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Best Contact Center Operations Software

Contact center operations software provides businesses with the capabilities necessary to run a customer contact center. Whether as part of a traditional dedicated telephone-based call center or a multichannel contact center, contact center operations enables inbound queueing and routing, outbound contacting, computer systems integration, and management tools that are basic to all such operations.

Contact center operations tools are commonly used by support teams to staff a help line or by sales teams to handle prospecting. These products integrate with CRM software applications to access customer information and to update customer records with the post-action summaries. They will often integrate with contact center workforce software, speech analytics software, and auto dialer software solutions if the product doesn’t provide that functionality natively. Contact center operations features can overlap with telecom services software beyond adding communication channels—analytics, real-time call guidance for agents, and authentication or permission services, among others.

While all contact center operations software provides similar baseline functionality, it comes in different forms according to customer needs. The most common division is between on-premises systems and provider-hosted solutions. On-premises is the older of the two, with roots in landline telephony and hardware, while cloud solutions, also known as contact center as a service (CCaaS), rely on the internet and IP telephony to fill the role. As a broad generalization, on-premises contact center operations is best for telephone call centers and cloud contact center operations is preferred when more varied communications methods are in use. There are industry-specific customizations of contact center operations, notably for health care, retail, and hospitality, among others; this also means there are products better suited for B2B or B2C.

To qualify for inclusion in the Contact Center Operations category, a product must:

Distribute incoming calls or manage phone number assignment for outbound centers
Provide the infrastructure for call management, placement, and monitoring
Enable managers to track and monitor calls
Include the following features: automatic call distributor, universal communications, interactive voice response, universal queue management, and/or computer-telephony integrations
Supply additional features that assist call center representatives such as speech analytics, call routing, and automatic dialing
Integrate with other contact center software to offer comprehensive feature coverage for call centers if features are not provided natively

Top 10 Contact Center Operations Software

  • NICE inContact
  • Talkdesk
  • Genesys Cloud
  • Genesys Engage
  • Aircall
  • UJET
  • Genesys PureConnect
  • 3CX
  • Five9
  • Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

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ucplus is a powerful unified communication software suite which allows users a high level of integration, communication and collaboration between their telephone system and their internal business system. ucplus allows end users to work more collaboratively and collectively, getting information about callers quickly and efficiently. The ucplus product suite is not only cost effective but also very easy to maintain and install.

0 ratings

Ulysses Suite software assists organizations with managing their end-to-end customer interaction processes.

0 ratings

vCloud NFV is a fully integrated, modular, multi-tenant Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platform. It provides compute, storage, networking, management and operations capabilities. vCloud NFV helps you accelerate time to revenue, automate service lifecycle and simplify operations management, all while reducing network infrastructure costs.

0 ratings

Virtual Contact Center (VCC) is a cloud-based contact center solution providing you with a comprehensive set of contact center tools. Use your current networking infrastructure to connect to latest feature set on VCC. With this solution a customer can properly schedule and staff agents, interact with customers thus helping to reduce average handle time and increase first-call resolution. VCC allows your customers to choose the method of contact most convenient to them. Customers can contact your

0 ratings

Virtual Observer is a call recording and workforce solution for contact centers that o provides value and scalability.

0 ratings

VirtualTone caters to all businesses from enterprise level call centers to small and mid-sized businesses.

0 ratings

VMukti’s Video Call Solution

0 ratings

Voice clearity is a leading Cloud Telephony Solution provider having headquarter in NCR, India. Organization caters to the requirements of the customers more effectively & efficiently as it provides Artificial Intelligence enabled Cloud Telephony systems -- It provides customized solutions such as On Premises and Cloud based Call Center , Click 2 Call, Bulk Messaging, and other IVR based Cloud Solutions. Being Customer Centric Organization, offers full support to customers & is 100% reli

0 ratings

VoiceIQ is an end-to-end phone system for enterprise sales teams that increases revenue and drives automation through the power of AI. VoiceIQ's #nofriction phone system includes: - Seamless CRM Integration - Live Call Coaching - Automated Actions - Predictive Call Scheduling - Intelligent Call Allocation - Intelligent Predictive Dialler - Transactional SMS & Email - End-to-end Telephony

0 ratings

VoiceLog's Call Recording services allow your agents to provide a personal touch while directly capturing their interactions with customers.

0 ratings

Voicent Blended Call Center is a software for call centers who make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls, that helps manage agents, handle incoming calls, contact people for lead genteration, telemarketing, sales calls, and more.

