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Best Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Software

Application performance monitoring (APM) tools allow users to monitor and track the performance of particular software or web applications to identify and solve any performance issues that may arise. These solutions provide performance metrics for applications, with specific insights into the statistics such as the amount of transactions processed by the application or the response time to process such transactions. APM products form a baseline for these metrics and monitor the applications for any variance from the baseline. The metrics are displayed in a variety of data visualizations for easy conceptualization of the overall performance. They are very commonly used by application administrators to manage web applications in hopes to discover possible reasons for delays in response time. With the ability to identify and fix any performance issues, businesses can provide an optimal user experience. Some APM solutions may offer similar functionality to database management systems and network monitoring solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Application Performance Monitoring category, a product must:

  • Monitor and track the performance and response time of software or web applications
  • Create a baseline of performance metrics and alert administrators when performance varies
  • Provide visual data for users to better understand the performance metrics
  • Assist in remedying any application performance issues
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Results: 283
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    Dataloop.IO is a monitoring service for DevOps & Operations teams running Cloud, SaaS, Microservices and IoT deployments.

    Datapm responds to the issues facing IT operations teams in charge of application performance and reliability throughout the application life cycle. The solution gives you the power to ensure that your business apps are high performers. Whether your goal is to measure and improve the experience of your end users or to trim the operating costs of incident management, Datapm monitors 100% of transactions and code.

    Deskmetrics is end-to-end installation and application management software that transforms advanced analytics into better decisions.

    DevResults is the most advanced and flexible monitoring and evaluation software for international development.

    Dffer sends notifications for website changes.

    Namogoo analyzes all 3rd party services running on your site, maps dependencies, and provides full visibility into their impact on your site performance and business KPIs.

    Doppins automatically upgrades dependencies through friendly GitHub pull requests.

    Echoza helps to monitor the performance of the application and even analyze the root cause before fixing the errors.

    Monitor event streams, detect and analyze event patterns, and take action immediately. By proactively identifying problems and potential fraud, you can provide a secure environment for protecting sensitive data. Read more

    Continuously analyze event streams, easily detect patterns or event sequences, and trigger appropriate actions in real-time.

    FinerEdge Publisher is an automated and highly-scalable solution that creates customized reports, catalogs, and other types of documents that can vary based upon the data supplied as inputs:

    The Application Performance Management (APM) market can be a confusing place, with considerable marketing hype that leaves many customers unsure of exactly what they purchased until they attempt to implement in their environment.

    QA automation by showing you exactly what changed on your site.

    24x7 analytics, automation and alert to help improve CX, PX, UX, Business Processes and Technology performance.

    GREENSPECTOR is the editor of the first solution dedicated to energy efficiency for mobile and IoT applications. The suite allows IT teams to lower the consumption of energy and resources of software that they make or integrate. Battery life is extended, performances are improved and user experience is enhanced.

    GSX Solutions provides out-of-the box monitoring to ensure your applications are performing the way they should, all around the world, whether they're on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud. GSX Gizmo sits on a virtual machine or any laptop to automatically discover, display and troubleshoot the health of an organization’s Unified Communications environments. GSX Gizmo is a powerful web-based dashboard that gives the IT team the information they need, at the time they need it. Support includes Office 365, Exchange, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Active Directory, ADFS, Azure AD Connect, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Server, Cisco IronPort, BlackBerry and IBM Applications. GSX Robot Users are nimble and agile mini-engines that can be deployed in multiple locations to run scans and report back to the GSX Gizmo from around the world. They constantly check applications’ performance, simulate end-user scenarios, and diagnose network latency. GSX dramatically reduces user complaints by constantly monitoring the performance of the applications, providing pinpoint alerts that allow administrators to address emerging issues before they impact the business. GSX Gizmo supports a wide range of Unified Communications applications as well as any network, identity management, security, operating system, database, or infrastructure issues that could impact the applications themselves. Please check monitoring capabilities here: The roadmap includes support for many other applications, including MDM and enterprise applications. GSX Gizmo works in conjunction with the GSX Monitor and GSX Robot Users. Altogether, GSX provides top-of-the-line monitoring solutions that simplify on-premises and cloud unified communications solutions for organizations worldwide.

    HA-MX Monitor is trusted MIMIX availability monitoring software for a fail-safe contingency plan.

    Happy5 is a mobile first, continuous performance management platform with real time people data.

    Happy Apps ia a website and server monitoring tools with an intuitive dashboard, real-time monitoring, and automatic alerts, shows you the metrics that matter without the noise.

