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Best Data Visualization Software

Data visualization software translates data and metrics into charts and graphs to help companies track business metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in real time so they can better understand performance and goals.

Data visualization software allows users to create dashboards with scorecards and easy-to-interpret visualizations of company data to follow the trends and KPIs. Many data visualization tools provide drag-and-drop functionality and other non-technical capabilities, so the average business user can build necessary dashboards. However, some do offer the ability to create dashboards using code. Data visualization solutions can consume data from many sources, including file uploads, databases, and business applications. Connecting certain applications or databases may require some IT involvement or coding knowledge.

These tools are specifically designed to benchmark and visualize important metrics and are not intended to be used for data analysis. While some data visualization products may offer drill-down or data joining functionality, their primary purpose is to provide dashboards and visualizations to monitor business-critical data. Users looking for analysis specific tools should look to business intelligence platforms and self-service business intelligence software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Data Visualization category, a product must:

  • Consume data from any source through file uploads, database querying, and application connectors
  • Provide visual representation of key performance indicators in real time
  • Offer dashboards containing multiple visualizations of metrics for high-level overviews of company goals
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    AnyChart JS Charts is a flexible, cross-platform and cross-browser JavaScript charting library that allows you to add interactive HTML5 charts and dashboards to any web projects. AnyChart supports numerous common JS charts including line, spline, area, column, bar, pie, donut, scatter, sparkline, circular gauges, area-spline-range, column-range, bubble, box plot, error bars, funnel, waterfall, radar, polar, and many other types of charts.

    Bilbeo is a SaaS Application that reveals business strengths and weaknesses for decision makers by transforming simple metrics into an intelligent and actionable Business Dashboard. Unlike existing solutions that make use of static Dashboards and require long development cycle and implementation, Bilbeo's auto-populated dashboard is ready to use in minutes and provides actionable recommendations based on data mining techniques, that anyone can understand. Key Features: Report builders, Custom Reports, Targets, Alerts, Thresholds, Leading indicator algorithm, SQL Connector, Excel dashboard templates.

    Artus®, Bitam's fully integrated business intelligence platform, provides organizations with access to the information they need and when they need it in order to make comprehensive and effective business decisions.

    Business performance management software that focuses on the Balanced Scorecard concept. It helps to describe and execute strategy by providing such tools as strategy maps and KPIs

    DataLion is a software and data science company based in Munich, Germany. Our AI powered data visualization software platform allows companies to quickly and easily analyze large amounts of data, and visualize complex information in an elegant and comprehensible manner. DataLion enables them to conduct faster analyzes, reduce errors and deliver better results. Insights gained with DataLion support your decision and bring your business forward.

    Datawrapper is an open source tool helping everyone to create simple, correct and embeddable charts in minutes.

    The most popular software for creating Sankey diagrams. Visualize the material & energy flow or value streams in your company or along the supply chain. Share these appealing diagrams in reports or presentations

    Chart Animation is a Microsoft Excel plugin that allow you to create animated charts with an high level of customization.

    Fathom is dynamic software that’s fun and effective for teaching data analysis and statistics. It’s also a powerful tool for high school students to use for modeling with mathematics, as required by the Common Core State Standards. In addition to helping students understand algebra, precalculus and statistics, Fathom’s powerful data analysis capabilities make it an excellent tool for the physical and biological sciences, as well as for social science courses.

    Graphiq is a semantic technology company that provides 10B+ embeddable visualizations and information snippets that are used by the world’s leading news agencies and publishers, including The Associated Press, Reuters, MSN, Fox News, Gannett, and more.

    Hohli is a free tool for chart and graphic development. It is web-based and easy to use. Various sizing and placement options are available.

    InetSoft Style Scope is a cloudbased server application ideal for production, interactive, and webbased reporting. Quickly generate and deliver reports and even automate your reporting. Included flexible data mashup engine, free evaluation assistance, with options for adding interactive dashboarding and visual analysis. Suitable for 5 and more than 5 no. of users.

    IntelliFront BI is a business intelligence tool, designed to save time and money by serving dashboards, reports and KPIs from a single easy-to-use portal.

    Juicebox is a solution for organizations that are targeting a broad, non-analytical audience who would benefit from an interactive data story rather than a dashboard or report. Juicebox users can easily explore data, share important findings, and turn insights into actions. Built on AWS, Juicebox offers custom user permission, SSO and direct data integration

    Relavint Desktop is an advanced visualization tool that enables government agencies to create sophisticated link analysis charts.

    Lumalytics is a SAAS tool that create dashboards with charts, data tables and filters that display real-time data from various data sources.

    MAXQDA is a Qualitative Data Analysis software that allows users to systematically organize, evaluate and interpret textual and multimedia data with the help of many innovative features.

    Millimetric keeps an eye on your KPIs, alerting you in real-time when unusual activity occurs. Empower your marketing team with actionable insights helping them turn issues into tasks.

