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Customer data platforms (CDP) are used to consolidate and integrate customer data into one single database. These tools offer marketing teams relevant insights needed to run campaigns. A CDP can grab information from sources such as websites, mobile apps, and email platforms to offer a complete view of your customer. After retrieving this data, a CDP can then help organizations predict the optimum next move with a particular customer. This allows businesses to learn what needs to be done to retain specific customers. A CDP can also be utilized by customer service teams to cater their support to each individual. Email software, data warehouse software, and other platforms that store data can typically integrate with a CDP.

To qualify for inclusion in the Customer Data Platform (CDP) category, a product must:

  • Provide a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Gather data from multiple sources into one platform
  • Unify customer profiles across systems
  • Improve targeting for marketing campaigns
  • Allow users the capability to predict the optimum next move with a customer
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    ActionIQ is an innovative Enterprise Customer Data Platform for marketers, analysts, and technologists.

    Discover your customers through data.

    AgilOne delivers insight into customer data across all channels (customer data, web activity, social behavior, in-store purchase, mobile, and more), and recommends immediate actions to increase revenue.

    AllSight is the first Customer Intelligence Management system that addresses the reality of the customer data and analytics market,that customer data always evolves.

    Amperity is the Intelligent Customer Data Platform empowering global consumer brands to create unique and personalized experiences by unlocking all their customer data.

    We at Applicata believe that profitable online marketing is for everyone. By empowering agencies and brands to perform more effective online advertising, our software enables businesses of any size to focus on profitability and compete with the biggest online advertisers in the world. Applicata analyzes the data collected during the consumer interactions with the brand and defines the impact and efficiency (ROI) of advertising on consumer behavior. Based on this consumer and advertisement database we can answer all the key questions every brand owner needs to know to manage their advertisement and attract more potential customers, close more sales, make those clients more profitable through time and keep them. Applicata is a Business Intelligence solution that combines state-of-the-art software and guidance of our expert consultants to provide a powerful, customised, online marketing management tool. Applicata focuses on gaining and managing the most profitable consumers. We make profitability simple, on any scale.

    Imagine improving customer insight where you also end up saving time and money. Introducing the Merkle Discovery Platform for all your marketing and customer analytics.

    Ascent360 provides cloud-based software that enables highly targeted, multi-channel communications direct to prospects and customers.

    Our products transform a complex world into simple, intuitive interfaces, that give you all the insights you could possibly need.

    BlueVenn enables marketing teams to capitalize on their customer data in order to create unique marketing programs that increase customer loyalty and revenue opportunity. The BlueVenn Customer Data Platform integrates and enhance online and offline marketing channels for a diverse range of companies, including hotels, gaming, finance, retail, media and more.

    The BounceX Consumer ID Graph uses cookie-less technology to identify 40%-70% of your users (industry average is 5-15%) and remembers them across every device and session. This allows you to introduce continuity to your buyer's journey and unlocks People-Based Marketing as a new revenue channel.

    Boxever is a Customer Intelligence Cloud that connects all of your customer, product and operational data – enabling you to personalize 1:1. It allows you to deliver predictive offers across every channel, for every customer journey.

    3 areas of activity 1 - Data Strategy: Frame and optimize strategies Data marketing and CRM Multichannel 2 - Data Factory: Prepare the data, with a new generation CRM platform and turn Big data into agile and agile data Quintessence is a First Party Data Management Platform (DMP), designed and built by Camp de Bases, to improve and manage marketing data, nominatives & Multichannel.

    Captain Metrics is much more than a Customer Data Platform (CDP). Cross-device Unification, Multi-channel Attribution & Real-time Marketing Automation.

    Celebrus provides real-time feeds of individual-level big data from websites, mobile apps & social media.

    Cintell is a cloud-based customer intelligence platform that enables companies to better understand their buyers and make stronger, more customer-centric decisions.

    CityGro is a customer retention tool that offers loyalty marketing solutions for brands to engage and re-engage with their customers.

    ContextIQ is a ready-to-deploy recommendation engine that will suggest relevant and targeted content for each of your site visitors.

    One-stop marketing cloud Digital Marketing Hub, the boost engine for business growth

    CrossEngage allows you to send targeted and personalized CRM and marketing campaigns across all channels using your favorite tools. – Customer Data Platform: Understand every single customer by accessing all relevant data. – Cross-channel campaign management: Send personal messages through the right channel at the right time. – Integration of the best: Use the latest channels and tools while staying flexible and agile. CrossEngage reduces the complexity for marketers faced with an increasing number of data and channels. Our solution supports marketing and CRM teams in automating, personalizing and executing all customer communications on one platform and across all communication channels. Customers can be segmented based on their behavior and automatically receive personalized messages that fit their interests. All existing tools and channels can be integrated without replacing the existing marketing infrastructure.

