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Application performance monitoring (APM) tools allow users to monitor and track the performance of particular software or web applications to identify and solve any performance issues that may arise. These solutions provide performance metrics for applications, with specific insights into the statistics such as the amount of transactions processed by the application or the response time to process such transactions. APM products form a baseline for these metrics and monitor the applications for any variance from the baseline. The metrics are displayed in a variety of data visualizations for easy conceptualization of the overall performance. They are very commonly used by application administrators to manage web applications in hopes to discover possible reasons for delays in response time. With the ability to identify and fix any performance issues, businesses can provide an optimal user experience. Some APM solutions may offer similar functionality to database management systems and network monitoring solutions.

To qualify for inclusion in the Application Performance Monitoring category, a product must:

  • Monitor and track the performance and response time of software or web applications
  • Create a baseline of performance metrics and alert administrators when performance varies
  • Provide visual data for users to better understand the performance metrics
  • Assist in remedying any application performance issues
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    CloudMonix provides advanced cloud monitoring and automation for applications and services deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. IT administrators are able to gain deep insight into their Azure applications, get immediate alerts and notifications when things go wrong, setup automated self-healing actions and much more. Microsoft Azure support includes but is not limited to: - Azure Cloud Services - Azure Virtual Machines (Windows and Linux) - stand-alone Windows Servers - Azure Service Bus (Queues, Topics, Event Hubs) - SQL Databases (SQL Azure) - Azure Web Apps & Webjobs - Virtual Networks - Azure Storage (Queues, Blobs and Tables) - much more Key Features Azure Services Monitoring --- CloudMonix enhances management of Microsoft Azure Cloud Services production environments for IT professionals by providing deep and immediate insight into stability of complex software systems via features like live dashboards, performance metrics, fully customizable and meaningful alerts, immediate notifications and much more. Azure Services Automation --- CloudMonix allows IT professionals to automate recovery procedures on Azure Services Platform by scripting common responses to production issues. With CloudMonix’s powerful automation engine, IT professionals can set very precise triggers for when such self-healing actions need to occur. Why CloudMonix? - Monitor and Automate procedures on your entire Azure Cloud Services stack ( Servers, Virtual Machines, Database, Storage and more) - Agent-less Monitoring enables in setting up Azure automation and monitoring in minutes. - Provide deep down insight into your Azure Cloud Performance with hundreds of native and custom KPI’s. - Pioneering Azure monitoring and automation solution, purpose built for Azure Services Platform. - Integrates to other best-of-breed software and services, such as Slack, Zendesk, Hipchat, PagerDuty, Freshdesk and more.

    eG Enterprise, from eG Innovations, is a total performance monitoring solution for applications and IT infrastructures. Get actionable answers to performance issues, wherever they originate, across your physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid infrastructure, improving the user experience and dramatically improving IT efficiency. • Proactively monitor end-user experience on website and applications with real user monitoring and synthetic transaction monitoring • Trace user transactions across the applications architecture and pinpoint application code-level and database query-level issues • Map application dependencies with underlying infrastructure (server, hypervisor, storage, network, cloud) • In a single click, drill down to get performance metrics of any IT infrastructure component. • Built-in machine learning and automatic correlative intelligence help detect the root cause of application issues so administrators can resolve problems faster Monitor 180+ applications (Citrix, SAP, SharePoint, Office 365, Java, .NET, AD, Exchange, and more), 10+ virtualization platforms (VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer, Nutanix, and more), cloud platforms (AWS, Azure) and 10+ operating systems out of the box. eG Enterprise is a unified solution for monitoring application performance, end-user experience, and health of the entire IT infrastructure.

    Icinga is a monitoring software project that began as a fork of Nagios.

    Loom Systems delivers an advanced AI-powered log analysis platform that helps IT and DevOps teams predict and troubleshoot problems before they affect production. Loom predicts problems, provides their root cause and crowd-sources expert knowledge to recommend resolutions in real time. Loom is a Stevie® American Business Awards 2016 winner. Our platform mathematically models the analytical prowess of the human mind and infuses it with computational speed, accuracy and tirelessness. Our technology ingests every type of machine data, including unstructured data such as log files, learns its unique behavior over time, automatically detects anomalies and trends and recommends actions. Built for low-touch operational simplicity and usability, our solution empowers IT, DevOps, System Admins, NOC teams and Security specialists by transforming reactive users into proactive power-users. Our approach leads not only to lightning-fast identification and resolution of IT issues, but also to their prediction, allowing for preemptive measures to be taken. The four founders of Loom Systems share more than 50 combined years of experience generating actionable insights from Big Data. With deep technological and methodological background in elite technology intelligence units, as well as leadership positions at innovative companies in the private sector, they have spent their careers at the cutting edge of analytical process automation. After struggling daily with the tools currently in use in Big Data analysis, they've teamed up to create the definitive technological solution to the problem. Out of this effort grew Loom Systems - an end-to-end platform that mathematically models human analytical skills, and combines it with machines' calculation speed and diligence.