0 ratings

VoIP4Callcenters is a pioneer in offering flexible cloud based Call Center Solutions based on VoIP Technology since 2010 to help the call centers work more efficiently and provide phenomenal customer service to their customers.

0 ratings

CRM for call centers

0 ratings
Entry Level Price:$49 concurrent user/month

Voiso is a SaaS call center solution with its own telecom infrastructure supported by 12 PoPs worldwide. With advanced historical reporting and real-time monitoring features, Voiso can streamline operations for outbound, inbound, and blended call centers. Intuitive interface and flexible functionality make Voiso suitable for practically any use case. For outbound sales, Voiso enforces abandonment ratios, provides selective recording, and more compliance features to help navigate global and natio

0 ratings

VoltDelta is a global provider of multi-channel contact centres and directory service solutions. Our solutions are underpinned by expertise in customer experience management, voice automation, signalling, search engine and search strategies, as well as interface ergonomics combined with a deep understanding of contact centres and directory services environments.

0 ratings

Votacall Hosted Call Center is a robust Cloud-based solution that delivers a reliable, efficient and feature-rich experience without the initial CAPEX expenditure associated with legacy PBX solutions.

0 ratings

VoxGen specializes in providing connected and conversational IVR IVR systems and solutions.

0 ratings

VXPulse is a network monitoring software used to monitor and manage the infrastructure responsible for your VoIP quality.

0 ratings

VXTracker has been our flagship call accounting product for over ten years. It provides comprehensive reporting and management of all incoming, outgoing and internal calls.

0 ratings

West Cloud Contact, formerly known as ControlMaxx, is an enterprise contact center solution that empowers your call center staff with a sophisticated set of call handling and reporting tools. It offers unlimited scale of users as well as agility and control beyond outmoded telephony.

0 ratings

For more than 20 years, West Interactive۪s relentless innovation of global, multimedia customer contact solutions has made us the partner of choice for many of the world۪s most trusted brands. West Interactive delivers contact center transformation solutions that support every individual customer interaction. We provide a comprehensive array of contact center solutions that drive business value through a strategic partnership approach. Furthermore, years of perfecting and implementing contact ce

0 ratings

WinCall Call Accounting tracks all calls from all PBXs, SIP VoIP, Virtual PBXs (includes ShoreTel, Cisco, Avaya, and legacy systems).

0 ratings

wolkvox is the most innovative, reliable, easy-to-use and quick-to-deploy omnichannel cloud contact center solution on the market, delivering its service on the SaaS model. Its omnichannel predictive dialer, speech analytics, intelligent routing and a graphical interface (Diagram Studio) to develop routing voice, interaction and chat stand out. Its variable expense model adjusted to fluctuations in the operation and constant innovation

(1)0.0 out of 5

XCALLY is an innovative omnichannel software developed in the Xenialab research center. The solution is one of the best contact center management platform to engage customers via voice, chat, email, SMS, fax and custom channels (like social media and instant communication apps) - all seamlessly in a unified and integrated platform! XCALLY is currently installed in over 60 countries thanks to its ease of setup and use. The intuitive web interface let your supervisors and agents to quickly learn

0 ratings

X-Dating is a dates web management platform that is ideal for enterprises and agencies who deal with customers massive contacts that includes preview calls manager, private agenda, agent web access, recall scheduling and more.

0 ratings

XM TeamQ® is the ideal informal call center solution for customers who are looking for more features than Hunt Groups offer, but don’t require a full blown contact center.

0 ratings

Reveal communication trends and empower your business to make informed decisions with advanced call reporting tools.

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High Performers
NICE inContact
SAP Contact Center
Intermedia Contact Center (formerly Telax)
Zendesk Support Suite
MiCloud Connect
Altitude Xperience
Aspect Unified IP Contact Center
Avaya OneCloud CCaaS
Contact Center
Genesys Cloud
Vonage Contact Center (formerly NewVoiceMedia)
Bright Pattern
Connect First
Kixie PowerCall
CallMiner Eureka
Call Center for Skype
Fuze Contact Center
Genesys PureConnect
Genesys Engage
RingCentral Contact Center
Ozonetel CloudAgent
VCC Live
ChaseData CCaaS
Twilio Flex
X Series (Formerly Virtual Office)
Dialpad Contact Center
Market Presence

Learn More About Contact Center Operations Software

What is Contact Center Operations Software?

Thousands of businesses work with customers over the phone every day to generate awareness and drive revenue for their company. Not to mention, many customer support initiatives rely on inbound and outbound calls. Contact center technology helps businesses build a digital platforms to track these interactions, without the need for hardware or additional technical assistance. With these communication platforms, companies can oversee contact center operations and streamline customer conversations with features including automated call routing and call center analytics.

