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Corporate performance management (CPM) software defines and manages the strategies that large companies need to monitor the performance of their business activities. CPM software is used to create and implement methodologies and processes, allowing corporations to track key performance indicators (KPIs) relative to corporate business objectives. This type of software is implemented across the corporation and is used by managers and executives responsible for improving the business performance of the company. In some cases, CPM software may only be deployed by accounting departments to analyze financial performance.

CPM systems consolidate multiple types of business information (financial, operational, sales, etc.) across all the departments of a corporation. For this purpose, CPM needs to integrate with software products such as ERP systems, accounting software, CRM software, or supply chain and logistics software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) category, a product must:

  • Deliver standard KPIs for different departments (finance, manufacturing, sales, etc.)
  • Align corporate objectives with operational plans and business processes
  • Provide strategic planning and management tools such as balance scorecards
  • Forecast changes in operational metrics and suggest corrective actions
  • Automate the collection and management of the data needed to monitor performance
  • Include workflows to automate tasks and processes for business performance tracking
  • Generate and distribute reports and dashboards on key corporate KPIs
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    By importing data from your custom spreadsheet and following your specified guidelines, it creates a in-depth report.

    FlexxLegal is the intuitive cloud-based corporate minute book platform which helps streamline your process, and reduces your cost.

    Forecast Navigator is a solution that helps forecast revenue stream for each opportunity in CRM with automated rule set can be customized to translate the order value for each opportunity into a revenue stream which can be modified by sales and account reps.

    ForeIQ is a consulting software for professional service firms that provides business automation in order to forecast business intelligence, such as project progression and profit.

    Gide is a powerful and business friendly data modelling software.

    GIDE Financial Modelling offers business friendly collaborative modelling software for CFOs and their teams.

    Glimpse is a "PUSH" informatics service designed to help business owners measure and track performance, identify growth opportunities, forecast future trends, and compare results among peers.

    Globitel’s Performance Management Platform automates the process of monitoring, measuring and evaluating overall performance of the customer engagement center in real time.

    Globys out-of-the-box, proprietary software uses advanced analytics to execute and optimize the right experiences at the right time, increasing customer engagement and retention.

    HPCI's EIM software provides a unique perspective of client products & services with one, easy to understand visual & customizable representation. Understand where every telecom or IT dollar is being spent in one central system. Giving clients the ability to view spending trends/allocations, action items, alerts, detailed and executive level reports & big-data analytics plus much more.

    IbharCPM enables organizations to effectively organize their business plan while mitigating risk and being compliant.

    Indicata is an industry-leading M&E software that provides a complete suite to measure project-level or organization-wide performance.

    InPhase is the all-in-one, self-service enterprise performance management platform.

    InsightVision is a strategy management software for addressing complex social issues.

    Intercompany Bridge streamlines intercompanys processes by automatically balancing transactions between Dynamics GP databases.

    Knowledge Discovery Sdn Bhd (KBase), established since 1998 is an MSC-status company principally involved in providing ICT Business, Technical Consulting Services and integrated application solution.

    K3|business planning is a fully integrated module within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (Enterprise Edition) which enables enterprises to define multiple budgets for different business areas.

    Kallidus Perform is a performance management solution designd to let managers and team members check in, comment and track progress throughout the year, allowing uers to modify objectives and book in short conversations as and when they are needed.

    KCI provides a cost-effective corporate performance management (CPM) solution that helps organizations of all sizes plan, assess and drive performance.

    Monitor organizational performance in real-time, using health checks from your experts, summarized on beautiful interactive dashboards

    Kivue Perform is a project and portfolio management (PPM) software solution that transforms the way firms manage both projects and portfolios.

    KPISOFT delivers actionable insights to everyone in the enterprise by linking corporate KPIs to operational metrics and individual performance with the power of AI.

    LevorSuite (formerly TX Financials) enables you to automate your CPM processes.

    Mereo web-based Platform is a hybrid of HCM, CPM and BI. This One-stop shop concept software, allows executives to perform the company strategy. It includes full features of talent management suites and all process regarding corporate performance (Objectives, Career Management, Alignment Tree, Actions, Projects, Meetings, Budgeting and Data analysis). The Mereo's Platform is aligned with major management methodologies such as PDCA, DMAIC, OKR, SMART, BSC, MBO and others.

    MindPeer is a research management platform that streamlines the production of bespoke intelligence.

    Mona Group Reporting is a 100% web-based solution which supports the financial consolidation process.

    Mondelio Worldwide is an australian company that delivers Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions to global organisations.

    New Element offers cloud-based collaboration solutions for boards and committees.