    New Relic Mobile allows you to monitor and manage the performance of your iOS and Android applications by providing end-to-end details, errors, and throughput from every angle in real time. With New Relic Mobile, you can: - Gain real-time visibility into performance problems and end-user experiences - Understand how multiple backend (internal and third-party) services are affecting your app’s performance - Learn how individual components in the fragmented mobile ecosystem might be negatively impacting app performance - Compare the performance of multiple versions of your app to see if anything needs tuning is a server infrastructure monitoring service. It constantly monitors everything happening on your production servers and alerts you when something is wrong. Unlike other monitoring systems is a ready-made and fully integrated solution. That means you won't need spend your time configuring it on what, where and how to monitor. Okmeter already knows where's what and how to properly gather data from that. With built-in experience knows better how to check server statistics for whether everything is okay. Prebuilt plugins for commonly used OSS technologies — MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Docker, Elasticsearch, Nginx, Cassandra, you name it — agent will automagically detect all running services and collect 1000s meaningful metrics from each one of them. Along with resource usage and hardware condition monitoring — you'll get 100% of your infrastructure covered with monitoring. With integrated chart auto-dashboards for all these services you'll get a comprehensive overview of all your server infrastructure. Okmeter allows you to drill-down into charts to get insights of problem root causes. Okmeter pre-configured triggers for common pitfalls in server infrastructure will automatically detect and diagnose not only outages, but potential issues with your server stack. With all that Okmeter helps reduce MTTR and increase uptime, and that is crucial for any modern IT or online system. With Okmeter custom integrations one can closely monitor not only application performance (with log monitoring and statsd application instrumentation), but also allows one to correlate performance issues with biz-level metrics and to get insights on required performance improvements. Constantly monitor your business metrics in real-time with Okmeter, and stay on top of what's happening with you IT-business before affects your revenue. With you'll be surely prepared to anything that comes next. And even better — with Okmeter you can proactively resolve issues.

    IDERA Precise Application Performance Platform measures the end-user experience starting from the browser and tracks it through all tiers of virtual and physical infrastructure from application to database to storage. It empowers IT to intelligently monitor and optimize performance for custom software and leading enterprise applications from SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Microsoft .NET, Java, and more.

    AlertSite's is a best-in-class synthetic monitoring tool for APIs, mobile, and web applications that allows you to proactively monitor from an independent network of over 340 monitoring nodes spread across the world. API Monitoring: Make sure your internal, external and third party APIs are available, return the correct payload and are performing as expected. Web App Monitoring: Monitor your web sites and applications using real browsers just like a customer with almost any action. No scripting required. Mobile Monitoring: Monitor your mobile enabled web sites, native mobile apps with real devices, carrier based nodes and network speeds (3G, 4GLTE). Transaction Monitoring: Monitor the performance of your websites and web applications to ensure application performance for you and your customers.

    AQtime Pro is the fastest way to detect memory leaks, performance bottlenecks, and code coverage gaps across C, C++, Delphi, .NET, and more. Digestible, actionable reports synthesize complex memory and performance information to simplify bug diagnosis workflows so you can get back to building high quality applications.

    Catchpoint is revolutionizing end-user experience monitoring to help companies deliver amazing digital experiences. Our platform provides complete visibility into your users’ experiences from anywhere – and real-time intelligence into your applications and services to detect and fix issues faster. Using Catchpoint’s synthetic monitoring, users monitor everything from development to production that affect your end-user experience. See sites, apps, and APIs in real time for the most extensive insights into your systems. Test from across geographies and networks to gain an external view of the delivery of your digital experience. With a globally-distributed monitoring infrastructure, use backbone networks, consumers ISPs, and mobile networks to understand true performance as experienced by end users. Catchpoint’s RUM allows users to gain a more accurate business-to-performance correlation. Integrated RUM and synthetic monitoring help to continuously improve service delivery. With this monitoring, users can stay ahead of performance issues and manage their customer experience proactively with smarter alerts and near-real-time data. Use Enterprise Nodes to receive a clean view of performance free of internet noise to verify or rule out issues with internal systems. Monitor performance and availability of intranet and SaaS applications used by employees, improve application and website quality by discovering issues through continuous testing.

    Citrix Analytics collects data across Citrix offerings and generates actionable insights, enabling administrators to proactively handle user and application security threats, improve app performance, and support continuous operations.

    The service makes it easy for you to monitor your website and servers for reliability and performance. WIth no software to install, no long term contracts and backed by our professional support staff it's easy to get started and be assured that if something goes wrong you'll be the first to know.

