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Chatbots, which are often called virtual agents or virtual assistants, are used in place of a human to conduct specific tasks or provide information based on written or spoken requests. This functionality includes both external, customer-facing requests and internal, employee-facing requests. Chatbots allow users to interact with an application in a conversational manner, whether textually or audibly, to perform certain functions.

Chatbots utilize natural language processing (NLP) and speech recognition to understand written and spoken requests; businesses can leverage this technology to automate tasks that formerly required human intervention. Based on a request from a user, the chatbot provides the user with an output, which is a response to the request in text or speech form. With the use of machine learning and deep learning, chatbots can grow intelligently and understand a wider vocabulary and colloquial language, as well as provide more precise and correct responses to requests.

Customer support tools, such as live chat, help desk, or contact center solutions, may already have chatbots implemented as a first line of defense when dealing with customers. However, they are becoming more widely used in other applications, such as sales and marketing knowledge bases. Users may even use them instead of a query language to find certain data points in business intelligence tools; by simply typing or speaking a request to a business intelligence platform, a chatbot can provide the proper data. Chatbot capabilities are constantly expanding and becoming more frequently implemented in other types of software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Chatbot category, a product must:

  • Understand a conversational request by using NLP or speech recognition
  • Provide an output based on the initial request in written or speech form
  • Allow for the automation of formerly human-necessary tasks
  • Be sold as a standalone chatbot solution, not simply contain NLP or speech recognition within a conversational interface
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    Botletter enables users to send newsletters on Facebook Messenger.

    BotsCrew is the global leader in Chatbots Development with offices located in London, England and Lviv, Ukraine.

    Quickly create a high-fidelity preview of your next chatbot or voice assistant

    BotSoft enables restaurant owners to acquire new customers from Facebook

    Chatbot development is less about programming but more about mastering conversations and languages. BotStar eases out the development effort with our powerful visual editor and let you focus more on understanding your audience and improving your chatbots continuously

    BotXO is the first software to enable 24/7 automated customer support, sales and marketing. With a chatbot built on our software you will never leave your customers waiting or miss a sales opportunity again BotXO is Automated Chat as a Service Our mission is to help brands provide convenient service & personalized support through conversational interfaces to people, whenever they want it (now) and in the channel they prefer. Our software enables automated chat at scale and our professional services ensure you a positive return on investment and a premium end-user experience. Unsilo Your Company. Embrace the Conversational Era The BotXO automated chat software layer connects seamlessly across the platforms you run your business on. From customer care, sales, marketing to community, HR and management, it’s your new conversational interface that turns any user interaction into a frictionless, convenient & relevant brand people experience Serve Your Customers And Employees Better Messaging is becoming the way for people to connect with brands. It’s a fundamental shift in behaviour and BotXO is here to help you evolve with your customers & employees. Why BotXO? Using virtual assistants and chatbots as ways for people to connect with brands, will not only improve customer experiences and drive organisational efficiency, but also clear the way for more meaningful dialogues between the companies’ employees and customers. We believe this will ultimately improve people’s lives and that is why we’re on a mission to spearhead this evolution. Contact Are you interested in experiencing how automated chat can help your business? Order a demo chatbot tailored with your content and let one of our specialists walk you through the opportunities. XO from BotXO

    Enterprise A.I. chatbot platform for super brands

    With ChatrHub... Automatically chat and text with customers. Use pre-designed or custom conversation workflows. Get started with an easy-to-install chat widget - and add it anywhere you want! Transfer conversations from the AI chatbot to a live agent. Measure conversion and resolution rates, and use data to make improvements. Maintain a central repository of conversations for future reference.

    Cliengo is a chatbot platform that helps you convert website visitors into customers.

    Clohc allows you to interact in real time with visitors of your website, improve ticket management, automate helpdesk tasks and reduce IT requirements as well and customer service staff needs. With Clohc you can completely manage any issue, from the moment they enter our system until their resolution. You can also associate tasks with clients, manage your work team, and chat in real time with them.

    CogniCor is the provider of Cognitive Digital Assistant for Business. The AI based technology empowers businesses to respond instantly to client questions.

    Cognigy.AI is the Enterprise Conversational AI Platform for customer & employee support process automation. Available in both on-Premise and SaaS, Cognigy.AI enables enterprises to connect to their users on any conversational channel, including chatbots, virtual assistants or phones. The effective and intelligent communication of Cognigy.AI chatbots and virtual assistants with customers and employees supports any organisation, including service, marketing, sales and HR to create outstanding user experiences, to guarantee 24/7 service and to increase revenue. The graphical workflow engine enables both non-technical users and developers to build and manage complex interactions that go far beyond simple FAQs towards automating complex business processes, creating outstanding user experiences. Cognigy was recognized in 2018 as a Cool Vendor in “GARTNER’S COOL VENDORS IN AI FOR CONVERSATIONAL PLATFORMS” report. Its client portfolio includes many Global 2000 enterprises. For more information visit:

    Build Chatbots Super-charged With Artificial Intelligence - Access your business data like Google & Siri-like natural language and voice based interface. This conversational Business Insights platform delivers actionable business insights in real time. This SaaS platform greatly eliminates the need for tedious report generation and analysis, reducing our customers’ enterprise reporting costs by over 50%.

    A smart and easy to implement conversational chatbot platform. Every Bot+Live chat is 100% customized as per your Business requirement.

    Do You Dream Up is a self-service, automated chat solutions for support.

    Not only does our system enable quicker and smarter responses for your agents and thus increases employee satisfaction, it also automates more and more repetitive and recurring questions since your AI will constantly learn.

