery and share charts.

    WebDataRocks is a free web reporting tool, designed to offer fast data visualization online minutes after integration.

    Digital marketing agencies and businesses use Whatagraph to save time and present analytics data in a way their clients and teams can easily understand. Use visual reports to help you track and understand the data behind your website, ecommerce site and digital campaigns performance. Set up automated report delivery to selected email recipients, so everyone is up-to-date with the latest data. Create custom reports with selected metrics, add own logo and change colour scheme. Generate your reports within seconds and download PDF straight from the dashboard or your email. Our clients: Are simplifying the process of sharing analytics data between departments and their clients. Find infographic reports are more engaging and more helpful in understanding key analytics data. Save time by preparing targeted reports and deliver them more frequently.

    Xapsys Live gives you the whole picture so you can make the right decisions, with confidence. With Xapsys Live, you can: - monitor business processes as they happen - have the live information you need at your fingertips, wherever you are - zoom in from clear graphic overviews to see the underlying data - compare "what is" with "what's expected” - easily adapt Xapsys Live over time for even greater insight - seamlessly integrate Xapsys, end-to-end, with common systems such as SAGE® ERP's and SQL database

    Xinn helps marketing, sales, and client service professionals automate and distribute their presentation collateral.

    Yaguara is the growth management platform that integrates with existing business tools and allows teams to confidently set and meet organizational goals. Reporting with aggregated, real-time data, Yaguara’s platform is a single solution that helps align and empower teams to achieve business objectives and rapid growth.

    Stay up to date with your company's performance. Whenever you want.

    Zegami makes big data immediately comprehensible to the human eye through dynamic visualisations. Unlike traditional data management systems and search, it gives you the power of ad hoc investigation to extract valuable insight.

    Create complex and interactive data visualizations with minimal input and development time by using a ready-to-go javascript charts library.

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