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Business intelligence platforms provide an architecture for businesses to analyze data and reveal actionable insights that can help improve decision-making and inform business strategy. Business intelligence platforms require IT implementation to build the analytical environment, connect necessary data sources, and help prepare the data for usage. Once this architecture is set up, data analysts and data scientists can utilize the platform to prepare, model, and transform business data to better understand the needs and performance of the company. To interact with the data and extract insights within a business intelligence platform, coding knowledge is necessary to build custom queries.

The insights pulled from a business intelligence platform can be used throughout an entire company, from marketing and sales to supply chain and finance. Business intelligence platforms have the ability to pull data from any source, including cloud applications, marketing automation tools, crm software, databases, file uploads, data warehouses, and unstructured big data from Hadoop. While the building of the architecture and creation of dashboards for analysis require IT or data professional work, many business intelligence platforms offer self-service capabilities. This allows dashboards to be distributed to the average business user, empowering better decision-making and strategy through data insights. Additionally, some business intelligence platforms may also offer embedding functionality to place dashboards inside applications and allow them to have analytics capabilities.

Products designed to be primarily configured and used by the average business, without the help of IT for deployment and do not require coding knowledge, are found in self-service business intelligence software. Products that can be embedded inside other business applications are considered embedded business intelligence software. Data visualization software includes products primarily designed to create charts, graphs, and benchmark visualizations.

To qualify for inclusion in the Business Intelligence Platforms category, a product must:

  • Consume data from any source through file uploads, database querying, and application connectors
  • Require IT or data professionals to build and deploy an analytics architecture and environment to transform data into a useful and relatable model
  • Require coding knowledge to support data modeling, blending, and discovery processes
  • Create reports and visualizations with business utility
  • Create and deploy internal analytics applications
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    GADD Software is a solution for analyzing sales, using receipt and order information that includes functionality for analyzing sales and display the result in web dashboards.

    Geoblink is the Location Intelligence platform that helps professionals from the retail, real estate, and FMCG industries understand how location affects the performance of their businesses. Its advanced data analytics and predictive statistics empower companies to perform in-depth market research, so they can make informed decisions about their strategies. The valuable insights obtained from these analyses are instantly displayed on a map-centric interface that is easy to navigate and understand. This competitive business intelligence is used to maximise the efficiency of store networks, perform accurate sales forecasts, revamp marketing mixes and spearhead expansion plans.

    Govinis Strategic Intelligence Platform uses the most advanced data analytics, machine learning, and data integration technologies to clarify the public-sector market. It is used by the worlds leading public sector organizations to solve their most pressing management challenges.

    Helical Insight is a software that helps user to make sense out of data and make well-informed decisions it allows user to connect to any database, flat files, big data, API or any other custom data source.

    iC360 business analytics software offers a suite of tools to gain business insights on telecom data of the organization.

    Ideata analytics provides an easy to use big data analytics tool for users to ingest, prepare and analyze data at scale. With out of box connectors to numerous data sources - including Hadoop, Redshift, Apache Spark, databases and flat files - it gives users direct access to their data. It provides a self-service data preparation engine for users to perform data cleaning and enrichment on the fly. Using it's drag and drop interface, users can quickly visualize their data and interactively find hidden insights in it.

    IGXITE Intelligence Center automates the collection of information from all a business's data sources into customizable workspaces and alerts.

    Infinity™ is simple to use and easy to implement, you can start searching in days and create new insights in seconds.

    Infogix Advanced Controls provides enhanced functionality for more advanced use cases, such as monitoring data with complex formats and analyzing high volumes of data for fraudulent behavior.

    Insite Analytics is a business intelligence tool that allows IT to build queries in minutes from any data source. Data from queries can be visualized on the business user's dashboard in whatever way best represents the data. Provide timely, accurate, clear data to help make informed business decisions.

    instantOLAP is a reporting- and OLAP-system, which combines a Web 2.0 front end, the instantOLAP Portal with an integrated OLAP engine.