    Take your organisation into the future with a cost-effective, fully managed, turn-key chatbot from Ambit. Bots built on our next-generation, conversational artificial intelligence platform blend scripts, natural language processing technology and machine learning to deliver a natural and realistic chat experience. Whether your business offering is products, services, excellent employee experiences, or software development for your own clients, talk to us about how Ambit can support you.

    BlackBeltHelp’s Artificial Intelligence product addresses the challenges in IT support in Higher Education. Anything simple starting with information on Learning Management system, computers, desktop, smart phones, network connectivity, printer or scanners can be addressed within seconds resulting in high level of engagement and students’ satisfaction rate.

    AI Assistant Platform for the Intelligent Enterprise that offers multi-skilled assistant for scheduling, recruiting and project management and more, Powered by proprietary MetaFlow™ Engine for natural language understanding, reasoning & planning, Evie supports custom integrations with CRM, ATS and ERP systems. The MetaFlow’s extensible skills module also enables Evie to acquire new abilities to support every function within the organization. Evie is truly an enterprise-grade platform that supports private cloud and on-premise deployments needed in highly regulated and sensitive industries.

    Faqbot builds a FAQ database based on your existing FAQs content and response to same questions that are formulated differently. It learns from each conversation to improve its responses.

    Floatbot is Omni-Channel Customer Engagement AI Chatbot Platform with live chat support.

    Flow XO for Chat is our feature-rich chatbot platform that allows anyone to create code-free online chatbots (bots) quickly and easily.

    Turn Google Forms into conversational AI chat bots, and easily embed them on your website.

    Abby is an avatar that uses artificial intelligence, natural language, and speech recognition to engage customers. is a simple tool to create and manage conversational agents for websites or smartspeakers and improve lead conversion rate.

    Through advanced natural language comprehension capabilities it is possible to establish and offer a Chatbot that converses and interacts as a human being. HiBot is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, available to your customer. Be sure to sell or interact with your audience!

    Himalayan Base is a web based pre-sales software that helps convert website visitors to sales leads. The tool automatically interacts with every website visitor, identifies their need/interest and displays lead profiles on priority basis. Interactions with every website visitor is personalized based on web pages visited, actions on website, location,etc. The tool provides a wide array of sales intelligence data about the prospect like analytics data, contact data, business data and social data.

    Replacing surveys with chatbot conversations. Hubert is able to analyze responses in real-time and react to the response immediately. To present the essence from the conversations, Hubert has a built-in text analytics service.

    Automate 80% of your requests. Provide 24x7 self-service and let Bots handle the FAQs.

    POP allows you to segment and filter your audience to send targeted messages, creating a more personal connection than ever before. Reach your audience directly on messaging apps.Reach 100% of your subscribers with 94% average open rates.

    Ideta is for all companies, whatever their expertise, industry or size, that want to create their own chatbot/voicebot by using all communication channels and NLP technology. Ideta is the solution that allows the development of Virtual assistants on several communication channels while keeping code and data ownership. is a modular AI platform for the end-to-end delivery of automated conversational experiences across the customer lifecycle.

    As one of the best chatbots on the market, online virtual assistants can answer questions, fill in forms and help customers make transactions in a conversational way.

    InteliWise Virtual Assistant is an intelligent, automated chat that resolves frequent customer issues.

    Self-service software that automates the process of delivering answers to customer questions.

    IntelliTicks engages your visitors using intelligent conversations and connects the HOT prospects with your best reps in Real Time.

    IOdesk is an online help desk software powered by AI, supercharging your customer support and customer relations. Are you tired of answering the same questions over and over? With Lydia our AI you don't have to do that anymore. Lydia will act as a new super employee for you! Lydia helps your customers by speaking to them as a normal human being, analyzing their questions and giving them answers based on what she has learned by earlier support tickets. Connect with your customers the way you want! We offer AI-supported chat, forms, mailing, self-service FAQ:s and much much more! Regardless what language your customer may speak, Lydia can interact with them in their own language! Be it English, Swedish, Japanese, German or even Klingon, yes Klingon.

    Jantana uses historical data to automate Zendesk replies.

    Improve customer expe­rience with human-directed AI chatbots

    Kaori offers japanese virtual assistant solutions.

    LISA is an Artificial Intelligent Chatbot for hotels that assists in all matters related to booking and customer interface.

    Pull deep insights from a sea of customer data. Make genius decisions. Do months of work in one day. Get big-brain assistance across research and media.

    The most advanced and accurate symptom checker for triage and decision-making support.

    Membit is the only off-the-shelf AI chatbot solution for enterprises. Membit provides built-in modules and ready made processes that make integration with organizations CRM/ERP systems incredibly easy.

    We are building the next generation consumer chat platform that integrates deeply with FB Messenger so as to enable fun, personal ongoing conversations between brands and their customers, at scale. is the most complete Chat Automation / Chatbot platform. ❶ provides "low price" chat solutions for Marketing, Sales & Support department which can easily connect with your existing tools/CRM. ❷ Our Chat Expert team helps you create a "chat strategy" for your business and "ensures" you get "better ROI". ❸ Check screenshots below to know more about: Our Clients, Usecases, Product/Features & FAQs

    nativeMsg is a Chicago company providing a single platform to create, manage and deploy automated, intelligent messaging experiences across multiple channels (SMS/MMS/RCS, Messenger, Twitter, Alexa, web chat, and more). They are an early leader in the new 5G RCS business messaging space. RCS is a new exciting channel that moves features of a native mobile application into the native SMS inbox of a mobile device. The SMS inbox will transform into a host of mini-applications and become a direct conversation link between consumers and brands allowing 1:1 direct marketing. They are working closely with brands using their platform to deploy these messaging experiences.

    NeuraFlash is a Salesforce Consulting Partner deploying intelligent solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence to improve employee productivity & customer experience