    Empowers digital teams to transform customer knowledge into marketing campaigns.

    DataMentors Gartner-recognized data quality solution, DataFuse, empowers you with the flexibility to capture, integrate and standardize consumer data in real time before the opportunity is lost.

    We provide company information and smart algorithms as a service to marketing software vendors and B2B agencies.

    Eulerian Technologies is the French leader in the analysis and real-time optimization of e-marketing operations.

    euro.message is an email, sms and social marketing solution.

    Fospha are the marketing optimisation specialists.

    Gravito is a customer data platform and a service that allows collection of observed data from various digital touchpoints, backend systems or offline sources and merging it with personal data secure way, resulting up-to-date single-point-view to customer. End users are in full control of consenting companies to collect, process and use their data or not. Gravito also provides marketing automation tools for omnichannel communication with consumers, within one tool or integrating data management and orchestration capabilities with systems businesses already have in their portfolio.

    The Hive Marketing Cloud is an agile marketing platform that encompasses a Customer Data Platform (CDP) powered by the Hive Keychain, analysis and insight features, customer journey automation and reporting dashboards.

    IDStar, from IDentity Software, is a tool that enables organizations to become more customer focussed. It builds and maintains a real-time repository, indexed on customer name and address, which matches customer records from many disparate systems.

    Incentiwised is an AI-powered loyalty marketing suite for businesses across multiple domains such as Retail, Hospitality, Automotive, and Healthcare. that tracks the complete journey of a customer with a brand and make sure they are hooked for long. It is the brainchild, a product of Hyperspace consulting- A corporation based in the UK, which is a leader of the tech-consulting business. Incentiwised ensures you stay at the top of your marketing game with the amalgamation of tech- geniuses and industry experts bringing the best of both worlds to curate effective solutions and amplify your existing customer retention levels to a new high.

    Apogee, Infogroup's nonprofit co-operative database, serves all nonprofit sectors as a multi-functional marketing tool with diverse applications. Its proprietary data assets and extensive experience in nonprofit list services and in building transactional databases make this a unique product and opportunity for your organization.

    Marketzone, a suite of customer-centric database solutions, puts business intelligence and powerful customer engagement tools at the fingertips of busy and challenged marketers. Marketzone integrates data from every available online and offline source to create a truly all-encompassing view of the customer.

    Interactions provides Intelligent Virtual Assistants that seamlessly combine artificial intelligence and human understanding.

    Personagraph is a mobile first Audience Platform-as-a-Service for advertisers and publishers.

    Jetlore is the first CRM solution for B2C enterprises, enabled by a powerful Artificial Intelligence.

    Lattice’s advanced suite of AI-based marketing and sales solutions are built to drive 1-to-1 experiences across the entire buyer’s journey. Our platform helps customers personalize digital experiences to increase the efficiency of their sales and marketing teams by prioritizing contacts for lead and account-based (ABM) programs, identifying net new contacts, implementing cohesive omni-channel campaigns and increasing customer lifetime value. With an unrivaled track record of success and expertise, Lattice is the leader in providing AI-enabled ABM solutions. Customers including Dell, Adobe, PayPal, and SunTrust Bank use Lattice to personalize their marketing and sales conversations with thousands of accounts at scale. Target your campaigns based on the following: - Signals and attributes within the Lattice Data Cloud - which tracks firmographics, technographics, financial data, intent data, growth data, etc. on 250M+ companies globally. - Data from within your enterprise systems including product usage data, CRM data, transaction data, ERP data, etc. - AI-powered scoring which identify companies most likely to buy and their expected value.

    Combine online & offline data and metrics within MarketView and unlock a true 360º Customer View with tools for advanced segmentation, campaign creation/management/tracking, business intelligence, data analytics, lead scoring, custom reporting, data export and more...

    Maropost simplifies customer engagement with a unified platform that connects companies with their customers at every step of their journey. Providing a single customer view, Maropost creates personalized experiences across any channel for better engagement and higher conversion. Pairing white-glove service with industry-leading technology, Maropost makes customer engagement easy.

    MetaRouter is a data engineering company with a mission to realize the robust and sustainable systems of the future. We create data routing solutions for all sizes, from our private cloud enterprise edition to our accessible hosted cloud offering. Cloud Edition enables users to start collecting and routing their customer data to one or more of our many destinations in just a few clicks. With a growing list of integrations and a flexible infrastructure, MetaRouter is helping companies to unify their data pipeline and get to results quickly.

    The NectarOM platform was built to meet the needs of Enterprises looking to build, operate, and scale their personalization function end-to-end.

    NextUser is a simple solution to collect all types of user data, analyze and act on it in real time to deliver dynamic, personalized experiences. NextUser was specifically built for consumer companies (eCommerce websites, Web Application) with an "open platform" concept that helps orchestrate communication across all the user channels: Website, Email, Customer Support, CRM, and many more.

