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Best Cross-Channel Advertising Software

Cross-channel advertising software helps businesses advertise across multiple digital advertising channels such as search, display, mobile, social, and video. Cross-channel advertising software offers capabilities across three or more of these channels. Cross-channel advertising software allows businesses to diversify their digital advertising strategies through a single software product. Cross-channel advertising products are used by in-house marketing teams or external advertising agencies. Leveraging cross-channel advertising software provides companies access to a wider variety of audiences and allows advertisers to take advantage of each channel’s unique benefits. Cross-channel advertising software may also consist of or integrate with a DSP to allow it to buy ads in real time. Cross-channel advertising platforms also integrate with ad networks, publisher ad servers, SSPs, or app monetization software that website publishers use to sell their available inventory.

To qualify for inclusion in the Cross-Channel Advertising category, a product must:

  • Manage and serve ads across three or more of the following digital advertising channels: search, display, mobile, social, video
  • Offer features for uploading or creating online advertisements
  • Provide workflows for effectively managing and trafficking ads within the platform
  • Track key success metrics including reach, conversions, and ROAS
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Results: 69
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    AD2AD Classifieds is a solution for manage print and online classified advertising for community publications.

    AdMachine is a self-serve Demand side platform with a large inventory volume from 50+ Supply side platforms connected. Display, Native, Video and Pop traffic. AdMachine also provides a White Label DSP solution. 24/7 Monitored Reliable Infrastructure AdMachine Ad Exchange Simple SSP and DSP integrations Self-serve platform for Advertisers and Publishers Dedicated Support Team Customizable UI Custom Domains Migration help

    A collaborative team of advertising professionals, who have built a mobile-first solution with cutting edge technology and business-centric solutions.

    Complete ad serving platform for web, mobile, and video with dozens of creative formats and real-time reporting.

    Developers of the Apteco Marketing Suite - Analyse with Apteco FastStats, Campaign with Apteco PeopleStage & Share with Apteco Orbit

    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Everything you need to plan, buy, analyze and streamline your best-performing digital media campaigns. Basis by Centro (formerly Centro DSP) is more than just streamlined media buying—Basis is the most comprehensive and automated digital media platform on the market. Using Basis means you can manage direct, programmatic, search & social through a single interface. With robust business intelligence, workflow automation, search & social integrations, and the #1 rated DSP powered by artificial intelligence, it’s a platform you can run your entire digital business on top of. At the heart of Basis is our award-winning, omnichannel DSP which is built for speed and performance so your programmatic campaigns thrive. With optimizations supported by artificial intelligence, hyper-local Targeting, an expansive PMP library, and easy to implement cross-device targeting - Basis was built to make you better. Centro’s education and training curriculum enable teams to quickly improve their programmatic knowledge and skill sets. Robust fraud and brand protection prevent wasted investments and ensure confidence in your campaign performance.

    Bench provides the first all-in-one automated solution for managing and analyzing cross-channel programmatic campaigns.

    Centro is a provider of enterprise-class software for digital advertising organizations.

    Gainbuzz is an online platform for businesses to list, discover and book local advertising spots (AdSpots) using web and mobile applications enabling faster, smarter, better media planning and buying.

    TUNE makes it easy to manage your portfolio of performance-based marketing partnerships, from onboarding to payments. Our partner marketing platform is the most flexible SaaS solution for advertisers and networks looking to grow their customer base and leverage partnerships across mobile and web

    Our Instant Mail Welcome program optimizes the engagement rate of your addresses and eliminates any risk of deterioration of deliverability .

    InstaScaler uses patent-pending algorithms to analyze your website content, then chooses the best traffic source(s) for your business category. InstaScaler is an automated digital marketing channel which is easy to use by small business owners and startups without the need for any dedicated experienced team, SEO/PPC skills, or time-consuming optimisation.

    New Engen is a multi-channel digital marketing platform that empowers marketers to drive results and scale customer growth.

    QIT Supply Chain Management System is a web-based solution that consolidates global Orders/POs and tracks.

    RTB House is a global company that provides state-of-the-art retargeting technology for top brands worldwide. Its proprietary ad buying engine is the first and only in the world to be powered entirely by deep learning algorithms, enabling advertisers to generate outstanding results and reach their short, mid and long-term goals. Founded in 2012, RTB House serves over a thousand campaigns across EMEA, APAC and the Americas regions with main locations in New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore, São Paulo, Moscow, Istanbul, Dubai and Warsaw.

    Sentic Technologies is a data-driven marketing automation platform that integrates real-time signals (ie. social trends, news, inventory, and weather patterns) to make more impactful optimizations at scale towards paid search initiatives.

    Yieldlab YRD is the logical continuation of the company's yield management- and programmatic advertising technologies, and the result of Yieldlab's long-standing experience in programmatic advertising. Via one platform and one central interface, Yieldlab YRD unites all advertising channels for the effective and efficient marketing of inventory.