Much like VoIP providers, contact center platforms enable voice conversations that connect customer phone lines without internal telephone networks. In some cases, these platforms integrate with other systems to consolidate multiple channels into a single stream for customer service teams. Many platforms integrate with systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, so call center representatives can place calls directly from customer profiles; users can update profiles with information from calls in real time. These systems optimize the customer experience of sales and support communications.

Key Benefits of Contact Center Operations Software

  • Centralizes phone-based customer engagements on a digital platform
  • Schedules and assigns calls based on a specific company’s configurations
  • Reduces need for landline networks and manual phone operations
  • Streamlines call center operations to improve efficiency, business outcomes, and customer satisfaction

Why Use Contact Center Operations Software?

Fielding or placing customer calls is an integral component for businesses across diverse industries. Depending on a company’s size and structure, it can become an overwhelming experience: Calls can be dropped, the customer queue can be too long, and important information can fall through the cracks. These solutions offer modalities that ensure a positive customer journey, while keeping internal teams organized and efficient. When these solutions are properly implemented, businesses can handle a higher call volume, improve team performance, and guide the flow of customer conversations.

The functionality of these systems varies from product to product; for any team with daily phone conversations, these platforms help provide a central hub that structures workflows and ensures calls are handled properly. Many platforms include advanced functions that modernize call-based operations, reduce employees’ burden, and provide assistance with routine tasks. These solutions transform the call-based experience for customers and employees, while helping quickly close deals and resolve issues.

Who Uses Contact Center Operations Software?

The solutions in this category are built for business teams who manage and handle voice calls with customers. The following are common users of this software.

Call center representatives — For many sales and marketing departments, customer outreach is a vital aspect of their business model. Often, this entails a dedicated call center team who reach out to prospective customers individually. Call center representatives and managers can leverage the software in this category by mapping out workflows and automating routine processes related to calls. From assigning the right agent and scheduling calls for optimal results, to recording calls and tracking their results, contact center operations tools help teams execute their jobs from start to finish. These tools improve outcomes of cold calls, and ensure a better customer experience.

Service teams — There is a great deal of customer service software that help service teams handle customer experience issues. Contact center operations systems can provide a reliable foundation for the voice-based component of these departments, ensuring customer issues are directed to the correct employees and tracked to their resolution. Modern support teams often require omnichannel customer support, that allows them to receive feedback and customer questions from various outlets. The tools in this category primarily assist with voice-based communications, but often include or integrate with other tools to create a seamless and effective process for service team employees.

Customer success specialists — Customer success is an emerging business methodology focused on nurturing customer relationships and ensuring customers achieve their desired outcomes. Customer success managers and specialists often have different names depending on the company, but they share the same objective. These employees check in with customers about their experience, ask questions about the product or service, and provide valuable advice to improve and sustain the customer experience. These employees often make phone calls at specific points in the customer journey, and thoroughly touch base with as many customers as possible. The solutions in this category help provide structure for these customer success initiatives, ensuring calls are properly handled while gathering critical data about each customer experience for reference across the organization.

Contact Center Operations Software Features

The following are common features users might encounter when researching the diverse solutions in this category.

Call center workflows — Departments that handle many phone calls might have employees with varying levels of expertise, as well as various positions with different specializations. Handling customer phone calls will often require assigning certain clients or scenarios to specific employees who are most qualified for the job. In many cases, customers might need to be directed to a different employee or department. A number of solutions in this category help map workflows so calls are handled by the right person at the right time. This could involve automated assignments based on customer or ticket information, it could also include intelligent routing or queueing features to redirect calls to the appropriate team member at certain points in a conversation. If an employee has too many callers in their queue, they may ask other team members to get involved, or implement voicemail and call return features.

Certain solutions in this category can manage the flow of phone calls with interactive voice response (IVR) software. Once configured by administrators, IVR features allow customers to be appropriately routed based on their voice responses to automated messages. This feature assists organizations with gathering and organizing customer data, further streamlining the call process for employees by providing them with basic information.

Call center analytics — Measuring the activities in a call center is important for team managers to determine hiring needs and overall call strategy. There are a variety of analytics offered within these platforms, ranging from length of call, topics covered, and outcomes of the call scenario. All this data can benefit call center organizations or those with a dedicated call center team. Contact center efficiency data helps managers allocate labor and training for optimal results, or rework their call scripts and marketing techniques when they notice poor success metrics. Additionally, customer phone conversations regularly yield new exportable customer data that can be used when making critical decisions. This could include everything from future sales conversations to marketing and product strategy.