    Everything you ever wanted in an APM tool You will find all the APM features you expect; plus some unique features you didn’t. FusionReactor is breaking the mold of traditional APM tools and will enable you to keep your production systems online longer and with better results - Application Performance Monitor - Production Debugger - Event Snapshot - Code Profiler - End User Monitoring - Crash Protection - End User Monitoring - Database Monitoring - End User Monitoring - System Monitoring On-prem and Hybrid Cloud versions. Monthly/yearly subscription or perpetual licenses are available. Free 2 week trial

    The Diagnostics platform of the web. Providing real time diagnostics & insights to the fingertips of hundreds of thousands of developers daily Watch it in action Play with it Install it today!

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    Graylog is a leading centralized log management solution built to open standards for capturing, storing, and enabling real-time analysis of terabytes of machine data. Tens-of-thousands of IT professionals rely on Graylog’s scalability, comprehensive access to complete data, and exceptional user experience to solve security, compliance, operational, and DevOps issues every day. Purpose-built for modern log analytics, Graylog removes complexity from data exploration, compliance audits, and threat hunting so you can quickly and easily find meaning in data and take action faster. Graylog is fully multi-tenant, includes multi-threaded Elasticsearch, and is easily integrated with other components in your tech stack - even other log management solutions - to meet all your organization's log management needs.

    IBM Application Performance Manager detects and addresses performance issues in your applications and infrastructure to improve user experience. Ensure 99.99% availability Monitors availability of applications and provides visibility into performance across your public, on premise or hybrid cloud environments. Avoid application outages Automatically identifies and notifies of application environment issues with predictive insights, and resolves performance issues before customers are impacted. Accelerate app development Identifies the source of performance issues with diagnostics down to the line of code and integrated log search analytics.

    IOpipe is the serverless DevOps platform built for teams building and running event-driven architectures in AWS Lambda. Develop faster with realtime feedback on code updates to your serverless functions. Debug production functions faster with metrics, tracing, profiling, and search.

    Business Service Management Visualization & Grouping Tools for Microsoft System Centre

    HP Application Performance Management (APM) Solutions allow you to isolate problems real-time for all of your applications whether on-premise, cloud, or mobile. HP APM Solutions are also available with a flexible delivery model to best fit your needs. Choose from any combination of on-premise, SaaS, or hybrid to suit your existing platform and business model.

    ServiceNow is changing the way people work, offering service management for every department in the enterprise including IT, human resources, facilities & more.

    Testable is an innovative distributed load testing and synthetic monitoring platform. Define a test with a variety of open-source tools and let Testable handle the scale, reporting, and analytics. Supports JMeter, Gatling, Locust, Node.js (including HTTP, websockets,, and,, Selenium Java, Serenity BDD, PhantomJS, SlimerJS, record-and-replay, and HAR files. Load can be generated on our globally distributed AWS infrastructure, on premises using Docker, or by Testable automatically spinning up isolated on demand EC2 instances for each test using our AWS account or yours. Simulate as many virtual users as you can from the test runners without having to pay more. 1 m4.large can often generate 1000+ virtual users depending on the tool. Real-time results include percentiles, success analytics, and trend analysis for every single metric. Want to know how many concurrent users your environment can handle? Define your performance requirements and let Testable automatically figure it out. Track how that number changes across test runs like any other metric. Define your own KPIs and get alerted when a test fails to meet them. Results can be shared and customized to provide different views for different stakeholders. We also integrate with leading monitoring tools like NewRelic and CI solutions to seamlessly integrate load testing and monitoring into your software development lifecycle.

    A cloud-based testing platform that your entire team can use for digital accessibility, user experience, and quality assurance. The platform provides tools (Site Crawler, Chrome Extension, API etc) for all of your teams (Developers, QA Testers, UX Designers) to test entire sites, capture and re-test complex user flows and run tests on staging servers. Gain access to a network of professional testers from all major disability groups and incorporate their feedback into your processes. The platform provides team usage and test data, allowing project managers to see all sites and pages being tested by all team members in order to track improvements and identify common issues. Access solutions to your challenges from expert Accessibility Developers via live chat and review your code as a team and get code examples for solutions.

    Manage your Horizon and XenDesktop/XenApp environments, along with your NVIDIA GRID powered desktops and apps with vRealize Operations Operations for Horizon. Easily monitor the health and performance of your entire stack, from the data center to end users, with proactive alerts to meet SLA.

    Apache Airavata is a software framework designed to enable users to compose, manage, execute, and monitor large scale applications and workflows on distributed computing resources such as local clusters, supercomputers,computational grids, and computing clouds.

    AppFirst provides the world's first & only web-scale platform to see every event, all the time, across the enterprise enabling Systems Integrity as a Service!

