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Best Brand Advocacy Software

Brand Advocacy software, sometimes referred to as Advocacy Marketing or Referral Marketing software, is used by companies to enable their brand advocates to promote their message, content, or products through word-of-mouth. A brand advocate is a customer or employee of a business who pro-actively shares it via mobile, email, or social media with or without incentive. Brand advocates are eager to share anecdotal evidence about their experiences using products and services, and brand advocacy software programs help to facilitate that sharing process.

Products in this category are used by businesses in a wide-range of industries, most often by marketing or advocacy teams. The software can be used to help acquire new customers, develop brand identity, and engage loyal users. These goals are accomplished in a few ways. Some brand advocacy software programs use tracking codes to create customer referral programs which can be monitored from a dashboard. Others feature platforms that simplify the process for users to share a company’s content and marketing narratives, in some cases rewarding them for every share.

Brand advocacy software tends to be focused on either employee advocacy or consumer advocacy, although there are a small number of products that provide platforms for both employees and consumers.

To qualify for inclusion in the Brand Advocacy category, a product must:

  • Provide features to create and manage referral programs in order to find and attract the best advocates for each brand
  • Deliver engagement and communication tools to establish an ongoing personalized dialogue with advocates
  • Have the ability to help marketers share information, content, and documents with advocates, which may be different at each stage of the engagement
  • Monitor interactions with advocates and their activities to understand how they can help marketers and what they need to become better at it
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    Affilae is an affiliate platform that empowers advertisers, networks, & buyers to create their own dedicated & secure affiliate network.

    Offering advertisers and publishers the products and services to boost their online business on a performance basis.

    A SaaS platform that automates referral programs that run as a consistent channel for high quality lead generation by incentivizing current customers, partners, and employees to reach out to their network of peers and invoke the trust of previously cultivated relationships. Amplifinity gives marketers the ability to create an outbound marketing program that yields inbound marketing results and gives sales and customer success teams the information needed to strengthen customer and partner relationships with repeated opportunities for positive engagement.

    SOCIAL CONTENT, AMPLIFIED. Real-time, hyper-local social content capture, display, and analytics.

    Antavo is a loyalty management platform for B2C retailers & brands to create gamified loyalty programs where customers can earn points and redeem those points for rewards.

    AppVirality offers easy to use growth tools to run referral programs for E-commerce and SaaS businesses.

    BrandChamp helps digital marketers to harness the power of influential, authentic brand champions at scale, across marketing channels and multiple marketplaces. BrandChamp gives marketers the ability to take a people centric approach to marketing across all channels. This builds lasting relationships with customers, promotes brand loyalty and leads to a significant improvement in performance across marketing channels.

    BrandMaster is an online platform, designed to help to plan, collect, share, adapt, and distribute all the marketing materials online.

    Brandpad is professional brand guidelines system by designers, for designers.

    We help the world's leading organisations stay ahead of the game through audience collaboration.

    The Buyapowa platform powers innovative refer-a-friend programs for some of the worlds biggest brands and retailers including GAP, Sprint, boohoo, ASOS, Virgin, and hundreds more. The technology allows brands and retailers to identify their biggest advocates, and then motivates and rewards them for bringing in new customers. It plugs seamlessly into your existing website/app and does more than merely ask customers to refer friends, but incentivizes and equips them to share again and again.

    Campaigned is a SaaS solution helping companies run promotions and referral programs to drive recommendations and sales.

    Everyone loves sharing experiences with friends. Civil Live Events lets you create and host exciting experiences that can bring thousands of people (and their friends) to your site,

    ClearView Social business professionals can share to LinkedIn and Twitter without leaving their inbox. Message Amplified. Results Measured. offers affiliate management and affiliate tracking solutions.

    Convergys Analytics optimizes engagement, enthusiasm and loyalty for your brand with CX insight to action customer experience management software and services.

    Reward your fans & customers for sharing your content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    An engagement tool for your team. Capitalize your team's network and influence. Reward your team members.

    Dekafy is a performance-based marketing network that bridges relationships between businesses and consumers through effective advertising.

    Drumup is an end to end social media content scheduling and discovery app, and can cut down your social media management effort by up to 90% (works with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). It discovers relevant and engaging stories of interest to your social media audience from around the web, that you can schedule for multiple social media accounts. You can also add custom posts to your content queue for publishing. DrumUp also allows you to link your blog feed on your social accounts. In addition to these features, DrumUp offers a content library, hashtag suggestions, and an employee advocacy program. Features: - Discover fresh relevant content for your themes in an easy shareable format - Schedule posts for multiple accounts in one click - Manage multiple accounts through a single dashboard - Create groups of social media accounts and schedule to them with ease - Link blog feed to post directly to your social accounts - Schedule posts for specific time and date - Chrome extension to discover posts as you browse and to schedule conveniently from within - Mobile app for on-the-go content discovery and social media management - Create text and image custom posts - Link RSS feeds to read them within the app - Get hashtag suggestions - Shorten URLs and track your clicks - View social media engagement analytics - Save files to the content library - Provide specific social media accounts' access to teammates - Set up an employee advocacy program

    Duel is a Customer Advocacy Marketing platform, helping brands and retailers sell more by turning their customers into advocates. It then uses this advocacy to build emotional connection and make every element of their marketing, advertising, and eCommerce more effective.

    eLoyalty allows you to build loyalty through amazing experiences that delight your customers, increase your share of wallet, and separate you from the crowd.

