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Application performance monitoring (APM) tools allow users to monitor and track the performance of particular software or web applications to identify and solve any performance issues that may arise. These solutions provide performance metrics for applications, with specific insights into the statistics such as the amount of transactions processed by the application or the response time to process such transactions. APM products form a baseline for these metrics and monitor the applications for any variance from the baseline. The metrics are displayed in a variety of data visualizations for easy conceptualization of the overall performance. They are very commonly used by application administrators to manage web applications in hopes to discover possible reasons for delays in response time. With the ability to identify and fix any performance issues, businesses can provide an optimal user experience. Some APM solutions may offer similar functionality to database management systems and network monitoring solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Application Performance Monitoring category, a product must:

  • Monitor and track the performance and response time of software or web applications
  • Create a baseline of performance metrics and alert administrators when performance varies
  • Provide visual data for users to better understand the performance metrics
  • Assist in remedying any application performance issues
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    Track the performance and availability of endpoints, APIs, websites, and applications from the local perspective of your users.

    StatusGator monitors the service status page of over 100 cloud services. is a provider of hosted system status pages.

    StatusTicker lets users see the latest statuses of their most critical services.

    StillAlive continuously monitors and tests all of your application features.

    Satisfy the file integrity monitoring requirement for standards such as PCI-DSS, CIS Critical Security Control 3, HIPAA, SOX, NERC-CIP, etc. Eliminate expensive and limited point tools for file integrity monitoring. Improve overall security hygiene by enabling continuous monitoring of common and new attack vectors enterprise-wide.

    Testomato automatically tests your web projects every 5 seconds to check they’re online and how quickly they’re responding. Testomato allows you to check your page content for the following problems: HTTP Status Codes 200 OK 301 Moved Permanently 302 Found 303 See Other 307 Temporary Redirect 403 Forbidden 404 Not Found 405 Method Not Allowed 500 Internal Server Error 501 Implemented Looking for a different response code? You can also test for a specific code by selecting Other and manually entering the code. Common Error Messages Common server error messages All types of PHP error messages All MySQL error messages XDebug output Nette debug output Database connection errors Text Strings Specific text strings (e.g. automated testing) Missing text strings (i.e. typos like "Testmato") Important note: These tests are case sensitive, so make sure you PaY CloseE AtTentioN to the text you enter.

    Tideways is a Performance Monitoring, Profiling and Exception Tracking for PHP

    Tingyun is an application performance monitoring solution.

    Trace by RisingStack provides solutions to find and fix issues using profilers, distributed tracing, error detection and custom metrics.

    Triometric Analyzer monitors Enterprise Applications in order to optimize end-to-end performance, reliability and usage throughout the application life cycle.

    Trivaeo Precision is a Practice Management solution that automate any key process in business, lowering operating costs by using staff more efficiently, increasing margins and billable hours and negating risks associated with change.

    TrueSight AppVisibility is an APM solution, powered by AIOps and designed for IT operations, that correlates application performance, digital experience and infrastructure resources to continuously improve services that depend on multi-cloud infrastructure.

    Unified Network and Application Performance Monitoring Focused on the Experience of the End User

    TruView Live is a subscription-based service that allows you to monitor the availability and performance of your SaaS, cloud and on-premise applications.

    Uila with its Application-Centric Infrastructure Monitoring and Analytics identies performance bottlenecks for business-critical services & plans Workload Migration strategies for Private & Hybrid Cloud environments.

    Unified Communications Command Suite enables you to effortlessly analyze cost, adoption and performance of your UC environment with the only UC analytics and diagnostics solution on the market for Exchange, Office 365, Skype for Business and Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

    UC Diagnostics helps administrators detect problems in their messaging environments by displaying Exchange and Skype for Business Server messaging-component activities through a single, easy-to-use interface. is a HTTP monitoring solution with a clean UI and a cheap and simple pricing.

    Vistara is a SaaS solution that unifies IT operations for modern IT.

    Monitor web pages and get updates as changes occur

    This is where you can discover new ways to improve your development team's productivity. You can also improve your understanding of the projects you currently have under development.

    webALERT is a website monitoring software

    Offers real-time insight into the performance of Adabas, Natural, ApplinX, EntireX, webMethods Integration Server and webMethods Broker. Read more

    Provides real-time monitoring, alerting and analytics for process KPIs. Read more

    Neustar's Webmetrics external performance monitoring services help identify, resolve, and prevent issues, ensuring that your customers and partners are having a good experience with your website and all that it offers.

    WEBO Software is a company focused on providing website performance solutions.

    WebSitePulse is a leading provider of advanced, independent and remote website and server monitoring services that enable clients to increase the efficiency of their mission-critical e-business operations, and to reduce their risk of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue.

    Website monitoring software for the people who need to know their sites are up and running at all times

    WombatOAM is a monitoring and maintenance framework purpose-built for Erlang and Elixir systems.

    Ymonitor helps to measures the availability & performance of the IT environment from the perspective of the end user.

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