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Data visualization software translates data and metrics into charts and graphs to help companies track business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time so they can better understand performance and goals.

Data visualization software allows users to create dashboards with scorecards and easy-to-interpret visualizations of company data to follow the trends and KPIs. Many data visualization tools provide drag-and-drop functionality and other non-technical capabilities, so the average business user can build necessary dashboards. However, some do offer the ability to create dashboards using code. Data visualization solutions can consume data from many sources, including file uploads, databases, and business applications. Connecting certain applications or databases may require some IT involvement or coding knowledge.

These tools are specifically designed to benchmark and visualize important metrics and are not intended to be used for data analysis. While some data visualization products may offer drill-down or data joining functionality, their primary purpose is to provide dashboards and visualizations to monitor business-critical data. Users looking for analysis specific tools should look to business intelligence platforms and self-service business intelligence software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Data Visualization category, a product must:

  • Consume data from any source through file uploads, database querying, and application connectors
  • Provide visual representation of key performance indicators in real time
  • Offer dashboards containing multiple visualizations of metrics for high-level overviews of company goals
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    Alibaba DataV is a powerful yet accessible data visualization tool, featuring geographic information systems allowing for rapid interpretation of data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. All packed into a user-friendly interface

    amCharts is a set of programming libraries and tools for all your data visualization needs on the web. amCharts JavaScript product lineup includes classic charts like Line, Area, Column, Bar, Pie, XY, Scatter, Candlestick and OHLC as well as more “exotic” ones like Gauges, Funnels, GANTT, Stock Chart to display large amounts of financial and other date-based data, and fully interactive adaptive world or local country maps. Fully functional products are available for free (with a small backlink) for any type of use, as well as in paid commercial form for all kinds of usage scenarios.

    Analyst/X is a data visualization software puts the data in a visual interactive format that makes it easy to understand and analyze.

    AndroidPlot is a library for creating dynamic and static charts in your Android app.

    AnswerMiner is an data exploration tool with many features, as relation maps and decision trees.

    AnyChart JS Charts is a flexible, cross-platform and cross-browser JavaScript charting library that allows you to add interactive HTML5 charts and dashboards to any web projects. AnyChart supports numerous common JS charts including line, spline, area, column, bar, pie, donut, scatter, sparkline, circular gauges, area-spline-range, column-range, bubble, box plot, error bars, funnel, waterfall, radar, polar, and many other types of charts.

    AnyMap JS Maps is an advanced JavaScript/HTML5 charting library, which makes you able to easily create interactive maps that look great on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Androids and other devices - on any platform and in any browser. AnyMap JS is perfect for interactive dashboards and side-by-side reporting. You can use it to display sales by region, election results, weather forecast, population density, and any other geo-related data. Available map chart types: Choropleth, Flow, Connector, Dot (Point), and Bubble. Fully compatible w/ AnyChart, AnyStock, and AnyGantt JS libraries.

    Arcade Analytics is a graph analytics tools Making graph analysis visual stunning and simple to use. Arcade runs on all modern browsers and squeezes the GPU if available.

    Visualize insights by asking English-language questions. Pick only the needed charts and metrics to display results in the most insightful way. Set automated update intervals to meet your business needs.

    Improve the transparency of your enterprise and drive better decisions based on powerful visualizations of reliable data analytics. Read more

    Astronomer is a data engineering platform designed to collect, process and unifiy enterprise data, so users can get straight to analytics, data science and insights.

    Combine your business metrics to public metrics and begin seeing what the future holds for you. Government financial numbers affect all business, now you can see it together for the first time

    Our aim at AVORA is to deliver what BI has failed to do. A truly scalable, rapid & relevant performance intelligence platform for all business users, across the whole business, using: -Any data, any platform, any source we bring it all together for better operational management, collaboration and reporting. -Bespoke data warehouse as a service - as your data sources and needs grow, we take care of it for you at the scale & speed you need. -Machine Learning - complex Anomaly Detection, Root Cause & Smart Alerts against all the metrics you have. This reveals the patterns and trends across your entire dataset.

    Beaker Notebook is an application development software that includes multi-language support, translations, and visualizations for data scientists and researchers.

    Bilbeo is a SaaS Application that reveals business strengths and weaknesses for decision makers by transforming simple metrics into an intelligent and actionable Business Dashboard. Unlike existing solutions that make use of static Dashboards and require long development cycle and implementation, Bilbeo's auto-populated dashboard is ready to use in minutes and provides actionable recommendations based on data mining techniques, that anyone can understand. Key Features: Report builders, Custom Reports, Targets, Alerts, Thresholds, Leading indicator algorithm, SQL Connector, Excel dashboard templates.

    Artus®, Bitam's fully integrated business intelligence platform, provides organizations with access to the information they need and when they need it in order to make comprehensive and effective business decisions.

    Bitergia is an open source solution offering tools to create and share analytics dashboards.

    BoardVisor is a smart real-time framework that natively gathers multi-structured data and provides on-demand analyses and savvy dashboards.

    Briefmetrics is an email report tool for Google Analytics.

    Improve your business reporting and get better business insight with excel dashboard

    Chartbrew is a data visualization tool that connects to your database. You can create a wide range of different charts using your own data.

    Chart.Js is a way to include animated, interactive graphs on the website for free.

    Chartlr lets users convert the excel tables or spreadsheet data into different charts and graphs.

    Chart Maker App is a visualization tool for creating printable charts.

    ChartURL offers a platform to add rich, data-driven charts to your web apps, mobile apps, and emails.