    Hyperping is a reliable uptime monitoring solution.

    Empower your DevOps team with IBM Cloud Monitoring for insight into how your apps are performing and consuming resources. Quickly identify trends, detect and diagnose problems; all with immediate time to value and low total cost of ownership.

    IBM i Server Suites (Levels 1-4) is centralized, comprehensive system monitoring software for IBM i servers and SNMP devices.

    Comprehensive monitoring, management, and performance toolsto help you find & fix issues fast.

    Inspeqtor makes it quick and easy to monitor the critical infrastructure running a server-side application.

    Automated acceleration to deliver the best website and mobile app experiences imaginable

    ipanema automatically maximizes application performance over the WAN by integrating the capabilities that IT needs to holistically orchestrate business application performance for every user.

    IT-Conductor SaaS platform remotely orchestrates complex IT operations. When applied to the automation of Application Performance Management, enterprise customers have realized savings up to 90% of the time and cost, while gaining a valuable global Remote Trusted Advisor.

    ITculate is a SaaS solution that address the challenges of managing medium size cloud applications. In an environment where nobody knows the big picture anymore, every important decision or troubleshooting leads to bringing in multiple people that knows the different parts or technology of the application. In some cases, not having the big picture leads to DevOps solving problems by throwing more resources at it. ITculate solves these issues, by discovering in near real time (agentlessly) the topology of the application and provides visualization and context for other activities such as IT operations, performance or real-time cost optimization, security and troubleshooting. ITculate allows navigating through the application relationship from the big-picture, services and all the way to the detailed elements. A topology and relevant metrics can be save or shared with other team members. Furthermore, ITculate expert machine knowledge module detects abnormal IT conditions or opportunities to optimize resources and save costs and provide proactive actionable recommendations.

    iWatch from Exact Solutions is a best-of-breed standard for SQL Query-Level Performance Monitoring.

    Jennifersoft is able to conduct real-time monitoring with minimum load under various platforms such as Java, .Net and PHP.)

    Keymetrics is a Node.js monitoring tool that provides stack trace for javascript and custom notifications.

    LeanSentry is an expert monitoring and diagnostics service for teams running production web applications from the Microsoft web platform.

    List & Label is the reporting tool of choice for thousands of software developer teams all over the world. The report designer (Windows/ Web) gives your users a wide range of capabilities. And you can add these powerful report functions to your application free of charge.

    Loggr offers cloud-based, real-time Web Application Monitoring, which includes monitoring application events and users with ad-hoc analytics and notification system.

    Operational intelligence for all your teams in one log analyzer

    LogNormal provides a way to measure and analyze the performance of a web application.

    Lumturio is a tool to monitor websites built on Drupal and WordPress.

    Magalix provides unique insights and recommendations about resource utilization inside Kubernetes. Magalix Autopilot right sizes Kubernetes clusters by dynamically managing resources of pods and containers. Save up to 50% of your cloud bill. Stay on top of capacity management.

    Through automated monitoring administrators can set their performance expectations and receive alerts to ensure platform performance before users are effected.

    HPE AppPulse Active is a SaaS synthetic web application performance monitoring service for websites, mobile, Cloud, and SaaS apps that lets users instantly see from the perspective of their clients.

    Micro Focus AppPulse Web is a web application performance monitoring solution designed to track the real user experience of web applications.

    Micro Focus Business Process Monitor (BPM) is an application monitoring software designed to proactively and consistently monitor business processes to identify performance issues before they affect users.

    Quickly isolate and resolve development and production app performance issues by providing code-level visibility at the transaction level.

    Micro Focus Real User Monitor (RUM) is an end user monitoring designed to give users visibility into user behavior for fast, targeted problem resolution.

    Realtime, performance and engagement measurement workbench for connected devices, systems and applications.

    Monitis is an all-in-one application platform for monitoring websites, servers and applications from anywhere at anytime.

    MonitorWiz is a web service that allows accurate web page change detection. MonitorWiz helps users focus on information they need to follow (for instance, price changes, product launches, discounts, reviews, ratings, etc.), by providing an easy and automatic way of web page monitoring.

    Munvo Companion gathers IBM Campaigns application metrics, system tables, logs and supporting information into one location to enable users and application administrators to monitor system performance.

    Used to monitor the performance and user activities of Natural applications running under CICS. Available for Natural on mainframe.

    An agentless database performance monitoring SaaS that keeps your apps running.

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