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Corporate performance management (CPM) software defines and manages the strategies that large companies need to monitor the performance of their business activities. CPM software is used to create and implement methodologies and processes, allowing corporations to track key performance indicators (KPIs) relative to corporate business objectives. This type of software is implemented across the corporation and is used by managers and executives responsible for improving the business performance of the company. In some cases, CPM software may only be deployed by accounting departments to analyze financial performance.

CPM systems consolidate multiple types of business information (financial, operational, sales, etc.) across all the departments of a corporation. For this purpose, CPM needs to integrate with software products such as ERP systems, accounting software, CRM software, or supply chain and logistics software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) category, a product must:

  • Deliver standard KPIs for different departments (finance, manufacturing, sales, etc.)
  • Align corporate objectives with operational plans and business processes
  • Provide strategic planning and management tools such as balance scorecards
  • Forecast changes in operational metrics and suggest corrective actions
  • Automate the collection and management of the data needed to monitor performance
  • Include workflows to automate tasks and processes for business performance tracking
  • Generate and distribute reports and dashboards on key corporate KPIs
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    pcFinancials is a complete FP&A solution that is ideal for organizations looking for a long term solution to improve financial reporting, budgeting & planning, and financial consolidation. It also has advanced BI capabilities such as KPI tracking, dashboarding, and scorecarding.

    ReconArt is a single-solution technology company providing an automated, fully web-based reconciliation solution to a diverse, global client base. Our reconciliation software delivers high volume transaction matching, exceptions management, reporting and analytics, period end closing, certification, journals and variance analysis. Common business scenarios that we handle: bank reconciliation, credit cart reconciliation, balance sheet reconciliation and close, accounts payables & accounts receivables reconciliation.

    Right90 delivers a powerful suite of SaaS-based applications that enable companies to generate an actionable sales forecast that is used across the company to drive higher revenue, greater margins and increased sales performance.

    Rocky Mountain Innovations Global, Inc. ("RMI Insights"​) is a Data-Driven Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning FP&A Visualization Tool for Executives and Investment Managers. Rocky Mountain Innovations LLC ("RMI"​), the predecessor consulting Company to RMI Insights, was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing Financial Planning & Analysis and Investment Banking Advisory Services to CFOs and CEOs in the Middle Market, primarily in the Real Estate and Energy sectors.

    SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful data visualization tool that helps businesses of all sizes do more with data. By transforming static spreadsheets into actionable insights, you can make better fact-based decisions, uncover hidden trends and improve your business performance quickly. SAP Analytics Cloud combines all analytics capabilities -- including business intelligence, planning and predictive analytics -- in a single cloud-based solution.

    Optimize business performance and improve the bottom line with the SAP Profitability and Performance Management application. Empower finance and business teams with actionable insights from sophisticated models such as profitability and cost allocations, driver-based planning, shared-services costing, cash-flow modeling, and funds- and liquidity-transfer pricing

    Model, forecast and simulate complex economic and business scenarios using huge amounts of observational data. SAS Econometrics provides a broad array of econometric techniques to help you understand the impact that economic and marketplace factors have on business.

    Improve use of people, money and technology with performance management software from SAS.

    Scopi is a software that streamlines the implementation of strategic planning, integrating in one place scenario analysis, strategic map, management indicators, projects and tasks.

    In many workplaces, there is a lack of connection between systems, stakeholders, organizations and the people who work in them. This can cause immense frustration and prolong progress. To combat this, CAMMS has created SYCLE – one of the only fully integrated, end-to-end Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence systems in the world. Your organization’s strategy can be linked to key operational functions, such as enterprise risk management or project and portfolio management. We offer you a cost-effective way of managing your business smoothly – a single source of truth to help your organization move forward. Our Core Solutions include*: - Risk - Strategy - Projects - Individual Performance Management - Budgeting - BI & Analytics *These products can be purchased individually or can be linked together as part of our enterprise model, SYCLE.

    Tidemark is a modern business planning and analytics software.