    Our charting technology is used to provide powerful analytics to our clients in the financial industry.

    OfficeReports is a menu (ribbon) in Excel, PowerPoint and Word for creating tables and charts easier and faster.

    Get instant clarity with stunningly visual analysis and self-service discovery. Fast, fluid insights for the entire organization. Available as a stand-alone or as part of Oracle Analytics Cloud.

    Q is data analysis and reporting software primarily for market researchers. It performs all aspects of the analysis and reporting, from data cleaning and coding through to creating tables and advanced analyses, exporting to Office and creating online reports.

    ReportPlus lets you connect to your data wherever it resides and visualize it instantly in one place. It gives you the full power of sophisticated BI tools in an intuitive and smart mobile app. Who knew business intelligence could be this easy! ReportPlus - Insights in an Instant. Make faster, smarter decisions from anywhere. Bring all your data together, discover insights, collaborate on them and make real-time, informed decisions on the go! No IT setup required. ReportPlus can connect to the most popular data sources, such as: Excel, SharePoint, SQL Server, Google Analytics, Dropbox, Reporting Services and more. Available for individual users, SMBs, and enterprises.

    RW3’s Reporting and Analytics Suite, BI utilizes pertinent data from your individual sources and displays them in visual reports unique to your needs. These easily accessible reports provide clear and consistent information across the entire organization you can trust.

    Stimulsoft BI is a complete Business Intelligence, client-server solution that provides reporting and analytics. The front end provides facility to visualize data. The back end provides data processing and storing.

    Media planning, audience targeting, and data analysis. Optimize advertising across platforms with Telmar's software for media planning and research.

    ZingChart is a JavaScript charting library designed to quickly render fast, beautiful charts with big data sets

    ActiveReports Server is a business intelligence software that provides business users with a web-based self-service reporting solution, enabling them to create interactive ad hoc reports.

    AD Report Builder is a data visualization solution with report builder, match and finds features, editor, column profiles, and email reports.

    The Analyst is a Microsoft .NET clientbased solution that enables business users to visually analyze desktop and enterprise data, create dashboards that can be shared with other ADVIZOR Analyst users, publish dashboards to ADVIZOR Desktop Navigator (clientbased) and/or ADVIZOR Server AE (thin webbased and iPad) deployment, and export findings to Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF products. The Analyst contains the full suite of interactive ADVIZOR Charts with Visual Discovery. It additionally includes tools to integrate, aggregate, and transform your data both within a single table and across multiple tables for both predictive modeling and general analysis. The Analyst is ideal for performing interactive analysis on all types of business data to drive factbased decision making.

    Alibaba DataV is a powerful yet accessible data visualization tool, featuring geographic information systems allowing for rapid interpretation of data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. All packed into a user-friendly interface

    Analyst/X is a data visualization software puts the data in a visual interactive format that makes it easy to understand and analyze.

    AndroidPlot is a library for creating dynamic and static charts in your Android app.

    AnswerMiner is an data exploration tool with many features, as relation maps and decision trees.

    AnyMap JS Maps is an advanced JavaScript/HTML5 charting library, which makes you able to easily create interactive maps that look great on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Androids and other devices - on any platform and in any browser. AnyMap JS is perfect for interactive dashboards and side-by-side reporting. You can use it to display sales by region, election results, weather forecast, population density, and any other geo-related data. Available map chart types: Choropleth, Flow, Connector, Dot (Point), and Bubble. Fully compatible w/ AnyChart, AnyStock, and AnyGantt JS libraries.

    Arcade Analytics is a graph analytics tools Making graph analysis visual stunning and simple to use. Arcade runs on all modern browsers and squeezes the GPU if available.

    Visualize insights by asking English-language questions. Pick only the needed charts and metrics to display results in the most insightful way. Set automated update intervals to meet your business needs.

    Improve the transparency of your enterprise and drive better decisions based on powerful visualizations of reliable data analytics. Read more

    Astronomer is a data engineering platform designed to collect, process and unifiy enterprise data, so users can get straight to analytics, data science and insights.

    Combine your business metrics to public metrics and begin seeing what the future holds for you. Government financial numbers affect all business, now you can see it together for the first time

    Beaker Notebook is an application development software that includes multi-language support, translations, and visualizations for data scientists and researchers.

    Bitergia is an open source solution offering tools to create and share analytics dashboards.

    BoardVisor is a smart real-time framework that natively gathers multi-structured data and provides on-demand analyses and savvy dashboards.

    Briefmetrics is an email report tool for Google Analytics.

    Improve your business reporting and get better business insight with excel dashboard

    Chartbrew is a data visualization tool that connects to your database. You can create a wide range of different charts using your own data.

    Chartlr lets users convert the excel tables or spreadsheet data into different charts and graphs.

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