    Intellicus is one of the world’s leading Business Intelligence and Analytics platform. More than 60% of Fortune companies are using Intellicus to build powerful reports and dashboards with ease. Our interactive web and mobile platforms give users the power to access, view, and interact with corporate data anywhere. With over 50,000 installations worldwide, we are assisting organizations to make better informed decisions.

    Our working definition (and our Mission) is first, the process of turning raw data into meaningful information, providing Business Knowledge and Insight. Secondly, the information is made actionable, transforming Business Knowledge into Business Gain.

    The ISNG platform allows you to consolidate multiple specialized analytics tools and feeds a common set of metadata to a wide range of analytics stacks for insights into service assurance, application performance management, cybersecurity and business intelligence.

    Jet Reports provides robust, easy-to-use reporting and Business Intelligence solutions that empower business users across the globe to make informed decisions.

    Jigyasa Analytics is an analytics consulting firm which helps its clients make better business decisions with the help of data and advanced analytics. Jigyasa Analytics focuses on innovation and research and constantly strives to bring new thinking and ...


    Kato simplifies every step of the business analytics process from data preparation, analytics dashboard to predictive insights.

    Key360 offers a universally applicable, cloud-based Business Management platform for Business Intelligence, Project Management, Big Data & Analytics, ERP, Behaviour and Strategy Modification.

    Klardata is a full-service, business intelligence and analytics solutions agency for medium sized businesses and startups. Klardata uses cutting edge technologies and tools to make both your project and systems run as efficiently as possible. We work with the market leading database and BI technologies in the market Klardata provides a quick-to-market, low cost solution with start of the art visuals to present a clear story of your data.

    Knowage is open source business analytics software.

    LexisNexis Business InView is an affordable product that allows companies to know more about the entities that they do business with.

    Lityx is an analytic solutions and services firm with a proprietary cloud-based predictive modeling and optimization platform. It applies deep expertise in complex analytic solutions with a focus on applications in marketing analytics and customer relationship management.

    Modelshop is a platform that allows organizations to quickly create analytic applications.

    NAVCUBE™ a cost effective and user friendly Business Analytics solution for ERP Systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle etc. NAVCUBE business intelligence helps organizations to better understand their business and make more confident decisions. Organizations can monitor, explore, and analyse dynamics data across companies, and then use it to plan, mitigate risk, and take action through in depth capability of the NAVCUBE™, Business Analytics for Power users.

    Neanex is a all-in-one BIM collaboration software for the AECO industry.

    Helps companies protect their brand by stopping the sales of counterfeit in the market, rewarding customers, and warranty management.

    Nuevora offerscloud-based advanced business analytics apps for targeted business problems.

    Numerify's pre-built dashboards and reports offer insights for IT service, asset, finance, and project management.

    Protelligent Ltd helps Small and Medium sized Enterprises to improve their profitability and cash flow. By understanding the key drivers and trends in the business we can help management take the decisions which will improve future performance.

    Embedding ORBIT Analytics offers the full power of a business intelligence platform for reporting capabilities with the same look and feel as your current application.

    Scale up your sales and make your business operations more efficient. Technical excellence at an affordable price.

    Vantage Agora is looking for a dynamic and motivated Graphic Designer to join our Marketing Team in a heavily design-focused and collaborative role that contributes greatly to the overall marketing strategy.

    punq is a free IT search engine; search, analyze and store an unlimited amount of data- for free.

    Rezza is a collaborative analytics platform that automatically delivers data insights that drive business value.

    SaasabiPro is a business intelligence software that enables organizations to make better, data-driven decisions. It enables analytical processing of data into multi-dimensional models, which quickly and easily support complex reporting scenarios, advanced insights, and sophisticated business intelligence applications.

    Answer any questions, analyze your data, and make better business decisions with SocrateBI.