    Ignite's Acorn Performance Analyzer (PA) is a focused profitability and cost management solution that helps you effectively measure, manage and improve any element of your business. PA combines process modeling, data integration, calculation engine and reporting into a complete solution for guiding a more profitable business.

    Instantly access insights on your cloud data and improve your business today.

    Andara is an intuitive, simple, mobile and collaborative eagle-view of business performance for iPad and Web.

    Anvizent is a purpose-built solution for Manufacturing Analytics and Business Performance Management. Anvizent helps manufacturing organizations gain better visibility and control over their operations by providing a timely, unified and actionable view of data residing in disparate systems.

    Axis Planning provides cloud-based corporate performance management solutions for those who need to manage budgeting, forecasting, and overall planning.

    BI4Cloud is a business intelligence software that helps users to easily understand their business. it also empowers teams to discover trends and deal with issues immediately and easily.

    Bizmetrics is a SaaS-based platform that offers self-hosted analytics for businesses.

    BOARD FP&A is a turnkey solution that combines enterprise wide financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting with self-service analysis, reporting, dash-boarding and analytics – all on a single cutting edge platform for supporting decision-making in the office of finance. Based on a single, shared in-memory data repository, BOARD FP&A makes it easy to link financial planning down to the smallest operational detail, while always relying on a single version of the truth.

    BPA Quality is a customer experience software that integrates quality, health, security, and environment (QHSE) as well as risk management.

    BudgetPak is a cloud based, purpose built solution for budgeting, forecasting and reporting. Developed for the unique needs of small and mid-sized businesses and institutions, BudgetPak engages end users, empowers finance managers and department heads to make more informed decisions and ultimately – enables organizations to achieve their strategic objectives. Purpose built: Functionality that Benefits… XLerant offers a full suite of integrated modules built into BudgetPak that ensure ease-of-use, a flexible budgeting process for department managers, tools developed specifically for the need of finance, and all with minimal to no IT intervention needed. In fact, XLerant was recognized in the 2015 BPM Pulse Survey as the “One to Watch” because of BudgetPak’s outstanding ease-of-use and customer service. Effortless Technology: BudgetPak is a cloud-based product that is hosted by a Tier-3 data center facility located in the United States and is accessed by users over the web. This eliminates all IT time, resource and equipment expense. Minimal Learning Curve – Maximum Customer Service: Implementation follows an industry-tested plan and takes 6 to 8 weeks from start to completion. Training for the Finance administrators enables easy maintenance of the application. End-users easily grasp the application within a 90 minute session.

    Budget Wand allows Excel to be used as the front end to the Oracle General Ledger Budgeting functionality.

    Business Performance Tools is a business intelligence software that includes: daily labor reporting, daily revenue reporting and income journal preparation, monthly forecasting/annual budget preparation, asset management reporting.

    Cash flow managment software.

    CANEA Strategy helps to create a broad understanding of and great commitment to the strategy by links to the daily operations.

    Captools Company develops and licenses portfolio management software for investment record keeping and performance reporting. Our products are designed for investment firms, investment advisors, investment advisor reps, fund managers, family offices and for others entrusted with managing significant investment assets.

    CWC is a modular standard software product for end-to-end cash management within the supply chain of cash. This web-based cash management software is specifically designed to improve efficiency, visibility, traceability, security, optimal cash inventories and supply chain cooperation between actors, and to decrease the cost of cash.

    CCH Tagetik is a unified software platform that improves all of your financial processes including budgeting, planning, forecasting, financial consolidation, financial reporting and disclosure management. CCH Tagetik can be deployed as SaaS, private cloud, or on-premise. The flexibility to seamlessly migrate from one to the other means that we can match your company's strategy today or in the future. Over 1,000 customers around the globe have increased efficiency, reduced risk and saved money with CCH Tagetik.

    CorPeuM is a CPM ( Corporate Performance Management ) solution that is focused on improving the execution of Strategy.