    ASG-TMON® PA allows you to collect both physical and virtual performance and capacity data across the enterprise and analyze it automatically—making it easy to see where your problems are, where you can improve performance, and to assess what needs to be done to improve your overall IT utilization.

    Blackfire is a continuous PHP performance testing that helps developers and IT/Ops to verify and improve their app's performance.

    CULA controls your site's performance, response time and availability, notifies you about any downtime and allows you to check for content on any sites you choose.

    Big Data app infrastructure delivering products that help enterprises create, deploy, monitor & manage apps at scale.

    Get insights into how your app performs from your users' point of view, with automatic and customized performance tracing

    Performance issues, unavailability of critical applications, security breaches. These can cause financial loss, reputation damage, employee dissatisfaction and churn of customers. The Flowmon solution provides IT operations with a deep understanding of network and application behavior to avoid these situations. Based on performance, scalability and ease-of-use, Flowmon is trusted by companies globally, delivering them monitoring, diagnostics and analytics for optimizing performance of their infrastructure. Flowmon ADS module delivers fast anomaly detection, network behavior analysis and protection against advanced cyber threats. Flowmon APM allows you to drive user experience and application value. With Flowmon DDoS Defender you can protect applications against volumetric attacks. For full-scale IP traffic recording, IT professionals can rely on Flowmon Traffic Recorder.

    Stackdriver Profiler presents the call hierarchy and resource consumption of the relevant function in an interactive flame graph that helps developers understand which paths consume the most resources and the different ways in which their code is actually called.

    NETSCOUT's InfiniStream platform gathers traffic data from key vantage points throughout the IT environment using NETSCOUT's passive, non-disruptive Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, which easily scales to meet your needs. Armed with this data, you can quickly determine which database server, network appliance, or web service is the root cause of service issues and take steps to resolve them before users are affected.

    Micro Focus Business Process Monitor (BPM) is an application monitoring software designed to proactively and consistently monitor business processes to identify performance issues before they affect users.

    Silk Performance Manager analyzes user experience and application quality in production, uncovering issues before they reach customers.

    Minder is All-In-One software to monitor all layers of IT Infrastructure

    mPulse provides the capabilities for detailed performance and advanced error analysis, and correlates them directly to business metrics such as conversions, page views, and revenue.

    Navicat Monitor is an agentless remote server monitoring tool that is packed with powerful features to make your monitoring effective as possible. Navicat Monitor's mnitored servers include MySQL and MariaDB, and compatible with cloud databases.

    Oracle Application Performance Monitoring Cloud Service provides development and operations teams with the information that they need to find and fix application issues fast. All your end-user and application performance information (with associated application logs) are brought together into Oracle Management Cloud's secure, unified big data platform.

    ServiceNow Performance Analytics puts the power of data in the hands of the stakeholders and subject matter experts, workers, owners, and executives, who are responsible for successful service delivery.

    Pganalyze is an PostgreSQL performance monitoringthatmaintains production database.

    A provider of application delivery & cyber security solutions ensuring optimal service level for applications in virtual, cloud and SDDCs.

    Powerful developer tools. One neat package. The Raygun Platform covers everything your team needs to gain complete clarity upon issues affecting your customers. This allows your organisation to streamline internal processes, use one vendor across the entire technology stack and collaborate to deliver high quality and reliable software. Raygun tools cover three main areas, all fully integrated with each other to unlock deeply powerful insights unlike anything your team has experienced before. APM - Uncover performance bottlenecks Identify server-side performance issues and go deeper than ever before. Have your entire team know the answers to your biggest software performance problems. Crash Reporting - Fix bugs with greater speed and accuracy Diagnose and resolve issues users experience. Developers can pinpoint root causes, without having to rely on logs, support tickets and incomplete information. Real User Monitoring - Deliver flawless software experiences Ensure users have fast and reliable user experiences whilst using your web and mobile apps. Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS), retention and customer satisfaction. You’ll know instantly when issues occur, who they have affected, when the problem was introduced and also be able to follow the progress of their resolution. From first detection to deploying a fix. If you want to achieve a complete, wholistic overview of how your software is performing for your customers, Raygun gives you the answers you need.

    Redsmin offers a real-time, atomic, performant administration and monitoring interface for Redis.

    ServiceNow Reporting combines the power of our platform with a single data model to generate and distribute the information your users need, when they need it. They get predefined and customized reports, and can create eye-catching dashboards in a flash.

    SentinelAgent is an ultra-lightweight and scalable SaaS Monitoring Solution for Microsoft systems (Microsoft Exchange, MS Windows Server, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQLServer and Microsoft Dynamics NAV). It securely captures, stores and analyzes event logs, performance metrics (WMI) and system inventory in real-time from any number of Windows PCs, tablets and servers on your network

    SentryOne is a data platform performance software designed to help optimize performance across the Microsoft data platform.

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