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Best Car Dealer Software for Medium-Sized Businesses

    Products classified in the overall Car Dealer category are similar in many regards and help companies of all sizes solve their business problems. However, medium-sized business features, pricing, setup, and installation differ from businesses of other sizes, which is why we match buyers to the right Medium-Sized Business Car Dealer to fit their needs. Compare product ratings based on reviews from enterprise users or connect with one of G2's buying advisors to find the right solutions within the Medium-Sized Business Car Dealer category.

    In addition to qualifying for inclusion in the Car Dealer Software category, to qualify for inclusion in the Medium-Sized Business Car Dealer Software category, a product must have at least 10 reviews left by a reviewer from a medium-sized business.

    Top 7 Car Dealer Software for Medium-Sized Businesses

    • CDK Drive
    • Dealertrack DMS
    • VinSolutions Connect CRM
    • vAuto Provision
    • Elead
    • PERQ
    • DealerSocket

    Compare Medium-Sized Business Car Dealer Software

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    (74)3.9 out of 5

    Drive boasts a single portal environment that represents a leap forward in dealership technology. This innovative interface gives you access to what you need to help lower expenses, drive revenue and increase profits in every department.

    (30)4.3 out of 5

    Our DMS is a robust easy-to-use solution with real-time data access that will streamline and enhance any automotive business.

    (77)4.1 out of 5

    Only VinSolutions can do it all. Our complete package of car dealership software solutions is built around our industry-leading CRM. That means your people and processes are always connected to today’s customers, so you can make every connection count.

    (18)4.6 out of 5

    The Provision® used car software suite from vAuto applies the most powerful live market data available to help franchise dealerships speed sales velocity, increase profits, outpace competitors and prepare for the future.

    (60)4.3 out of 5
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    Elead exists to help dealers convert leads into sales, prospects into customers, and customers into trusted long-lasting and rewarding relationships. As pioneers in automotive CRM, we offer a sophisticated yet service-oriented operation that encompasses a dynamic technology platform, a large, responsive call center, and integrations with all DMS providers. Learn why so many dealerships and dealer groups choose to partner with Elead.

    (58)4.6 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response

    PERQ, a marketing technology company founded in 2001, empowers businesses and the online consumer experience through innovative solutions powered by artificial intelligence. Businesses in the home furnishings, multifamily and auto retailing industries leverage PERQ’s Marketing Cloud and technology solutions to give them more visibility into sales from their digital marketing efforts. With interactive software, we help you engage consumers on your website as they research expensive and complex p

    (54)3.7 out of 5

    DealerSocket allows you to manage opportunities and processes with marketing, sales, service, customer experience, data mining, and more.

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    High Performers
    CDK Drive
    VinSolutions Connect CRM
    Dealertrack DMS
    vAuto Provision
    Market Presence

    Learn More About Car Dealer Software

    What is Car Dealer Software?

    Car dealer software is built to help a dealership manage their day-to-day operations and sales. Commonly known as dealership management software (DMS), car dealer software provides business administration tools, sales tools, and even auto repair tools. Many of these systems are web-based, making them easy to access from a computer or mobile device. Some dealership systems may even include a mobile app for access on the go.

    Key Benefits of Car Dealer Software

    • Access to your data at all times
    • Car inventories updated in real time
    • Business management tools including accounting software and CRM features
    • Loan and financial processing

    Why Use Car Dealer Software?

    Dealership software can make it much easier to run a dealership by providing business insights and organization in one comprehensive program.

    Data Reports — Today’s market requires a huge amount of data management to stay on top of sales trends. Rather than create a spreadsheet or document to track various dealership metrics, a DMS can collect, organize, and analyze a variety of data. Businesses can then easily see where they are succeeding and where they are failing.

    Customer Service — Making the car-buying process easy for a customer should be a main priority of any dealership. The easier it is for a customer to make a purchase, the more likely they will be to do so. Car dealer management software can make it easy to stay in touch with customers, attract new customers, and process purchases so the experience is seamless and quick. And with repair shop features, it can be just as easy for a customer to bring in their new car for repairs further down the line.

    Inventory Management — Managing a dealership’s inventory is crucial for smooth operations. Knowing which cars are on the lot, which are arriving, and which can be ordered quickly makes it much easier for a customer to make a purchasing decision. With dealership management software, inventory management is housed in one place, so it’s easy to know exactly which vehicles are available. Even an independent used car dealer can benefit from inventory management features.

    Who Uses Car Dealer Software?

    Car dealer software solutions are primarily used by businesses who sell vehicles. Those vehicles may be used, new, or intended for commercial use.

    New Car Dealers — Dealerships specializing in the sale of new cars or specific brands of cars can benefit from dealership systems. These systems can help track inventory, sales quotas, and accounting data.

    Used Car Dealers — Used car dealers can also use a DMS the same way as new car dealers, while also keeping track of the cars they have bought and what condition they are in. Car dealer software can also maintain vehicle histories of used cars so buyers are fully informed.

    Dealership Repair Shops — Dealership repair shops can use a DMS to maintain vehicle repair histories and organize maintenance schedules.

    Car Dealer Software Features

    Mobile Apps — Mobile apps and mobile capabilities make it easy for users to access information from anywhere. Data available on the fly can help make quick sales and quicker decisions.

    Inventory Management — Inventory management makes it easy to know exactly what’s available on the lot at any given time. Repair shops can also keep track of available parts and tools.

    Business Management — Business management features help run the back-office functions of a business. These tools can include CRM features, accounting features, and employee management features.

    Loan Processing — Car sales often involve some kind of financing or loan processing. Car dealer software that contains these features can speed up the process by eliminating third parties, making it quicker and easier to close sales.

    Auto Repair — Auto repair features help organize and schedule auto repairs on site. Vehicle histories make it easy to troubleshoot, and inventory management lets mechanics see what is available on hand and what must be ordered.