    Extole helps marketers acquire more customers and better customers at scale with our referral marketing platform. With Extole’s turnkey SaaS platform, marketers create a complete, efficient, and reliable acquisition channel by encouraging their customers to refer new customers on site, in app, and offline. Focused on creating the most advocates from existing customers, Extole powers refer-a-friend programs for Vistaprint, Advance Auto Parts, Lands’ End, Petco, Shutterfly, Starbucks and more.

    Fabl is a new visual storytelling platform (SaaS) that drives content and social marketing campaigns, making it easy for you to create and publish compelling content and engage with your customers in an authentic way.

    Fielo’s Incentive Automation software platform allows organizations to easily design, manage and scale incentive and loyalty programs. Fielo's Salesforce-native solution not only incentivizes desired outcomes, but also the behaviors that drive those results. Whether you’re incentivizing your channel partners to register new deals or rewarding consumers for their loyalty, Fielo gives you the tools and analytical insights to reward any behavior, any outcome. Any time.

    financeAds is an international affiliate network with a focus on the financial sector.

    Flocktory is a social referral marketing platform that enables users to share personalized offers via social networks.

    Forewards is an easy to use platform that helps online retailers convert happy customers into an army of brand advocates. Online retailers can drive organic customer acquisition through word of mouth recommendations spread through social media, and drive improved customer loyalty by rewarding their most vocal customers.

    Friend2Friend is a promotion platform offering self-serve promotions and lead management tools for social, mobile and web.

    Genius Referrals is a referral marketing platform that helps businesses to acquire new customers.

    Track, manage and reward your customers for their referrals with a custom branded mobile and web app specific to your company.

    GrowSurf is a referral marketing software designed to automate viral growth for websites.

    Incentivefox makes it easy for local businesses to collect more referrals, re-engage with their customer base and improve employee retention to drive more revenue with less hassle.

    Incentivit helps online and offline businesses to acquire new customers using referral marketing.

    InviteBox enables users to create refer-a-friend programs for products and services and embed them into a website in real time.

    InviteReferrals provides software to run customer referral program campaigns.

    Kickbooster is an online tool that helps crowdfunding project creators build hype, increase awareness, and reach their funding goal.

    Kredible™ makes it simple for employees to share important thought-leadership articles for personal and company branding online.

    LinkMink helps SaaS companies grow their revenue by sharing it with the partners who help promote them. Track the leads, referrals and commissions that come from your partners' promotions. Incentivize high paying, long term customers buy offering partners a percentage of recurring revenue. 15 minute integration and accurate tracking of commissions to real revenue through Stripe.

    By offering Loot! to your users they will do the legwork for you by performing the actions you choose.

    Loyalty Gator provides businesses with affordable customer loyalty programs to help maximize customer retention. Select from multiple loyalty program styles and and choose how you wish to reward your customers. Loyalty Gator also offers employee incentive programs and gift card software!

    LoyaltyMatch is a cloud-based loyalty management and gamification platform that offers the fastest path to the development and delivery of loyalty and engagement initiatives revolutionizing the way businesses manage customer value. LoyaltyMatch customers include Clarins USA, I.M.P., Blue Note Entertainment Group, McMenamins and Frontstretch Fest.

    Maitre is a suite of viral growth tools to grow customers and traffic.

    Loyalty provides a comprehensive set of features to support the creation and management of fully digital, mobile loyalty and rewards programmes, as well as extending existing loyalty programmes to mobile devices.

    Customer beliefs are constantly shifting, whether theyre influenced by your efforts or exogenous factors. Monitoring these changes allow our customers to evaluate the performance of their communications efforts and ensure their strategies align with opportunities the current and future Narrative Landscape presents.

    The leading live chat platform for eCommerce sites. Increase sales. Improve customer experience. Inspire loyalty. Needle helps you make an emotional connection with your customers. Don't just "assist" your customers; INSPIRE them. Help them fall in love with your brand.

    NextBee's advocacy program management tools can help accelerate word of mouth reach for brands through catchy, compelling and branded social widgets, programmable rewards and recognition rules, and group challenges.

    Oneklix is a marketing management platform that give real time reports.