    Charty enables users to create interactive charts without single line of code.

    ClickDroid is an allinone business dashboard app that helps you easily monitor all your business data from one place.

    Cogent DataHub provide data connectivity, integration, and visualization for industrial automation to virtually connect.

    This single solution makes your key business metrics visible from operations to finance and sales to marketing.

    View data in a meaningful way whether via the desktop to handle queries or to visualize key business metrics on a mobile device. Read more

    Cyfe is an all-in-one online business dashboard app that helps you easily monitor and analyze all of your vital business data in one place. You can connect your website, blog, email, social media accounts, and so much more to your Cyfe dashboards. You can even bring your company's internal data into Cyfe via custom widgets. Cyfe helps you make better business decisions and saves a ton of time by bringing all of your business performance data under one roof and not having to log into multiple services everyday.

    Dash provides tools to build and share dashboards for free.

    Dasheroo Business Dashboards - Monitor your metrics from apps like Facebook, Google Analytics, Twitter, Instagram, MailChimp, Salesforce, LinkedIn and many more all in one place, free! Now you can spend less time chasing down your data and use it to grow your business. So whether you're a 1-person shop or part of a larger team where you need to share and collaborate to help make more informed, data-driven decisions to grow your business, Dasheroo is for you. Features: • Save time: Spend less time logging in to all your various apps, and view it all in one place. - The best new way to organize, make sense of & take action on all your important business metrics. It's free. • All in one place: Save time. No more logging into all your various apps for data, it'll all be here for you, whenever & wherever you want it. • Insights: Others have 'widgets'. We create pre-built, intelligent Insights, packing the most actionable info from one, or multiple apps to give you instant 'Insight' to your important business metrics. • Sharing & Collaboration: Sharing is caring. And productive! Work together across your Insights and dashboards. Comment and chat real-time right from within Dasheroo and get results. • Anywhere, anytime access: We're in the cloud, and it's beautiful up here. You can access your data from anywhere, on any device you want, at any time. • Stay Organized & Productive: Dasheroo dashboards let you easily organize data for you and your team. Your social media pro can have one, your director of support can have one, your VP of sales too. And, the boss can create her own that tells her just how well you're all doing your jobs.

    Dashman is the ultimate dashboard manager for the office that helps to make all your dashboard apps ubiquitous and secure.

    Dashboards built for your business. No coding or technical knowledge required. View your most important data on a single screen. Unlimited Users, over 100 Standard software integrations.

    Dashzen is a free, web-based dashboards software.

    Share knowledge & info through all layers of your company via 1 interactive & user friendly infoscreen.

    Dataccuity helps you consolidate data from all of your tools, applications, and databases. It provides customized data solutions for users. Visualizations allow users to see data in a simple way.

    DataCopia offers data visualization solutions to create charts and graphs online.

    Datadeck is a data visualization platform that allows you to see all your data on one single platform. Create beautiful dashboards from data sources such as Facebook Ads, MySQL, Excel, and Google Analytics to consolidate and analyze your data all in one place. Save time, improve file sharing security and get your whole team involved with data. Datadeck puts everyone in sync with beautiful dashboards, making your company happier and more productive. Using Datadeck allows teams to collaborate on data analysis, create professional reports, and ultimately save time by having all your data sources in one place. Centralize your data to create powerful reports, dashboards, and keep track of your important metrics. Security: All your data and files are secure with Datadeck. You can select who can access what, give different access permissions to your team, and much more. You can go down all the way to select which IPs can access your dashboard. Collaboration: Allow anyone in your company to get close to data and allow them to use this data to benefit the company. Get your team working together and avoid sending files and more files through email or instant message. Easy to Use: Datadeck doesn’t require any previous data analysis knowledge or any experience with business intelligence platforms. No manual required, you can start using within minutes and learn other tricks as you use the platform. Simply drag and drop field to get beautiful visual representations of your data. Fast Setup: Add data sources with ease and start working with them in less than a minute. Professional Reporting: Datadeck’s dashboards double as professional reports to whatever time frame you might need to act upon - hourly, daily, weekly, monthly - you build it and share it with anyone you would like to give access. Time-Saving: Centralize your data into one place and spend less time logging in and out of apps, switching between apps, and sending files to your colleagues and clients. Have more time with what matters with a well designed and ergonomic tool as Datadeck.

    DataEdge, powered by the Vivid Data Engine, opens the door to easily access data query and report builder capabilities, as well as dashboards and insights. Its delivered via the convenient user experience of Vantiv iQ, available anywhere you are to assure you have the data you need when you need it.

    DataLion is a software and data science company based in Munich, Germany. Our AI powered data visualization software platform allows companies to quickly and easily analyze large amounts of data, and visualize complex information in an elegant and comprehensible manner. DataLion enables them to conduct faster analyzes, reduce errors and deliver better results. Insights gained with DataLion support your decision and bring your business forward.

    Editable data visualizations for the web. Easily pick a data visualization template, customize it and publish on your website.

    Dataseed is a data visualisation SaaS product created by Atchai. Weve made it simpler than ever to create beautiful, interactive data visualisations. In five minutes you can turn spreadsheets into valuable business insights. A free service is available for open data publishers, along with paid subscriptions for commercial use.

    Datawrapper is an open source tool helping everyone to create simple, correct and embeddable charts in minutes.

    DbFace is an online database application & report building tool.

    Decision Critical is a dynamic, cloud-based business modeling tool that is unique in its comprehensiveness. It is scalable, customizable and fast to implement.

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