    Targetbase is an agency that provides marketing technology, business intelligence, analytics and creative services to its clients.

    The end-to-end platform that delivers what youve always expected from business intelligence

    Vantage is the platform for Pervasive Data Intelligence. The only software of its kind, capable of managing all of the data, all of the time. So, you can analyze anything, deploy anywhere, and deliver analytics that matter. Vantage offers full integration with your favorite tools and languages, leading analytic engines, and new sources of data to deliver the answers you need to create better business outcomes.

    The Care Cloud is an on-demand cloud-based business intelligence platform that reinvents plug and play. The Care Cloud brings insights to the forefront, addressing all levels of users. Netlink's flagship solution, it is blended with integrated and customization services – delivering all you need to make informed business decisions.

    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    The world’s most innovative enterprises use ThoughtSpot to empower every person in their organization, from C-suite executive to front-line employee, with the ability to quickly uncover data-driven insights. With ThoughtSpot, business people can type a simple Google-like search in natural language to instantly analyze billions of rows of data, and leverage artificial intelligence to get trusted, relevant insights pushed to them as answers to thousands of questions they might not have thought to ask. ThoughtSpot is simple enough for any business person to use, yet powerful enough to handle even the largest, most complex enterprise data without sacrificing speed, security, or governance. That’s why customers like 7-11, BT, Celebrity Cruises, Daimler, De Beers, Hulu, Miami Children’s Health System, Nationwide Building Society, and Scotiabank have turned to ThoughtSpot transform their decision-making cultures. By making insights a part of every conversation and every decision, ThoughtSpot is reimagining the role of data in creating a more fact-driven world. For more information, please visit

    TopGear is a business manager of any organization -small or big, to view hidden trends and reveals predictive analysis. It provides a view of core business processes, tracks business resources cash, raw materials, production capacity and the status of business commitments orders, purchases orders and payroll.

    Our mission : tell Business Performance Stories through interactive Data and Data Storytelling. Our users : Marketing, Production, Finance, Human Resources, SalesForces and Top management of Big Companies. From 4 to 75 in 3 years, more than 100 clients, 260 projects among them : Renault, Total, Axa, BPCE, EDF, JCDecaux, Téréos, Psa, Marques Avenue, lvmh, Euler Hermes, Vinci, DCNS, BIC, sncf, seb, Moët Hennessy, La Banque Postale... Small apps are mobile, easy to use, made for action and easy to setup in any information system. You will find there : • A strong culture, based on caring and goodwill • We build values together, one of them is "each one teach one". We are teachers and learners, for each others • A strong software exciting to create, setup, market or sell • A fast growing company, where you can grow too Toucan Toco's 5 pillars mobility: accessible on mobile phone, tablet and PC. A published dashboard is accessible on all the supports. easy to set up: agile methodology is part of the company's DNA. This working methodology stemming from the methodology SCRUM, allows us to work in iterations. So a project can be industrialized and produced in 2 in 3 months. an exceptional and simple UX:: The care and concern of the final user experience is at the heart of Toucan Toco's strategy. This unique experience for users is intuitive thanks to our data. We tell stories from your data to give meaning to the reading of the user, depending on its position and Job in the company. integrated in your Information System: our connectors aggregate the data coming from your various Information System and Databases. So, we know how to connect flat files (Excel, Csv) and IT environment (BO, Qlik, SAP) at the same time in the same app. We serve your operational excellence: Toucan Toco offers collaborative tools in the software such as chats, recommandation, messages, glossaries ... Even extract possibilities such as pdf & mails

    Tour de Force BI is a business intelligence software that provides analytics, reporting, and dashboards.

    TrackResults is a business intelligence software that contains tools to make companies money by providing advanced analytics in a simple way for real-time, fact-based decision making.

    TRDATA is a business intelligence software that helps users to track prices, reports and fundamentals in real time, makes it easy to share news and analytics with the global financial community and see real time prices in TRDATA help make the best trades.

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