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Artificial neural networks (ANNs) are models based on the neural networks in the human brain that react and adapt to information, learning to make decisions based off that information, in theory, the same way a human would. ANNs require a data pool as a baseline for learning. The more data available, the more connections a neural network can make and the more it can learn. As an ANN learns, it can consistently give accurate outputs based on the solution a user is seeking. Deep neural networks (DNNs) are ANNs that have hidden layers between input and output. Developers use DNNs when building an intelligent application with deep learning functionality. Artificial neural networks are the basis for other deep learning algorithms, such as image recognition, natural language processing, and voice recognition, among others.

To qualify for inclusion in the Artificial Neural Networks category, a product must:

  • Provide a network based on interconnected neural units to create learning capabilities
  • Offer a backbone for deeper learning algorithms
  • Link to data sources to feed the neural network information
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    DN2A is a vision and a software library around Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence.

    DNNGraph is a deep neural network model generation DSL in Haskell

    Deep learning event analytics: open ended rubric based scoring, invisible integrated assessment, real-time diagnostics and microcredentialing

    nDimensional's product, nD, is a full stack application development Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that allows companies to rapidly design, develop, deploy and operate AI, big data and IoT applications. nD empowers data-rich industries to drive real-time actions that quantitatively improve business outcomes, proven at enterprise scale, to bring the power of predictive insights and optimization to all vertical markets and value chains.

    Neural Designer is the most advanced software for advanced analytics using neural networks. Neural networks are the most powerful method to discover intricate relationships, recognize complex patterns or predict current trends in your data.

    NeuroSolutions is a neural network software for Windows that combines a modular, icon-based network design interface with an implementation of advanced artificial intelligence and learning algorithms using intuitive wizards or an Excel interface it perform cluster analysis, sales forecasting, sports predictions, medical classification, and much more

    Synaptic is a javascript neural network library for node.js and the browser, its generalized algorithm is architecture-free, to build and train basically any type of first order or even second order neural network architectures.

    ZOE is a full life-cycle Enterprise Lead Engagement software robot.