    NGDATA helps brands achieve data-driven customer centricity and digital transformation. Our AI-powered Customer Data Platform (CDP) & Digital Transformation services and solutions enable our clients to deliver, connected and timely customer experiences.

    Ometria is a customer insight and cross-channel marketing platform designed to enable retailers to send personalised, relevant marketing messages throughout the customer lifecycle.

    ONEcount is a customer data platform (CDP) coupled with DMP capabilities specifically designed for media companies. Leveraging a mature history of identity resolution, data consolidation and advanced identification and targeting tools, ONEcount delivers a simple-to-manage ecosystem while streamlining the tech stack. It’s real-time dashboards, secure advertiser data feeds, IVT mitigator, integration with leading ESPs, banner platforms, social sign-on abilities, and a host of other tools are built-in to drive cross-sell and upsell initiatives, increase conversions and decrease waste to grow incremental sales and revenue.

    OptimaHub from Equifax delivers the analytics and marketing measurement tools needed to measure and value every moment across the sometimes convoluted path of the customer journey. OptimaHub helps organizations drive sustainable long-term growth by delivering a clearer understanding of the full impact their marketing actions have on customer behavior and loyalty in a unified approach across both digital and physical channels.

    The Data Management Platform built for publishers, Permutive Publisher DMP allows you to see, analyze and activate your entire audience in real-time. Permutive uses first-party data giving publishers, for the first time, visibility of their entire audience. Built on Edge computing, Permutive Publisher DMP processes data in real-time so passer-by traffic can be targeted in-session on their first visit. This gives publishers the tools to increase audience match rates, inventory scale and data-driven advertising revenue. With Permutive publishers benefit from: Scale: Target traffic from all sources, including the 50% that comes from the hidden web — sources that block third-party cookies — resulting in a 4x increase in scale. Real-time: Works in-session, moving segmentation and analysis from overnight to real-time resulting in increased match rates and the ability to monetize all users, even passer-by traffic. Insights: Understand how campaigns are performing in real-time and get an unlimited lookback to generate powerful insights that increase inventory value for advertisers and deliver a competitive edge.

    Take person profiles that have very little information or that are inaccurate and receive back 100+ data fields on that person. No usage restrictions on the data, unlimited free rate limit, and extreme flexibility in working with you.

    Piwik PRO is a analytics suite crafted to the needs of enterprise clients. It consists of an analytics, tag management, content personalization and data activation tools designed with great commitment to data privacy. Its main products can be deployed both on-premises and in the cloud. Piwik PRO is fully compliant with strict EU, US, Chinese, and Russian data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The product allows you to not only collect, analyze, and activate your data, but also manage and control your digital marketing efforts from one, centralized platform. These features are especially useful for big data and multi-channel analytics. Piwik PRO Analytics Suite Highlights WEB ANALYTICS Hosted in the cloud or on your infrastructure, Piwik PRO Web Analytics gives full control of your data, no matter where it is hosted. You’ll also have access to a full suite of advanced features like: advanced audience segmentation, content, campaign, and event tracking, Adwords integration, and more. Your data will be unsampled and available real-time so you can make quick, accurate decisions. Seamless integration across the Piwik PRO Marketing Suite (PPMS) means that Analytics will play nicely with all other features. TAG MANAGER You can manage all your tracking pixels and tags across hundreds on websites without constantly editing code, and without extensive technical knowledge. Increase the agility of your marketing efforts with Tag Manager’s simple UI and large library of templates. You can also easily manage your tags in a team environment by using the built-in permissions management system. ON-SITE RETARGETING Create a better experience for your visitors by displaying dynamic content based on their behavior. All the data you have collected and used to segment your audience can also help create a tailor-made experience for your users. With On-site Retargeting you can deliver hand-picked offers for selected segments and groups of customers. Design each campaign with our ready-to-go messages and pop-ups. Easily implement, change, and test banners, pop-ups and other on-site promotions. CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM Add value to your segmented audience data by running retargeting campaigns with Piwik PRO Customer Data Platform. Export audience segments to Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, DSPs (such as AppNexus, The Trade Desk, and Adform) or to email marketing and automation platforms. Create single customer views to get even deeper insights into customer behavior. No matter what CDP features you use, you'll retain full ownership and any sensitive data will be protected. CONSENT MANAGER Make your marketing stack GDPR-compliant with Piwik PRO GDPR Consent Manager. Collect visitor consents to respect user privacy and efficiently manage all data subject requests from one place. CUSTOM REPORTS Create advanced reports in seconds, even for websites & apps with more than 2 bln actions. Get answers to your analytics questions with custom tables and charts created with a simple drag and drop editor. To learn more about our products, visit

    Plainflow is the simplest way for SaaS companies to integrate services and create behavioural based customer journeys.