    Corporate Planner is a flexible software program for corporate performance management which will easily adapt to suit the particular interests of a given company. It is known for its characteristic tree structure which clearly illustrates all the various interrelationships and thus provides the user with maximum transparency. Moving around in the tree structure instantly adjusts the business figures in tables and analyses. Corporate Planner - like all applications in the CP-Suite is designed to be managed and run by the business users. The application uses a SQL database to store and process data. However like all CP-Suite applications CP uses simple dialogue boxes knowledge of coding, and SQL is not a requirement of the users. Types of planning structures Corporate Planner is used for: Company P&L structures, by department and cost center Sales and Product planning by product, customer, channel etc Staff planning structures and many others

    CP Corporate Planning AG is a leading developer of management, planning, information and early-warning software sytem.

    Corporater Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Suite is a software solution that integrates KPIs and dashboards with how customers run their business through measuring, managing, and driving performance. Corporater places data analytics and performance evaluation within its business context so users clearly understand results, and can place decisions into an execution framework to drive improved results. EPM Suite is a highly flexible solution that can be configured for a wide variety of performance management models. Corporater helps customers tell the whole performance story, where decisions are supported by analytics, and can be placed into execution through actions and projects. With Corporater, you can create your own business management solutions for KPIs, dashboards, strategic performance management, project portfolio management, governance, risk, compliance, and more. Corporater offers 250 ready-made business objects to support any full business framework. Solutions are configured on the Corporater Business Management Platform (BMP). The platform offers three main management pillars - analyze, plan, and execute, to enable customers to deliver business outcomes. Corporater is a global software company that empowers medium and large organizations to evaluate, manage, and continually improve business performance. Corporater is featured in the Gartner 2016 Magic Quadrant for Strategic Corporate Performance Management Solutions.

    An online tool that monitors costs and profit on projects in real time. Costlocker helps companies to uncover how profitable their projects and employees are.

    Covalent KPIs provides an integrated, organisation-wide repository for performance information, replacing all those spreadsheets and Word documents scattered on individuals PCs.

    OYB is a corporate performance management software that is customised to suit the needs of each individual business.

    Cubeplan empowers collaborative planning throughout your organization. It provides a unique visual environment with influence diagrams and dashboards to provide a comprehensive model of your entire business.

    CXO-Cockpit is a performance reporting platform created by CXO Solutions BV. It is based on pre-built and configurable Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) adapters that connect straight to the multi-dimensional financial data and inherits its hierarchies, structures and metadata, without IT dependence and costs. CXO-Cockpit empowers finance with a centrally governed reporting process for data and commentary that enables compliance, collaboration and faster close.

    Data Integrity for Spreadsheets. DataRails is a spreadsheet management solution for financial organizations.

    Decision Lens is a cloud-based software that enables a comprehensive business process for strategically identifying, prioritizing, analyzing, and measuring which investments, projects, and resources will deliver the highest returns.

    It has all the collaborative planning features of Smoothie Server, but you pay for it in modest monthly payments and we deploy it for you on high-performing Microsoft or Amazon cloud servers.

    Smoothie® Server enables wide scale concurrent use and automates integration with host systems.

    discernment software offers a business valuation and navigation program designed to provide accurate value of a business today and at the end of the next fiscal year.

    DynamicSimplicityTM - the all-in-one solution for cost effective, dynamic and simple CFO Intelligence

    EMAsphere provides a management dashboard cloud solution designed for SMEs and accounting firms.

    Entalysis solutions bring the expertise, methodologies, analyses and functionality to run your business processes more effectively and more efficiently.

    EnterpriseStrategyWare (ESWare) - Balanced Scorecard is an innovative approach of aligning business activities to the strategy and to scrutinize performance of strategic goals, over a period of time empirically.

    The Enterprise Platform for Integrated Contracting Systems (EPICS) manages complex business information for any organization

    Ezora is a software that connects seamlessly to user's Point of Sale, CRM, inventory and labour systems to give a complete overview of sales performance to manage sales, inventory, promotions and employee performance in one place and use visual dashboards, dynamic reports and exception based alerts to optimise sales performance.

    EzzyKPI puts your financial and non-financial key performance indicators in a convenient, easy to use interface.

    Flexible analysis, reporting and planning for small to medium companies.

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