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Corporate performance management (CPM) software defines and manages the strategies that large companies need to monitor the performance of their business activities. CPM software is used to create and implement methodologies and processes, allowing corporations to track key performance indicators (KPIs) relative to corporate business objectives. This type of software is implemented across the corporation and is used by managers and executives responsible for improving the business performance of the company. In some cases, CPM software may only be deployed by accounting departments to analyze financial performance.

CPM systems consolidate multiple types of business information (financial, operational, sales, etc.) across all the departments of a corporation. For this purpose, CPM needs to integrate with software products such as ERP systems, accounting software, CRM software, or supply chain and logistics software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) category, a product must:

  • Deliver standard KPIs for different departments (finance, manufacturing, sales, etc.)
  • Align corporate objectives with operational plans and business processes
  • Provide strategic planning and management tools such as balance scorecards
  • Forecast changes in operational metrics and suggest corrective actions
  • Automate the collection and management of the data needed to monitor performance
  • Include workflows to automate tasks and processes for business performance tracking
  • Generate and distribute reports and dashboards on key corporate KPIs
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    Rocket Performance Essential significantly improves batch processing performance with improved I/O efficiency. You can automatically reduce I/Os by up to 90% within hours of installing Performance Essential -no manual performance tuning required.

    Rosetta Cloud is Business Intelligence Reporting & Forecasting software (SaaS). Give your Boss daily business status reports no stress.

    Better strategic planning. Faster, easier compliance with growing regulatory pressures. Confident risk mitigation. And the ability to confirm sufficient capital to withstand economic stress.

    Satriun Group is a European leader of Corporate Performance Management with offices in the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Germany and Romani.

    It is a solution for organizations that feel the disordering in operations caused by the growth and integration of new employees running parts of a process. Using the SGC , the company will realize gains and cost reduction, the reduction of time devoted to each task and to optimize the flow of information for decision making .

    Sidetrade is the most compelling A.I. Software Company shaping the future of Customer Engagement and empowering Marketing, Sales and Finance people to grow sales and accelerate Cash. Sidetrade is now #1 Financial Cloud on the Sales-to-Cash Cycle. Seamlessly integrated with existing CRM and ERP, Sidetrade leverages Artificial Intelligence to disclose untapped new business opportunities, increase upsell, reduce churn, predict customer payments and accelerate cash flow generation. Over 1,500 companies, of all sizes and sectors, in 80 countries, employ AI Sidetrade solutions for sustainable growth. With its Artificial Intelligence platform, Sidetrade use predictive data science to take the guesswork out of the customer relationship. The advanced use of machine learning and human collaboration empowers businesses to proactively improve operational effectiveness of the end-to-end customer cycle via smart sales prospecting, streamlined cash collection and case management processes.

    Streamline your financial close and FP&A processes with cloud technology: consolidation, reporting, budgeting and planning.

    SimpleStrata is a management solution to create and document strategy, assign tasks, objectives, and key results (OKRs) to team members.

    SmartModels from Intuitive Analytics is a state-of-the-art financial suite. Most applications are oriented towards solving public finance problems: bond structuring, interest rate risk management, and asset-liability management. Analytics are simulation based with flexible, fast, industrial strength optimization algorithms.

    SoftExpert CPM is a robust web-based integrated corporate performance management solution that helps organizations to manage the strategy formulation process, translate it into practical action and monitor performance and execution in a simple way.

    SoftExpert Excellence Suite is a comprehensive solution to collaboratively solve critical business excellence challenges into an integrated multi-application environment.

    Cloud technology providing business solutions and measurements of performance. Creates insights and reports to make better business decisions and forecasting.

    PROCOS AG develops and sells STRATandGO™ Performance Management, a software solution for structured control, planning and analysis of all corporate divisions and top management.

    StrategixEPM system is a fully-automated data-aggregation, metric-definition, goal-setting, calculation, forecasting, participant and reporting administration solution.

    Strategy Orchestrator is a innovative tool for strategy implemetation.

    Stratum by Silvon is a business intelligence solution that was designed to meet the needs of business professionals working for manufacturing and distribution companies.

    A unique full web corporate performance management platform.

    TCM is a leading specialist in enterprise performance management (EPM) and business intelligence (BI) solutions especially designed for your finance teams.

    Tennaxia provides companies with SaaS solutions for CSR and Sustainability (ESG) data management + EHS management and compliance

    TopGear is a business manager of any organization -small or big, to view hidden trends and reveals predictive analysis. It provides a view of core business processes, tracks business resources cash, raw materials, production capacity and the status of business commitments orders, purchases orders and payroll.

    True Sky simplifies the budgeting and forecasting process for companies using Excel.

    Vivid Reports CPM solutions provides a sophisticated reporting framework that delivers processing speed, ease of use and security.

    Wisp management made easy. Everything you need for managing customers and contracts. now with freeradius management included!

    Business Intelligence application

    WebVision™ is a sophisticated, highly secure cloud-based platform that provides asset managers with powerful tools for managing fund marketing, investor level reporting, and event management from within their corporate website.

    Lightweight cash-flow forecasting for small businesses

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