    Numa provides business analytical solutions to help clients make better informed and speedy decisions. Since Numa's establishment in 2003, we have developed a variety of solutions.

    Octelas is a reporting tool that integrates with data and is designed from the "bottom up" to be simple and intuitive in use.

    Olation can lighten the load on an IT team. The platform drastically reduces the number and complexity of SQL queries that need to be written. It also empowers endusers with access to the data they need for reporting financial and operational data to their management teams.

    The OneStream XF corporate performance management platform quickly and easily aligns to business changes by leveraging core financial consolidation, planning, data quality, and financial reporting capabilities.

    Option Explorer is a multi-user option analysis and planning platform released in early 2010.

    Parmenides EIDOS is an innovative software-based approach for complex decision-making, strategic reasoning and problem solving.

    Cloud Performance Canvas Financials is a solution that delivers the latest best practices in Financial Planning & Analysis through its off-the-shelf finance modules. These are prepackaged finance logic such as Cash flow, CAPEX, Consolidation among others.

    Performance Management is a must for monitoring and achieving success, but it can become a challenging task when a multitude of home-made systems and Excel reports no longer support your growing business and organization.

    PlanBase Hoshin is a web-based platform for plan development, implementation and review.

    PlanBase Scorecard provides a comprehensive metric management system that tracks operational metrics and key performance indicators while linking the metrics on your dashboards to strategic plan objectives in PlanBase Hoshin.

    PowerPlan enables organizations of all sizes to leverage data from their ERP, EAM and other financial systems, everyone can see the same set of information with relevant layers of rules and regulations, to ensure the company is compliant.

    Prodacapo Scorecard assists organizations in translating strategy into specific, measurable targets and initiatives for each relevant process unit, department, cost centre and team.

    ProForecast is a strategic business planning and forecasting tool that lets you unify your planning, budgeting and forecasting. Our business gives users exceptional performance reporting that incorporates both operational and financial results and transforms traditional management accounting reports, giving you the tools to make informed decisions, grow your business and improve your business performance.

    PPM is program performance management software that enables government agencies to develop strategic plans, define budgets, manage risks, and demonstrate program performance more effectively.

    Complete software for managing your business

    Questica is the recognized leader in budget preparation and management software. Local governments, colleges, universities, K-12 schools, hospitals, healthcare facilities & non-profit organizations throughout North America have eliminated spreadsheets with our solutions. Questica Budget: multi-user operating, salary & capital budgeting and performance measurement solution. Questica Budget easily performs monthly revenue/expenses and budget vs actual reports, along with fund gap analysis, salaries and position planning, financial statements reporting, capital project planning and reserve analysis, unlimited what-if scenarios, and more. NEW: Questica Budget Book powered by CaseWare l OpenBook Project Explorer for Capital Budgets I Financial Statements module

    Questica is a recognized leader in budget, performance and data visualization software. Our customers are local governments, colleges, universities, K-12 schools, hospitals, healthcare facilities and not-for-profit organizations throughout North America. Questica OpenBook is a transparency and data visualization tool. Present financial and non-financial data with descriptive text, informational pop-ups, charts, and graphs. The searching, filtering and sorting tools allow you to find the right information faster. Now everyone can dive in and discover information that was once hidden in a spreadsheet. Integrates with Balancing Act's budget simulator tool. *New" OpenBook Project Explorer for Capital Budgets.

    Spider Strategies is a software and consulting company that makes easy to use, web-based tools to help organizations assess key metric performance, take corrective actions, and collaborate on measurable improvement.

    Multi-dimensional FP&A software and services for life science companies. Budgeting/forecasting, actuals tracking & analysis, project time collections, management reporting and role based graphics dashboards in Multi-dimensions build specifically for R&D intensive companies.

    Recount is a financial reporting software that gives a real time consultant spotting trends, calling out problems, and forecasting what's likely to happen next.

    Red Flag Alert is a business intelligence database that allows businesses to identify the credit worthiness of their clients, suppliers and prospects, with live monitoring alerts ensure to ensure user are kept abreast of potential risks to their cash flow so corrective steps can be taken.

    ReportFYI financial report writer offers a smart, dynamic design to streamline the report generation process end to end. Ideal for CFOs, accountants, and companies of any size, ReportFYI is secure, web-based, requires zero client-side deployment, and is available 24/7 from anywhere. It integrates with Acumatica, Dynamics GP, Sage 300, Flexi, Epicor, StoneRiver, Dexter + Chaney, Restaurant 365, and more. FYIsoft also offers CloudFYI, their cloud-based financial reporting solution.

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