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Background check software provides companies and candidates with pre-employment screening solutions to ensure the veracity of new hires’ stated backgrounds. The software helps organizations streamline the screening process for new hires and volunteers, as well as organize the data collected through the screening process. These solutions commonly conduct employment, education, credit history, and criminal background checks, while some even facilitate drug screens.

Keep in mind that vendors that conduct background checks must be accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and classified as Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRA) under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Some background checks providers are not themselves compliant, but instead provide integrations or work through third parties that are compliant with state and federal laws.

Background check software is typically offered in conjunction with a larger suite of core HR solutions but, if sold individually, often integrates with applicant tracking systems (ATS). Integration with an ATS is useful because it allows companies or HR departments to access background check information through one online portal using a single sign on, streamlining the application process and helping HR maintain a holistic view of each candidate.

To qualify for inclusion in the Background Check category, a product must:

  • Provide background screening of candidates such as employment, education, credit history, and criminal background checks
  • Track the status of background checks in real time
  • Facilitate direct communication between the candidate and screeners
  • Securely store and protect all background check results
  • Integrate with a larger suite of HR software
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    Fresh Haystack (FH) is a paperless, workflow based and automated Case Management solution built for the specific purpose of streamlining the complex security and background investigation management processes.

    Genesis is a full-service background screening firm conducting thorough background checks.

    Ensures that your candidate's experience is positive, your organisation is protected, and the time to hire is simply right.

    Our web solution, GlobalHiRe, offers industry-leading, innovative technology to our clients. Our solution allows for customized delivery of reports as well as user-friendly tools for client communication. In an effort to enhance client preference and workflow we offer a variety of options for receiving consumer reports for centralized and decentralized locations.

    Comprehensive screening solutions to address the hiring and retention challenges of today's employers.

    Lookout Services I-9 Intelligence software streamlines the employment verification process. Not only were we the first vendor to offer software to aid with I-9 verification, but our web-based platform is more flexible than any other on the market and can be customized for your business.

    iCrederity is a leading provider of background verification services that safeguards businesses and individuals from identity and credential fraud.

    IDwall provides businesses with document validation, background check, and identity verification solutions through an API.

    On demand background screening, employment screening solutions for small businesses.

    Kwantek is an integrated PreHire solution that eliminate paper, reduce hiring costs, increase client satisfaction and profitability

    NorthRow performs automated checks on people, companies & ID documents, to help our clients optimise their business processes, reduce risk, and to help ensure compliance

    Our goal at Occuscreen is to provide the tools you need to feel confident throughout the hiring process.

    hireabl provides next generation hiring technology that revolutionises the process of sifting, sorting, assessing and ranking candidates, dramatically reducing the time and cost of recruiting and improving the quality of the candidate short list.

    Helping your company recruit high-integrity candidates. PRISMA was developed by Integrity Asia as a pre-employment screening application which systematises the management of the screening process, facilitates the management to supervise in real time the screening requests, streamlines processes to reduce turnaround time, automatizes the report generation and archives the reports. Recruiters gauge the integrity of their candidates throughout Asia. To verify the candidate’s claims, our team of screeners assess the validity of information provided in the curriculum vitae and other supporting documents by conducting a background check. Attempts to provide false information such as forged diplomas or false employment records are foiled. In addition to fact-checking, our screeners enquire on reputation and performance. This is an internet–based system accessible from computers and mobile devices with an internet connection, anywhere in the world at any time. The interface is user friendly and allows a secure and swift high-quality screening process while avoiding a flow of emails.

    Convenient and sophisticated sanctions screening software to conduct in-house exclusion screenings on-demand.

    Social Media Screening for Intelligent Hiring The 21st century solution for pre-employment background checks.

    TrustedEmployees offers employee screening and background check solution.

    Veritable Screening is a full-service background screening company, that can help with any number of background screening requirements including employment screening, executive and partner screening.

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