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App monetization software helps mobile application developers and publishers earn money from their apps through mobile app advertising. Doing so allows developers to offer their app to users for free, but is also commonly used to supplement other revenue sources such as paid downloads and freemium models. App monetization software is used by the software developers and mobile publishers to create and format ad units inside the app and streamline the selling of the ad space through mobile ad networks and exchanges. App monetization platforms are sold both as best of breed products specifically for selling mobile apps, or as part of a more comprehensive publisher ad management product. App monetization software is paralleled by mobile advertising software that advertisers use to purchase the ad space made available in apps. Ad networks and ad exchanges serve as the bridge between the two sides, and app monetization platforms must integrate with those to ensure ads transition smoothly through the online ad buying process.

To qualify for inclusion in the App Monetization category, a product must:

  • Offer software development kits (SDKs) for the ability to create and manage ad units within mobile apps on iOS, Android, or Windows devices. Mobile website ad units are also sometimes available within these platforms as well.
  • Integrate with third-party ad networks and exchanges, and/or offer access to its own proprietary ad inventory offerings
  • Automate processes for trafficking and managing ads
  • Track ad conversion and audience demographic information
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    Mobilda offers mobile monetization and distribution solutions for app developers and direct publishers.

    Revmob is a mobile ad network for iOS and Android traffic it has campaign targeting algorithm that allows advertisers to pay for the final action, as well as publishers to monetize the most from their traffic.

    Selectable Media creates new video monetization opportunities.

    SLASCONE helps software and device vendors license, analyze and monetize their products, and lets them concentrate on their core functionality.

    Supersonic offers ad mediation and application monetization solutions.

    Tapdaq provides a platform for developers to grow, retain and monetize their audience.

    Tapgerine is an ad tech company. It offers data-driven solutions for advertising and monetization.

    TapResearch is a mobile data collection and monetization technology company.

    Yeahmobi is a mobile advertising platform serving native advertisements.

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